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Here I shall recall any of my experiences with friends sneezing on SKype. HahahahahahaaHAHHA.

This happened about two or three months ago. I was on a Skype call with some friends… my God. Three sick people on a call. J-J-Jesus! I will digress.

M: Male; Pretty tall, seventeen years or so, brown hair, hazel-ish eyes, deep voice.

Let us begin… (P.S- My three other friends on this call will be written about later)

We will start with the call. I was bored, there wasn’t really anything for me to do, so I tried calling B and S. Since they didn’t answer, I called M instead. After a few dials, he answered. “Oh, hey, J.” Just by hearing his voice, I was fairy surprised. It was obviously congested and his usually strong tone of voice was small, probably from the condition of his throat. It took me a few seconds to greet him, I promise you I was smiling as I said. “Hey.”

I didn’t point out the fact that he was sick. he’s an easily embarrassed guy. But I guess I didn’t have to because the first thing I heard over the other line was a fit of coughing that lasted for a solid minute. And the wettest sniffle I’ve heard up to date.

“You okay?” I asked. “You sound a bit-”

It is very like him to cut me off, “Like shit? I kndow.” Kndow. I thought we only got to imagine that in heads when we’re reading stuff on here. (Btw, shout out to amazing writers).

He sniffled again. I let out something of a soft scoff/laugh. He’s a generally un vulnerable guy. Seeing him in this state felt like an honest to God privilege. But hearing him sneeze?

We were only about six minutes into the call, we were talking about some of our classes when I stop myself from speaking, and I hear a extremely light hitching on the other side. “He…hah…eh-” I could hear him muttering curses, he must of felt awfully uncomfortable. I almost felt bad. I cleared my throat. “Should I continue?”

“It’d won’d comb out.” He admitted.

I opened my mouth to speak, but all I could manage was. “Sorry.”

And then.. “He-aHeSHIEW! HE-ACHIEW!” Wet sneezes interrupted with helpless sniffles. He went into a minute long fit. I stood on the other line, praying to God that this wouldn’t end.”He-AWChiEW!” But, of course it did.



“God, M, you sound like you’re literally dying.”

There was a short silence.

I hurt his ego.

But he of course replied. “I feel like I literally amb.”

“Oh.” It’s very usual for me to say things without thinking them through much. “Sorry about-”

“Dnot your fault.” He coughed into his fist, went into a fit, and continued sighed. It sounded like he’d been holding that in for a long while. And of course. “He..he-HE-ChieHH!!”

Followed by a nose blow.

More silence, which was broken by M. “It’ds by immunde systems fault.”

I laughed. “It’s no one’s fault. People get sick, M. It sort of kind of happens. ”

He sniffled. “Wanda play Smite?”



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So, continuing what had last occurred. After talking to M for a while, S (a person I tried to call before) messaged me. This is basically how it went down.

S: Hey, sorry I didn’t answer.

Myself: It’s fine.

S: Yeah. Im sick.

I was ready.

S is 16, medium height, pretty deep voice, glasses and green eyes as well as brown hair.

I added him to the call and the first, I swear to you the first thing I hear, “H-SHCHAIW!” Followed by a long sniffle and a coughing fit. “I think I have pneumonia.”

I nearly squealed of excitement right then and there before I realized I was kind of concerned for the both of them. M replies with. “We’re goi’g to basically indfect you through your computer screen?”

“Yeah, don’t you have like,” S interrupts himself to sniffle, “A million viruses on your computer?”

I sighed, I knew what he was going to offer.

“Look, let me just fix it for you.”

S is a computer major in high school and refuses to stop bothering me about repairing mine, in his defense, computers are probably the larger part of his life. “Nope.” I reply, he should’ve been expecting it.

The next thing I hear is an annoyed, irritated, “Ugh!”

“I’m not going to let yo-”

“It’s not that.” He says.

And then, from M’s side I hear a struggling and hitching collection breaths. “Heh…he…hah….” We’re completely silent, it’s like we’re watching a wildlife documentary up close. “Heh…ha-ChieHH!! A-CHiEW!

I mutter a completely flustered ‘bless’.

S goes on to explain. “I have to sneeze but I can't.”

Incoming call.

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ahhhh very cute <3 im pretty jealous tbh

Aww, nah,they're adorable when they're cute, but they can be a pain! Lol.

That was an AMAZING read, oh my...

Thanks, hope you enjoyed it!

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Cutiiiiies! Haha, there's this ongoing joke in my Skype friend group about getting each other sick through the screen... Seriously, despite the fact that we live on different continents (some of us, at least) if one of us is sick when we Skype, somebody else is bound to get it less than a week later.

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