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Another new anime - Denki-Gai, M&F


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So I posted a little while back about a new anime with a fever episode and now I'm back with another anime, new this season, with a fever episode. Denki-Gai (which is one of my favs so watch it anyways) just had their sick episode this week. It was mostly female, which isn't my cup of tea, but it was still really cute. She has the flu and a cute sneeze to start it off followed by fevers and collapsing and caretaking by her love interest - who of course catches her flu. They don't follow him much (to my disappointment because I've been desperately wanting to see him sick) but he does a cute sneeze in his sleep and some sniffling a little later. They then have her catch the flu again (or relapse??) and it gets more comical and less care-take-y.

Anyways, long post, sorry. The anime is on Crunchyroll, but since its a new episode, I don't think its up for non-premium members yet. I'll link it when I can.

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Aw, cute~! I'm also more into male sneezing, but his sleepy sneeze and sniffles were really adorable x33 Good find!

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