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vacation with my cousin (f) plus a dream I had


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This is an obs from over the summer that I was too lazy to post until now. My cousin and I went to a beach resort to celebrate the birthday of one of our close friends, which is a short plane ride away from us. First, here's a little background on my cousin, who I'll call C.

C, 29, is mixed mostly with Irish, German, and Italian. She's tan, 5'5"ish, and her long,straight her is a shade between dark blonde and very light brown. Her eyes are a blue-green mix and she has a small, upturned nose. She is a fitness trainer/aerobics instructor and she has a toned, athletic physique. She can be a tomboy yet ladylike at the same time.

C is a stifler. It's been over 20 years and I still not have seen her let out one single sneeze. There have been about a million close calls though. I keep telling myself that it's only a matter of time before she lets one out.

C is the sneeziest person I know. She is allergic to several things including cats, horses, dust, pollen and certain perfumes and colognes make her sneeze as well. On a normal basis she sneezes a lot but during the spring and summer she sneezes even more so I anticipated a lot of sneezes on this trip.

The night before we left I slept at C's apartment. The next morning I woke up on the couch in the living room and she had just walked into the kitchen to make breakfast. I was about to join her when I heard the start of a sneeze fit. She stifled three sneezes that sounded like 'huh-ngkxt..huh-nxgkt..huh-huh-nkgxt'. Some stiflers only stifle when they are around people and when they are alone they feel more comfortable letting their sneezes so I left her alone in the kitchen to see if she would feel comfortable letting one of her sneezes out. She stifled 16 more sneezes and her fit sounded like it was coming to an end so no luck this time. I joined her in the kitchen to help her make breakfast.

Me: "Good morning"

C: "Good morning, I thought you'd still be asleep."

Me: "Your sneezing woke me up."

C: Laughing "I'm sorry, my allergies are acting up."

Me: "It's okay."

She stifled 5 more sneezes while we were in the kitchen and I said 'bless you' and she said 'thank you'.

We got to the resort later that afternoon and we immediately went to the pool. After we swam, we sat by the poolside to relax and try to get a tan. The chlorine smell from the pool was very strong and C said that some water got stuck up her nose. This triggered another sneezing attack and she started sneezing like crazy. This time her stifles sounded very wet, they sounded like 'huh-sqkxt..huh-sqxkt..huh-skxqt'. I was tempted to tell her to let her sneezes out so that she can sneeze out all of that chlorine water but since I have a hidden agenda of wanting to see her unstifled sneeze I decided not to say anything. I'll let the sneeze gods decide if I meant to see her unstifled sneeze. She grabbed some tissues from her purse and was blowing her nose to get the water out but she still kept sneezing crazy. Her fit lasted about 5 minutes and I counted 78 sneezes.

The next night we got together with all our friends and went out to dinner. There were about 20 of us altogether. C had a sneeze fit shortly after we arrived. After about the 5th or 6th sneeze, she had the attention of everyone at the table and everyone started counting her sneezes out loud. I was so embarrassed for C but she didn't seem embarrassed at all. She just laughed and played along. After about the 20th sneeze, about half the people at the table lost interest in her sneezing so they began talking among themselves, while the other half of the table still kept the count going. The waitress even said 'God bless you' as she walked by. The fit lasted 31 sneezes and they were all successfully stifled.

The next day we had a little party at one of the bars on the beach. C met one of her friends there who I'll call L. L is in her mid-thirties, has short light brown hair, blue eyes, cute face and has a pretty nice body for someone who has two kids. L has a husband but has a huge crush on C. Unlike me, C is in great shape and has a great physique and she always gets compliments on her body. The part of her body that gets complimented the most is her booty. C definitely does her fair share of squats and maybe more.

C was sporting a hot pink two-piece bikini and as soon as we got there L could not keep her hands off C. She kept raving about her body, saying things like, "I love your booty. It's so tight and round and perfect. I just wanna squeeze it.", "Your skin is so soft and smooth", "Your boobs are so round and perky", "You have such a nice stomach". L had her hands on C at all times and C didn't seem to mind. First L was fidgeting with C's belly button ring and stroking her hands along her stomach. Then she had her hands wrapped around C's waist. Then she was stroking C's upper back and worked her way down to her lower back. I thought L was gonna go for C's booty like she said she wanted to but she never did.

While they were talking together, I noticed C make a pre-sneeze expression - nose-scrunching, sniffling, eyes half-closed. She held up a finger, turned her head slightly away from L and stifled 5 sneezes. L said "God bless you, sweetie" and C thanked her. When C's head bobbed forward while she was sneezing a few strands of hair fell across her face and L swiped those strands behind her ear. Then L said "You're cute when you sneeze." Hmm. Got me wondering if L could be one of us.

The next night everyone got together on the pool deck. After several hours and too many margaritas C and I decided to call it a night. When we got back to our room, we realized that we didn't turn off the air conditioner before we left so the room was freezing. C immediately changed into her pajamas and hit the bed like a sack of potatoes. Knowing C, I knew that there was a good chance that the cold would trigger a sneeze fit and sure enough it didn't take long. C was practically passed out when it started. I thought this would be a great chance to see an unstifled sneeze. She managed to stifle the first few which was interesting because I noticed that her mouth was open and I have never seen anyone stifle a sneeze with their mouth open. Maybe it's not that difficult. She didn't even use her hands to stifle. I was wondering how she could be knocked out and still have enough ability to stifle. It was as if she was stifling on auto-pilot. The fit lasted 22 sneezes and she stifled all of them, barely.

The next morning, I asked her if she remembered having a sneeze fit from the night before but she had no recollection. She asked how many times she sneezed and I told her maybe 20. I didn't want to tell her the exact amount because I was afraid she might think it was weird for me to be keeping count.

On our flight home, C had another long sneezing attack. It started about 10 minutes before we landed. From the start of the fit to the time we landed she stifled 25 sneezes. From the time we got off the plane to the time we got to baggage claim she stifled another 14 sneezes. Her fit slowed down a lot to about one sneeze every 2-3 minutes. We took a shuttle bus from the airport to the train station, took the train to a bus station, then took a bus that dropped us off near C's apartment, which was right around when the fit ended. In that time-span she stifled 43 sneezes. I tried to time the fit as best as I could and I clocked it at about 2 1/2 hours.

During the vacation, the amount of fit sneezes plus the random, non-fit sneezes here and there brought the total sneeze count to over 250. Over 250 stifled, 0 unstifled. My goal was to see C's unstifled sneeze during this trip but I failed. I guess I'll have to wait another day.

About a week later I had a dream about C, or maybe a nightmare. C and I were in a cold, dark basement with a lot of old, dusty furniture. C was rope-tied to a chair and her hands were tied behind her back. I had on a mask and I disguised my voice so C wouldn't recognize me. I had lots of bottles of perfume that make C sneeze like crazy and I kept spraying them at her nose. As she usually would, C was stifling all of her sneezes. Everytime she stifled I would get angry and yell at her and I kept saying, "Stop holding your sneezes in! Just let one of your sneezes out!" Then I became destructive, I started breaking, throwing, and smashing everything in the room. But no matter what, C kept stifling her sneezes. She kept crying and begging me, "Please. Let me go. Please," but I never did and she never let one of her sneezes out.

I woke up feeling horrible. I love my cousin very much and even though it was a dream I hated the image of me doing that to her and I was very disturbed by that. I'm no expert at analyzing dreams so I don't know what this dream means. Maybe it means nothing.

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Oh my gosh! How can someone stifle like that? They dream tho. I would not know what to think about that...

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Your cousin sounds great. I like when people in like athletic/fitness training sneeze, especially long stifled fits. I really liked that observation, thanks for sharing.

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I wonder of she would not sneeze so constantly if she just let them come out naturally. It often seems that stifled fits go on a lot longer that uncovered, as if whatever is causing the sneezes is expelled through the force of the sneezes.

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If she even stifles in her sleep, you'll never see her let one out sadsmiley.gif

I think you're right. I keep thinking what has to happen in order for her to let one sneeze out. It'll take a miracle.

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Whaaaat 78 in five minutes??? Amazing. How can you stand to be around that without going crazy? Awesome obs though. Thanks for sharing.

actually, I bet you could get away with asking her why she stifles without arousing suspicion. Not stifling might actually make her fits less insane, and if she sneezes that much, she won't be surprised that you've noticed...

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actually, I bet you could get away with asking her why she stifles without arousing suspicion.

You're probably right. I know it's stupid of me but I've always been too afraid to talk to her about her sneezing because I'm paranoid that she'll find out about my fetish. I have no problem saying 'bless you' to her when she sneezes or talking to her very briefly about her sneezing but I've been too afraid to go beyond that, which I know sounds ridiculous.

Not stifling might actually make her fits less insane

I completely agree. I've also thought that when she stifles she just makes her fits go on and on.
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No I completely get you on that. Rationally the chances of someone guessing are pretty much zero, but that doesn't assuage that paranoia. Especially if it's someone you see regularly, it's already nerve-wracking enough to think that they might just notice an unusually intense gaze or something minor and you don't want to feel like you give them to many pieces to the puzzle.

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No I completely get you on that. Rationally the chances of someone guessing are pretty much zero, but that doesn't assuage that paranoia. Especially if it's someone you see regularly, it's already nerve-wracking enough to think that they might just notice an unusually intense gaze or something minor and you don't want to feel like you give them to many pieces to the puzzle.

. You perfectly described everything that has been going on in my head. I've always wanted to ask my cousin why she always stifles her sneezes. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to do that. Lol. Thanks.
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