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During a Group Meeting (F)


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Hi everyone!

So some time ago I went to a group meet-up with some of my classmates to discuss things we did on our class project. (It was just an informal meeting though - only the 4 of us were there and we decided to meet up at a conference room in the building)

Anyway, one of our group members (I'll call her A, she's about 5"8' with brown-black hair and brown eyes) had a cold that day - as she walked in, her nose was pinkish around the edges and she was carrying a small tissue box with her, tucked under her arm.

"Hey everyone," she said in a noticeably congested voice as she sat down, gently rubbing her nose with her hand, but proceeded to work with us as if she felt completely fine.

Some time later, she pulled out a tissue and let out a long, gurgling blow. For some reason everyone stopped talking right when she started blowing (although I know I stopped so I could get better obs :P) and it took a while for A to notice. When she finished blowing, she wadded up her tissue and looked at us. "I'm just blowing my nose - don't judge!" she said half-jokingly.

About fifteen minutes after that, she leaned to the side and let out a few "Huh-choo!" sneezes (about 3, I think), sneezing into the crook of her arm. She then quickly covered her nose with one of her hands and grabbed a few tissues with the other. "I'b godda be back," she sniffled as she stepped into the hallway, closing the door behind her.

At first I wasn't sure where A was going, but I saw her turn the corner and stop abruptly. She then held her tissues to her nose, inhaled deeply, and let out a sharp, loud honk (you could still hear them even though she was outside). She then folded her tissues in half and proceeded blowing, this time letting out multiple shorter honks. When she was done, she balled up her tissues and walked back to the conference room, her nose significantly redder than before.

"Gosh, are you okay?" one of my classmates asked her as she came back in.

"Yeah, (sniff) it's just this stuffy nose. It's so annoying," she replied, tossing her used tissues into the trash.

I didn't really get any more obs from A the rest of the meeting, except for a short gurgly blow at the end of our meeting, but I hope you guys liked that! :)

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that was great! i really liked it! i always say that the only blows that are worth hearing are the ones that are so loud you can hear them from behind a closed door....you got a very nice one there!

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Aww, that's so endearing - the way that she felt that she had to leave the room in order to blow her nose properly in the way that she needed!

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