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Guy at orchestra practise (again)


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So I play the French horn, and I'm in an orchestra, in which I'm the youngest member. A guy called L plays in the orchestra too, he sits next to me. L is 18 years old, around 6'2 ft long and very skinny. He has gorgeous mid-long, in between light brown and blonde, wavy hair. HIs eyes are a pretty, deep shade of brown. He is actually really hot. (I just coppied the description in my previous obs about him hehe). But yesterday was even better because..... he had stubble omg o.o it was so adorable

This is going to be a short obs because I need to get ready for school xD. Last week L had a cold, but then he felt better and now he's worse again.

During the practise, he sneezed around ten times. Each time he just managed to finish the part of the music piece we were playing. He would play the last bar very hastily before sneezing. His head snapped forward with every sneeze, and they sounded quite powerful. They are hard to spell, but they were very cute hehe :3

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