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Sister has major cold


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Just checking in to report that my sister has a cold. She has been sneezing all day. I hope I don't catch it. I have elected to stay at a local hotel than with her. Her sneezes would scare people. She is called Hurricane J when she has a cold. She takes such big breaths before she sneezes. She sneezed at the dinner table tonight and everybody yelled bless you. She has gone to stand in line at a local business for black friday for the latest and greatest cell phone. Temperatures are going to be in the thrities. The store she is going to does not open until midnight. Not a good idea with her cold.

She'll probably make the cashier sick with a cold. She is one of a kind. If she is this loud, you should see her with Allergies.

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You really stayed at a hotel rather than at her place lol? I mean, don't get me wrong, I hate it when family members are sick but I don't know if I'd go thatt far.

On second thought, maybe I will try it next time my brother is sick ninja.gif

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