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Adorable Conversation that I Managed to Get Through


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So I'm back with another obs from my boyfriend, D.

I'm kind of excited that this happened.. I thought it was a dream. Squee!

So I've been sick the past 3 days with the normal flu consisting of sore throat, headache, and stuffy nose, along with a massive amount of sneezing fits. So yesterday morning I was on teamspeak, which I had mentioned before, and my friends, T, G, A, and my boyfriend D were on playing a game together.

I felt a sneeze coming on. 3 seconds later I sneezed wetly into my sleeve. D stopped talking momentarily to say "Bless you" as did T. 5 minutes later I felt a familiar tickle. I again sneezed more wetly 3 times.

D stopped talking once again. "Bless you hun, are you okay?"

"Your brother got me sick..."

"Oh I'm sorry! I wish I could help." He said right as I sneezed another wet double. I could barely talk and my throat was on fire.

"Bless you darling." He said.

I told them I'd be right back and muted my mic. I left to go blow my nose. I came back and before I unmuted my mic, I listened to their conversation. This is kinda how it went.

D: "Hey guys, I'm gonna get off"

T: "D, you loser."

D: "Hey. T shut up. My girlfriend is sick and I'm gonna go get her some soup and hang out with her."

T: "Oh okay, valid reason. You may leave."

D: "Bye guys."

I couldn't stop smiling.. especially when he showed up at my door with soup and roses..

I officially have the best boyfriend ever. I will keep you guys updated.

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