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Mike's Allergies


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Hi! This is my very first story, and I am really excited!!JJSorry for the sucky name. Also Sorry, not many sneezes in this part, I am trying to develop the characters and the stories this part, but I promise many more sneezes to come! I hope you enjoy!

Hisshhew! Hisshew! Hupshiew! I stifled. My eyes opened to the sound of my last stifle. I blinked a little bit to get my eyes cleared out. I looked over at my floor and saw my pretty summer dress out on the floor.

Why is that dress out? I thought. Oh right, I remembered, I have my date with Mike today! I have been going out with Mike for about three months. He goes to my school, and is in my science class. He is gorgeous and really sweet. The only this is that I’ve never seen him sneeze. I have a thing for sneezing, I like other people sneezing, and I love my sneezing. But I don’t know if Mike has any allergies. What could I do? I asked myself in my head. Them it came to me. I could put different allergens around the house, and see if he was allergic to any of them! I was a genius! I rushed to put my dress on and got to work

The first thing I thought of was pollen. I knew the pollen count was high today, but I didn’t know if that would be enough. So I went out to my garden. I decided I would pick the flowers that had less pollen, and put them in a vase on my kitchen table, and then we would go out into the garden area later and we would see if the more pollinated flowers and the high pollen count would affect him. So I went outside and kneeled next to my garden. I could already feel all of the pollen irritating my nose.

“What fl-flowers sh-should I choo- HI-shiew! Hishiew! Hishiew! Hisshheww!” I sneezed. When the sneezes died down, I tried to hold my breath and reach in for the daisies. Even with holding my breath, I could practically see the little pollen bits floating into my flaring nostrils. “Hih- hih Hiisshheww! Hisshheww! Hi- hih- hih.” The sneeze was stuck. I looked up at the sun, but it did nothing for my powerful sneezes. Then I realized what I knew would work to get out my stuck sneeze. I leaned over and smelled a blooming red rose. “HISSHHEWW! HISSHHEW! HISSHHEW!” I desperately sneezed as I quickly picked the flowers I needed. I ran back inside and placed the less pollinated flowers in a vase. I looked at what flowers I picked. I had picked 2 tulips and 2 marigolds. I set them on the table. Luckily, tulips and marigolds are some of the flowers that I’m not allergic to. So the first allergy test was set. Now onto the next one.

Ok, so what is another allergen? I thought, Oh, what about dog hair! Where was I going to get any dog hair? I walked over to the window and waited for inspiration to strike. I saw my neighbor, Annie, walking her dog out the window. How was I going to get that dog? Then, I thought of it. I ran outside and stopped next to my neighbor.

“Hi!” I exclaimed. “I love your dog. Actually, I am trying to look for a dog, but I can’t seem to find a breed. What type of dog is that?”

“This is a Golden Retriver. Her name is Buddy. The breed is a wonderful dog, if you don’t mind shedding.” Annie said.

“I don’t mind the sheding at all! I would love to get a Golden Retriver. Would you mind if I walked him around a little bit, to get to know the personality of these dogs?” I asked Annie, innocently as possible.

“Sure! I have twenty minutes right now, so just bring him back to my house in twenty. Hope you have fun!” Annie exclaimed as she walked back to her house.

Once she got inside, I ran back into my own house with Buddy. I led Buddy to the couch and he immediately jumped on. I could see all of the dog hair getting shed onto the couch. He walked back and forth, while I petted him to get more fur on the couch. We did this for twenty minutes. I gave Buddy one last vigourous rub, and I brought him back to Annie’s house. When I came back from bringing Buddy to Annie’s house, I looked at the couch.

It was completely covered in dog hair. I was proud of experiment two. Now on to three, four and five.

My allergens for the last three had to be quick, because Mike was supposed to be here in a half an hour. I climbed up the stairs to my attic, where I never go unless I am getting Christmas décor, to collect some dust. I looked at all of the dust filled items in that room. I grabbed my feather duster and dusted to get the dust all collected in it. I first went to all of the boxes. I am not usually very allergic to dust, but all of it in the attic started irritating my nose.

“Hisshhhew! Hisshhew! HISHHEWW!” I sneezed a desperate triple. I looked over all of the dusty boxes and ran the feather duster over them. This just stirred up the dust even more. Hissshhhew! Hissshhhew! Hup-shew! Hih- hih- hih-hih…” I held back my sneeze. I dusted everything in the attic and I could see all of the dust in the duster. Where should I put all this dust? I thought. I already have allergens in the kitchen and on the couch. What about my bedroom! I thought. I ran over to my bedroom, and spread the feather duster all over my bed. I shook it out all over my bed. When I was done, I took a finger and touched my bed. I pile of dust came off with it. Perfect! I thought.

Next, I ran to my bathroom and found a clock. 4:00. This gave me twenty minutes to do two more experiments. I looked all around until I saw the perfect allergen. If Mike was sensitive to scents, this would do it. I took a bottle of lavender scented Febreeze and sprayed it all over the bathroom. I sprayed it in the sink, on the counter, on the toilet, and on the mirrors. I also gave the finishing touch that was spraying it excessively all over the walls. When I was done, there was a scent as strong as the perfume department in a store. Perfume!! I thought. That’s perfect!

I ran into my bedroom and looked in the drawer that held my perfume. I looked through and decided on the perfume that smelled like roses. I took it out and carefully uncapped the perfume. I held the nozzle close to my body and carefully pushed down. I kept on spraying until I could smell a strong scent, but not too strong. I looked at the clock. 4:28. Then I heard a ding-dong. I ran to the door as fast as I could. I was so excited. I slowly opened it as I tried to contain my excitement.

TBC!!! I hope you all enjoyed, and I will be updating soon. Many more sneezes from Mike coming your way!


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Sorry for all those random characters in the beginning. IDK why it did that. It’s supposed to say Sorry for the sucky title. It was all I could think of. Enjoy!


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I'm excited for the next part! Allergies aren't my favourite - I prefer colds - but I love things like trying to see if people have allergies, or trying to sneeze to see if someone has a fetish, anyway: LOVE THIS

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@sneezygirl97: Thanks! I’m more into allergies, but I love when people do that too! I hope you enjoy!

Hi! This is part 2 to Mike’s Allergies. I hope you all like this!

“Hi Mike! How are you doing?” I asked, trying to contain my excitement.

“I’m good! H-Ho-hooow HURRSSHHEWWW! HURSHEWWW HURRRRSSSHHEW! Jeez, I’m sorry Lindsey, I don’t know where those came from,” Mike said. It looked like the perfume was working already. “Hi-hih-hih-hih HIISHHEWWW! HISSHHEW!” I felt a mist on my face as Mike sneezed a double. “I am so sorry Linda!” Mike apologized. I guess Mike is allergic to perfume! I thought.

“No, no. It’s totally fine!” I assured. “Are you okay? I asked innocently.

“Yeah, j-jus HURSHHEEWW! HURRSSHHEEWWW! I don’t know what is making me sneeze so much… Wait, are you wearing p-p-perfu HURSHHHEWWW! Perfume?” He asked.

“Yeah, just a little. Why?” I asked, like I didn’t know already.

“Perfume makes me sneeze so much. Just the tinyest bit can send me into huge sneezing fits.” He informed.

“Oh, I am so sorry! Do you want me to go wash it off?” I asked.

“No, no, it’s fine! Really.” He said.

“Alright.” I replied.

Which allergen should I test next? I guess I’ll go in order by the order in which I made the tests, so flowers next. I thought to myself. “Would you like something to eat?” I asked innocently. “I’ve got some pretzels if you want.”

“Sure, that sounds great!” Mike replied. We walked over to the table and” Mike sat down while I got the snack ready. I could see him scrunch up his nose, trying to relieve an itch. I got the pretzels and sat down at the table, and we started talking. A little while into our conversation, I saw Mike’s breath begin to hitch.

“S-so I w-wa-was at t-the bakery when hih-hih-hih-hih-hih Hnnxx!” I heard one stifled sneeze in the entire conversation. I guess the tulips and marigolds didn’t hold enough pollen. Then I had a brilliant idea.

“Mike, it’s such a beautiful day, we should continue this talk in the backyard!” I said, not saying anything about the garden back there.

“Sure!” he responded, not so excitedly, probably knowing about the huge pollen count. I rushed outside, holding his hand and dragging him behind me. His face scrunched up, already feeling the effects of the pollen. I dragged him next to the garden. His eyes opened in surprise at the garden. I had him lie down and I laid on top of him. I jumped up and grabbed a peony and put it behind my ear. I laid back on top on him as he continued his story. I could see him trying to hold back sneezes, but eventually, the pollen mixed with the perfume was too much for his delicate little nose.

“I g-gr-grabbed m-my box and h-h-hu-hurrieD HURSHEWW! HURSSHHEWW! HURSHHEWWW! Hi-hih-hih-hih. Ihhhts stuuuuuckkkk!” He desperately told me.

“Stuck?” I asked. Mike nodded.

“Lin-Li-Linda heeeeelpp!” He pleaded.

“You said you were allergic to perfume! I’ll be right back!” I sprinted up the stairs and grabbed the perfume bottle. I ran back to Mike like an Olympic sprinter. I laid back on top of him and took the perfume bottle in my hand. Mike still looked like he needed help sneezing. I pushed down on the nozzle three times, and the scent of wildflowers filled the air.


“Sorry! That may have been a little too much perfume.” I apologized.

“It’s- hih- HURSHEW!- It’s fine.” He assured.

While Mike continued his story, my best friend texted me. I was wriggling around on top of him trying to get my phone out of my pocket. I guess I made too much motion, because the peony that was stashed behind my ear fell out. Mike didn’t notice, but the peony slowly floated down and landed on his slightly red, upturned nose.

“Is th-that a p-pe-peony? Mike asked.

“Yeah, they are so pretty this time of year. Why?” I replied.

“I a-am so a-a-allergic to p-p-peonyS! Hih-hih-hih-hihHURSHHHEEEW! HURSHHHEEWWW! HURRRSSSHHHHEWEWWW! HURSSHHHEW! HUR-.” Mike’s sneezing stopped. He still had an itchy feeling in his nose, so he didn’t realize why his sneezing stopped. Then he looked up and saw me with my finger under his nose. His nostrils kept flaring, but they had seemed to shrink to half their size from when the peony fell. So I started to take my finger away. The minute I took my finger away, Mike’s nostrils grew again. He tried to tell me to put my finger back under, but it wasn’t very clear.


I didn’t realize what he was telling me to do for the part before all of the sneezes came, but I realized his sneeze was stuck. So I looked around. I picked up the thrown peony and put it near Mike’s chin. I saw how often he could sneeze with a peony on his nose, so I started small.

“Hih-hih-hih-hih-hih- t-th-that just m-m-made it m-more itchy!” Mike exclaimed through hitches.

I moved the flower up to his nose, just right below it, so the petals were barely touching Mike’s nose.


“I am really allergic to peonys. They are my weakness,” Mike said.

“Good to know. Are you allergic to any other flowers?” I asked.

“Yup, basically every other type of flower. But the worst are roses, peonies and daisies.” Mike replied.

“I’m just allergic to roses, daisies and dust.” I said. “Let’s go back inside, so you don’t get sick from all that sneezing.” I said.

I need to divvy this up because this got really long, 990 words to be exact, so I’ll have the next part the next two allergens, if it is as long as this one. Hope you enjoyed!


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OMG LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

“Let’s go back inside, so you don’t get sick from all that sneezing.” I said.


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@sneezygirl97: All in good time, my grasshopper. Not yet, first I’m focusing on the allergies, then later in the series maybe Mike could get sick, but not yet. Hold your horses!biggrinsmiley.gifbiggrinsmiley.giflaugh.pnglaugh.png


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This is just.... AHHHHH! Maybe one of her expiriment a could backfire on her and she could have an allergy attack :) or mike could get revenge ?

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Some people like nose blowing. Can Mike let out a snotty sneeze and have to give his nose a snotty honk?

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I am soooo sorry! I had sooo many tests to study for and I have been so busy, and then I lost the story. So, I'll start writing it again now. Sorry for the delay!!!upset.gifupset.gifupset.gifupset.gif

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Umm... Hello? Please continue the story.

I'm writing it now...sometimes it takes a while

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Umm... Hello? Please continue the story.

I'm writing it now...sometimes it takes a while

Take your time :) I'm already looking forward to it, I love this story so much!

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This is taking a while... I have a great idea! Have another friend or parent or something comes over with allergies!

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So sorry, my cousins house got flooded, so theyre staying with us for a while, and I cant seem to get any alone time with six extra people in the house. Ill try to find time to write it, sorry if it takes a while

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So sorry, my cousins house got flooded, so theyre staying with us for a while, and I cant seem to get any alone time with six extra people in the house. Ill try to find time to write it, sorry if it takes a while

That's okay! Sorry some people were being a bit rude there, take all the time you need. I wish you and your cousins luck!

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So sorry, my cousins house got flooded, so theyre staying with us for a while, and I cant seem to get any alone time with six extra people in the house. Ill try to find time to write it, sorry if it takes a while

That's okay! Sorry some people were being a bit rude there, take all the time you need. I wish you and your cousins luck!

Thanks so much SpamKey!

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I love this story and I can't wait to read more! I'm sorry for your cousins though. Take your time, I'm sure the next part will be brilliant when you get to it.

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