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Cute friend(female obs)


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So there was a guest speaker today at school we sat in the auditorium and I sat beside my friend "S". S is a tall 5'6ft, kind of chubby, dark haired, kinda tanned and brown eyed 16 year old girl. She usually wears flannels or button up shirts with leggings and combat boots. She also has "hipster" type black glasses, which she actually needs to see properly. Anyways well I was sitting beside her and out of the corner of my eye I see her cover a sneeze with her arm like "Hishhh" I said "bless you" she then sneezed again "Hishh" then I blessed her again. A minute or so later she sneezes again with another "Hishh" then she said "oh god" she sniffled.me and my other friend chuckled and blessed her. She thanked us and that was that. After a few minutes of hearing S sniffle I took courage and got a tissue pack out of my backpack and offered her tissues. She said "thank you" then in my opinion she rather cutely blew her nose. I could barely keep cool man. Hope you guys enjoyed :)

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