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Friend's Girlfriend at Club


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Last night I went to a concert at a nightclub a few towns away from mine. My friend was performing with the main act, so we all got to go upstairs to the VIP lounge. It was great, open bar, beautiful women, music, and dancing. I was up there before the concert and then came downstairs to watch the show and many people went back upstairs afterwards. This observation happened after the show.

It was late (probably around 2am) and we were all feeling pretty good from the open bar. Let me explain my friend's girlfriend. She is 21, about 5'4", brown hair and brown eyes, is very slim but had implants in the front, with a very attractive face. I'm good friends with her and she brought a friend along. We were all hanging out upstairs after the concert and the room was very smoky. I was having a conversation with her with my back slightly turned, but she suddenly walked behind me and I heard her sneeze, so I turned around to see her with the best pre-sneeze expression ever. She was waving her hand in front of her nose with her mouth slightly opened. Her nose was turning pink and you could just tell she had a bad tickle in it. I watched this for a few seconds until she sneezed again. Then, I leaned in to continue our conversation because it was loud. When I got next to her ear and started talking she exclaimed, "You gotta hold on, I'm sneezing right now!" That really did it for me. She looked like she was going to sneeze again, but it never happened.

I have seen her sneeze before, but only one uneventful single and one double. She never has brought attention to it like that. I feel kind of bad because it's my good friend's girlfriend sweatdrop.gif , but it was a great observation.

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Dude. You are lucky! "Hold on, I'm sneezing right now!" Oh my gosh.

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Dude. You are lucky! "Hold on, I'm sneezing right now!" Oh my gosh.

I know, it was really a sight to see and hear when she said that.

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