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He's still got a cold :3


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Last night the orchestra I'm in performed at a festival kind of thing. This guy, Lucas, who plays the same instrument as I do (and thus sits next to me in the orchestra) has had a pretty bad cold for the last couple of weeks. I have written some other obs about it.

Lucas is 18 years old, around 6'2 ft long and very skinny. He has gorgeous mid-long, in between light brown and blonde, wavy hair. HIs eyes are a pretty, deep shade of brown. He is pretty handsome to be honest :)

The concert was outside, and we had the final practice outside too. It was incredibly cold, and holding a copper instrument did not help either. Lucas was coughing the whole time, and he failed to play the high notes in the pieces of music. He would rest his forehead on his hands and let out soft moans every time we did not have to play. I felt so bad for him, but it was absolutely adorable. In the end he got all shaky and miserable. So halfway through a particular piece he stopped playing and had a muffled coughing fit. Without saying anything, I took his sheet of music and replaced it with mine (he plays a harder part than I do). He looked at me and I noticed his eyes were starting to get bleary. I just got braces a week ago, so it was quite hard playing his part, but he really needed to rest. While playing, I heard his breath was starting to get uneven. From the corner of my eye I could see his eyes flutter shut and his nostrils flared slightly. "He'tcha! He'esh! Hng'schu! Het'shu!" he sneezed, covering his nose and mouth with his right hand. "Ha'esh! Esh'ah! He'tchu!" He sniffed and wiped his nose with the back of his hand, moaning. I already excpected him to be poorly, so I had brought a bag of tissues and handed him some. He thanked me and then we had a break before the real performance started.

He just rested his forehead on his hands again and sighed. I was so awkward, but finally decided to rub his back and gave him the rest of the tissues. "Thags," he smiled weakly. "You better leave be alode like the rest, you dodn't want to catch this, I'b serious." As to prove his point, he turned away from me and brought his elbow up to his face. "He'tchew! Ha'esh! Ex'chu! Ng'tcha! He'tch!" He moaned and I squeezed his arm. "Nah I'll be fine, don't worry about me." I really did not want to miss this, and it would be worth catching a cold for.

Then the performance started, it was around midnight and everyone was starting to get tired. Lucas was trying to hold back another coughing fit, and after the performance finally ended and the people had left, he kind of completely collapsed. He tried to help to stack the chairs afterwards, but everyone told him to go home and sleep, so he did. I sent him a text today asking if he felt better already. He replied: "No I still feel awful but I guess I can't skip practise tomorrow, we'll most likely get new music to play." So even though I'll probably die of cuteness overload again tomorrow, I feel so bad for him because he's been poorly for 5/6 weeks now...

Oops this probably way too long I'm sorry hehe :3

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Awww i hope he feels better. Having a bad cold and being outside.... i cant imagine...

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This is sooooo cute! I love this little mini-saga of yours, I do hope there will be more entries hehe. He sounds adorable though. I did band in school and also got braces so I feel your pain! It felt like I had to relearn my instrument all over again. Just listen to what the stupid orthodontist says so you can be done with him asap! I didn't listen and had braces for-e-verrrrr!

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Gahh, playing outside at this time of year is sooo bad for the instruments, wtf were they thinking XD

Uhm, I mean . . . d'aww, he's so cute. :lol:

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Gahh, playing outside at this time of year is sooo bad for the instruments, wtf were they thinking XD

Uhm, I mean . . . d'aww, he's so cute. heh.gif

I know right, none of the instruments got damaged though, fortunately

And yeah he is ;)


I originally wanted to start a new topic but I thought I better update you on this one.

Lucas was feeling better for like a couple of weeks but now he is feeling unwell again. Last practice he literally could not stop coughing. It started off pretty quiet, but later on he started coughing more violently, bending at the waist. Again I tried switching our sheets of music, but he stopped me by grabbing my wrist. "Dodn't. I'll be fide." I laughed, "You sound awful, you should really go home." We both knew he couldn't go home, because we've got a highly important concert in a few weeks. Lucas let out an exhausted sigh, which immediately resulted in another coughing fit. I softly rubbed his back and waited till the fit ended. But right after the coughing subsided, he immediately took various involuntary breaths. "He'shh! H'tcha! M'ng'sh! N'xsh!" He successfully stifled the last two sneezes, moaned and started coughing again.

I was way too awkward to say anything, but one of the trombone players (who sit behind the horn section) put his hand on Lucas's shoulder. "Come on, kid, we'll get you outside for a moment." Lucas wanted to protest, but he was still almost coughing up his longs. The trombone player asked me to take Lucas's horn, which I did. The trombone player led Lucas outside and came back. After approximately ten minutes he asked me to go check on him.

I found Lucas in the hallway, sitting on the ground with his head between his knees. When I came closer, he burried the lower half of his face in the crook of his elbow. "H'tcha! He'cho! He'ptch! He'esh!" His body shook with every sneeze. As soon as he noticed me, he tried to stand up but sighed and sat down again. "By whole body is achig," he complained. "Ad by head is poudig, by dnose is cobpletely blocked." I sat down next to him and he rested his head on my shoulder. When I wanted to stand up after a minute or so, I noticed Lucas had fallen asleep. I couldn't do anything but stay still because I thought he deserved to rest. He woke up shortly after and got sent home.

I hope I'll be able to upload again soon :)

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I texted Lucas today and this is how our conversation went:

Me: Hey Luc, how are you?

L: Fine...

Me: Come one please be honest

L: Okay... I feel awful. I'm home alone and I've been coughing and sneezing all day

Me: Shall I come over?

L: No no no I'll be fine

(At this point I was already on my way to his place)

L: "Antivist"?

L: Please answer?

L: You're already on your way aren't you?

L: You idiot

I arrived at his place shortly after and let myself in via the back door. Lucas was sat on the couch watching tv. He was wearing a grey sweater and sweatpants. He had a black blanket wrapped around his shoulders. His face was pale, there were dark circles visible under his blood shot eyes. "I told you dnot to cobe you silly little girl," he chuckled and stood up, kind of unsteady. "Silly little girl," I repeated. "Says the guy watching Dora." Lucas quickly switched to a different channel before walking over to me. "Why are you so wet?" he asked, analising my drenched clothes. "I took a shower but forgot to take off my clothes," I replied with a lot of sarcasm. "It was raining, you idiot." Lucas smiled as I took off my coat and shoes. "Dno but seriously, I'll be fide odn by owdn. Het'cha! H'sha! He... he'shh!" he sneezed into his cupped hands. "Bless you," I couldn't help smiling at his adorableness. Then he bent forward with a hars, wet coughing fit, which he tried to muffle into his sleeve. Trying to hold back only seemed to make it worse. Eventually the coughing died down, but Lucas immediately pitched forward with another set of powerful sneezes. "Het'cha! He'scho! Hah'chew! Hep'tcha!" He was panthing aftherwards. "Err... would you like sobthig to dridnk or eat?" I shook my head no. "Thanks anyway. Go lie on the bank, I'll make you some soup." "Doe you dod't have to..." he tried to protest, but then gave up and collapsed onto the couch. He had two sneezing fits of around six sneezes while I was making soup. I came back with the soup and sat down next to him. "Do you eved kdnow how to bmake soup?" He joked. "No," I laughed. "Shall we just watch something instead?" Lucas nodded. "Abericad Horror Story or ehh ehh-" he raised his hands to his face. "E'shh! Excuse be. Or Sword Art Ondlide?"

"Bless you, and definately American Horror Story."

So we watched AHS till 10 pm and then I had to leave. But next orchestra practise will be on Tuesday so I might update you on him soon ;)

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Oh my gosh that is so cute I can't even handle this I'm so glad you texted him and that you came over and that he was so cute and I love everything about this :3

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