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It has been a sneezy cold-filled winter in my neck of the woods, and nearly everyone is showing signs of sickness.

I'll just mention my English teacher who is/has (for those who like a description) on the taller side, dark-long-straight hair, green eyes with perfect makeup, a curvy and healthy figure and an angular-large nose. Her skin is light and perfect, her legs are thick and she's a busty one. She is probably in her mid twenties.

She stands in front of class one day, ready to start giving instructions, when she gets the most desperate look.

"Okay class- I am afraid I'm a little sick but it shouldn't cause a major...major.. ma... a'heh!..'kschu! Hehhn..'tschu! Ahem, excuse me..." she giggles a bit as her face turns red, she brings her hand back to her waist as it just blocked her sneeze. "What I was GOING to say, was that my cold should not majorly interrupt our lesson, but too late. I still feel some sneezes in me, hopefully they wait till the end..."

The class smirked a bit, my eyes mostly widened.

Then, for about twenty minutes, she blew her nose in a hankie she kept in her desk drawer. She coughed into her elbow, and rubbed her nose ferociously. She had a constant pre-sneeze expression, sometimes bringing her hand up to her face. Her eyes squeezed in anticipation and her nostrils would flare, but nothing came out. It was definitely hard to write my informative essay at this point.

She gets up from her desk to reorganize her bookshelf, but doesn't get halfway across the class as she stops in the middle of the room and bends at the waist letting out a huge "HAH'ITSCHOO!" and a equally huge sniffle follows. Her hands, shakingly, brought themselves back to her waist as they had barely caught the sneeze.

A few "bless you"s were muttered, but it was quiet work time.

Then, she begins a prolonged sneezing fit that goes on for the rest of the hour. The timings were so various too! Some were rapid fire, some were a minute apart. But, overall, she was at 73 sneezes by the end of the hour.

"It'schu! Ick'shu! ngt'choo! Hah'ESCHH!! ugh *blow in her handkerchief which she clutched in her hand* Mmp'shoo!...'Haht'schuu!"

As the fits went on, the blessings died out and a few laughs arose from the class. We were all prohibited from talking, though, as it was silent work time.

Spray was hitting across her chest and hips, even with her hands and cloth over her nose, she must've been a wet sneezer.

More and more sneezes came, and she sounded more tired with each one...

It was definitely one of my better sights.

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Wow, that sounds like a great class :)

I love teacher sneezes, and I have seen some amazing ones, but 73 of them?! I wouldn't have been able to concentrate either.

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always loved teacher sneezes :), also I have never gotten to experience a full on sneezing fit above probably 5 sneezes which is a shame, they have always intrigued me

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