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Loud sneezes from cute freckled blonde


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This observation took place about a year ago. The sneezer was a very attractive girl in my socials class. She's average height, fit, has fair skin, long blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and light freckles along the bridge of her gorgeous straight edged nose and under her eyes. Her desk was a couple of rows ahead of and she had a box of tissues on it. She sniffled quite a bit throughout the class, and began to rub her nose a bit. Her breath hitched and she turned away from her desk (in my direction) and she covered her mouth with her hand, sneezing forcefully "AAHEH!" She kept her hand over her mouth and her eyebrows raised and her eyelids squinted and fluttered with a pre sneeze expression. Then her breath hitched again and she let out a second enormous sneeze "AHEW!" then she turned back to her desk and blew her nose (it sounded wet and congested) and then she said to no one in particular with the sexiest congested voice "excuse be" and sniffled loudly

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Wow, what I wouldn't give to have been in that class...

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