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hot guy in the gym


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today I went to gym to lift some weights.....and see some hot guyssssblushsmiley.gif

ok there was one cute blond guy there that really was a sight to seeeeeeyes.gif

he was doing bench press and I was doing some bicep curls ( what?....no... I was not staring.. but there was mirror everywhereshy.gif ) when I heard a massive sneeze hetchooo..... shit it was like a bomb explosion then another one...ehtchuuuh... I did not turn around to see who it was ( cause I could see it in the mirrortwisted.gif ) the blond guy was sneezing his sexy ass off (oops did I say that out loud?whistling1.gif ) and then I saw his trainer rushing to him to grab the weight he was lifting before it hits his faceshowoff.gif the guy just couldn't stoppppp and here comes the most delicious part

the trainer said to him" allergies again? I told you to take that meds before you start training babe...(what.....what does that mean? like they are together?scared.gif ) here.... blow your nose It will help" he gave a hearty blow.. the trainer guy said" good boy"twitchsmile.gif

then he gave him a blue handkerchief ..... at this point I was not able to do anything but lying down and try to breathe rolleyes1.gifwubsmiley.gif but seriously guys I wonder what he was allergic to... in autumn?confused1.gif I mean for Gods sake why every body around me started sneezing so much?eh-smiley.gif (thanks God)

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Stooop it's too much to handle!!!!! You must have been in Heaven!!!!!!! I'm so jealous!! biggrin.png

in heaven? I was about to choke upuhhuh.gif
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Oh my gosh so jealous!!! I probably would've fainted!!... and then hoped his sexy ass would rush over and and save me, if only he knew that would make it much worse blushsmiley.gif Perhaps you'll get more obs from this fella? If so you should definitely share. So lucky!!! renske.gif

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