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My coworker is an attractive lady. Slender, blonde, very full lips, wears cute little glasses. About 28 years old. She also has a very foul mouth and I adore her. heh.gif But anyway, I've never seen her sneeze despite the fact that she talks about her allergies all the time. That changed today.

We were having a staff meeting this morning and some people had been conferenced in, so it's essential that we minimize background noise so that everyone can hear the boss talking. About halfway through the meeting, I looked up just in time to see (let's call her "B") do the whole heaving flinch of shoulders thing . . . except there was no sound. None. Not an inhale. Not an exhale. Another coworker whispered "bless you" to her and B looked a little annoyed.

A few second later, B managed to somewhat stifle a second sneeze, a strained sort of, "--hnnggt!" sound against the back of her hand. She then excused herself and walked towards the back of the office where she unleashed a very harsh sounding triple, a scraping sort of "hh'ESSSSH!" that increased in volume and desperation. I think she managed 3 in as many seconds. This was followed swiftly by some cursing (did I mention she loves to curse?) and the sound of her ripping open a new box of tissues (yes, I totally know that sound!).

She returned a few minutes later with a handful of tissue and a scowl as she plopped back down in her chair across from me. I silently snickered at her and she rolled her eyes and mouthed, "Eff this day!"

I love her. heh.gif

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Loved this ob. It's nice to see someone try to hard to fully stifle allergy sneezes, only to have it fail them in the end. Keep 'em coming.

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sort of "hh'ESSSSH!" that increased in volume and desperation

Now that is the sort of sneezing fit that I like :D I also like that despite her foul mouth, she is still embarrassed enough to have to leave the room :)

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