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http://fav.me/d87syst Hope this works I've been wanting to thank all the talented people posting supernatural stories by posting some pictures the stories inspired, But I have had a lot of trouble getting the picture to load. I had never seen the show but loved the fanfics so much I have started watching it.
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Wow, this is incredible. It looks realistic. His expression just kills me, he looks sad, curious, and surprised all at once.

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Oh my god I'm so happy to see this! I love the area underneath his nose on the right side! That part of his face is always always going pink. Thank you so much for drawing this!!

And wow, that's totally how I got started too -- read a bunch of fanfiction on here, wondered what these guys looked like, eventually started watching it...

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I had never seen the show but loved the fanfics so much I have started watching it.

Same here! That's how I started watching >w<.. Also, you are extremely talented. I don't think I've seen much of any SPN art on the forum, so this is areal treat~ I love the lining and the colors~~ The eyes are especially pretty <33. AND DAT HAIR~~ WELL DONE <3

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Aw shucks, thanks guys. I will try and do some more, I really like the actor who plays Sam, he has such an interesting face and he has an endearing habit of suddenly screwing his face up like he is about to sneeze, at least it seems that way to me. I paused the TV when he was doing this and used it as a reference to draw him.

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