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So I know this fandom isn't super popular but I absolutely love it!!! This story is about the Security Guard at Freddy's Fazbears who works the night shift. Mike. I do not own these characters but I love them!!! I know it's short but I just wanted to test it out first. Enjoy!!


The alarm blared loudly and Mike slammed down the button to silence it's screaming. Dragging himself out of bed, he stumbled his way into the bathroom, trying to be quiet so not to wake his girlfriend Doll. He washed his face rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, when he finally got a look at himself in the mirror. He looked terrible. His face was ashen, making his cherry red cheeks and bloodshot eyes stand out. He felt even worst than he looked. Overcome by a bout of dizziness, he sat himself down on the toilet lid. Mike rest his head in his hands coming to the awful conclusion...he was sick.

He took a minute to collect himself. Slowly he got up onto his aching legs. That didn't change anything, he still had to work. There were still bills to pay and food to buy. The tricky part would be getting past Doll. She had a sixth sense for these kind of things, and would most likely send him back to bed if she found out he was ill. He would have to be quiet so not to wake her. The bathroom door slowly creaked open as he peeked out. When creeping out of the bathroom tiptoeing past the bed. So far so good he just had to make it to the door and he was home free. That when his nose began to tingle, growing into an urgent need to sneeze. Mike stopped in his tracks, rubbing his nose frantically trying to quell the itch. It was no secret that his sneezes were explosive and uncontrollable. They often embarrassed him coming out at the wrong moments. This was one of those moment. If he sneezed Doll would definitely wake up.


Let me know if you like this I'll write more, and whether or not Doll should catch Mike. Later : )

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Yessss! I LOVE FNAF! I had a cold shiver when I saw the topic! Yes please continue~ (It's funny because I'm writing a FNAF fic at this very second.)

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I think the same. Sorry Mikey, maybe Toy Bonnie will think you're a kid when you sneeze? X3

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All I've ever wanted and more~

So, is Mike having a girlfriend named Doll canon or a popular theory amongst fans? Or... *sniff sniff* Do I smell this fic taking place in Rebornica's AU universe?


I love Rebornica's FNaF work.

Kind of hoping this fic takes place during the first game, but even if that’s not the case, man is it gonna be good. Poor, poor Mike… always the victim >:D

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WOW this is neat!! I have not read any FNAF fic yet, so I'm not up with the trends. But I like it! Please continue!!

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To be quite honest, this could go two ways.

If Doll catches him, it would be really cute, seeing as Doll would take care of him.

But if she doesn't then he has to go to work, and deal with the animatronics and his cold! He's more likely to be a bit sloppier, and get caught, and it would make the story longer. I think you shouldn't have him get caught personally....AND UPDATE THIS >:D

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Okay okay to be honest I forgot about this story. However I will continue it.

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Frickity-frack this game scared me. I still can't sleep sometimes because of it haha.

But I must say, I am quite intrigued by this fic. Please continue! :)

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