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Hoping for some sneezes


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Head's up, there's not much actual sneezing in this, just some hopes XD

My boyfriend lives over in Northern Ireland, and during the winter he's pretty much constantly sick. He blames it on the cold weather over there, despite the many times I have tried to explain that colds have very little to do with actual cold...

But anywho! I was talking to him today on Skype, and the poor guy is pretty much coughing his face off and sounds like someone rubbed sandpaper on his throat 3: So of course I feel bad for him and wish I could be over there smothering him in hugs... But at the same time I'm hoping there will be some sneezes before it's over /u\ I feel like such an awful person, but gah I can't help it, his sick sneezes are adorable.

I'll update this topic if so ;)

Oh, side note, half the people in my church band are sick right now, so I got to hear some nice sneezes there this morning - one terrifyingly loud, short, unspellable one from our drummer, and a VERY stifled sort of "HMMffch-" from our base guitarist >u< None of the girls, though, haha.

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No sneezes yet, but several false starts yesterday XD He kept getting really frustrated when they ran away.

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