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Sorry in advance if this is not good!! It's my first attempt at this kind of stuff. I've been trawling this site for a while and hve gotten ideas from various places. Hope you enjoy?!

I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus on my laptop. I had been writing my school essay for several hours and it was creating a constant dull ache in the back of my head. I sniffles gently but thought nothing of it. I shut down the lid as sighed as I laid back on my bed. My phone vibrated on my dresser

Lucas (1)

I ginned and slid open the message from my adorable boyfriend.

"Hey babe, just wanted to see how your evening is going and to let you know I'm thinking of you"

My smile widened and my heart skipped a beat.

I replied:

"Aw you little cutie! I'm fine thanks just finished my essay and I'm laying in bed thinking of you"

My headache had gone down and I laid back to get some sleep ready for school tomorrow.

The next day

I opened my eyes from a deep sleep and got ready for school. Usually I would have gotten a sweet, good morning text from Lucas by now but I thought that he must have slept in and be rushing for the bus or something. So I left for school excited to be seeing him again. Although we had been together for several months, I still got butterflies whenever he was around me.

I entered my first class of the day, English and took my normal seat. I noted several empty spaces where classmates were off sick. A horrible plague-like cold had been leaving students and staff snotty and sneezing for the past month or so. The girl on the desk next to Lucas was still in class today. Although snot was streaming like a river from her nose, she could barely talk through congestion and sneezes but she was determined to ensure the day. Had to give her some credit for bothering when she looked like a giant snotty cold monster. Her sneezes were thick, wet and forceful. The tortuous buildups were leaving me hot and bothered during lessons. Me and Lucas were almost the only people who had avoided the streaming snot-filled illness.

Usually Lucas would have been there waiting for me to arrive with a silly grin on his face, but the empty seat made my heart sadden.

As Mrs Jackson rambled on about the love affairs in Shakespeare's poetry, I sold my phone out under the desk and text Lucas slightly worried. "Hey munchkin, I'm waiting for you in English! Please come save me from this nightmare class, hope everything is ok babe xx"

It was almost the end of the class when I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket. I took it out

Lucas (1)

"Hi baby, sorry I didn't text you. I've been feeling rough the last few days- probably because I haven't seen you. Passed out last night and woke up with a massive headache and I'm so snotty and sick. Hope you survive without me. Love you"

My heart just sunk knowing I had to survive school without my daily dose of Lucas. It sunk even deeper knowing by he was suffering and I couldn't help him till later.

The day went past in a blur science through maths and history. The bell rang and I raced round to the drug store and picked up a few things for Lucas.

I arrived at his front door and knocked patiently. I heard some shuffling behind the door and then it opened. Lucas was there- light blonde hair all ruffled and matted with sweat. Nose all pink and peeling and his face was worryingly pale. He coughed gently and rubbed his chest with his fist. To put it bluntly he looked dead.

"Ahh baby, you should have told me you were sick" I sighed as I entered his house and shut the door. "I would have bunked to take care of my poor baby" I coped as he lead me into the front room.

We settled on his couch and he laid in my lap. I ran my hands through his hair and felt the radiating heat off his usually bronze skin.

"I'b okay really" he sighed

"I did'bt want to worry you with all you school work you've been doing" he sniffed wetly, his nose thick with congestion.

I lent down and placed a delicate kiss in the top of his head

" Lucas you don't have to be tough for me babe. I know you like to act all manly but I can see you feel like crap so you can just let it out" I smiled at his helpless little face and began to rub his temples gently.

He let out a crumbling sigh of relief and curled up next to me. His breath becoming deep and heavy. He stifled a sneeze into the crook of his elbow.

" I don't feel very well" he sniffled cutely

"Name anything and I'll do it to cheer you up baby!" I cheered jokingly

" I know your enjoying this" he said though bleary eyes.

I had yet to tell him of my secret, the secret you all have and probably hide from a lot of people. My sneeze fetish.

I blushed "I don't know what you're on about" I shrugged it off acting cooly

"I can tell, your face when I opened the door, it's ok babe I know" his face wrinkled up and I knew the look. He had a beautiful pre-sneeze expression on his face. So innocent and painful.

"Ah ..ha.. Ah ah ahhhh hachi-ew!Ah ..ha.. Ah ah ahhhh hachi-ew!" He spluttered openly. A shiny spray gently covered my arm. I expected an apology but he just giggled and smiled at me. I felt slightly tingly all over.

I blessed him with stuttered breath.

"It's ok I know. I have one too" the congestion in his voice became erotic for me and it felt hard for me to control myself.

I still wasn't entirely certain that he was talking about what I thought he was talking about.

" do you maybe want to tell me what you have?" I whispered

" a sneeze fetish" he coughed, confident in his deduction

A wave of relief came over me knowing that he was fine with it. I grinned back at him.

"You know how cute you are?" I asked him

"I know how hot I'm getting you just sitting here" he began to say, snottiness and hoarseness in his voice and beginning to build up to a sneeze.

His deep breathing and his heaving chest in my sight. "Ah ..ha.. Ah ah ahhhh hachi-eww.. Ahh ahh a hahhhh.. Uh uh uhhhh" his face tortured in mid sneeze. His helpless face and eyes just leaned into me and I just sat there in awe, Stroking his back. "Ah ah uh uhhhh Ahh-chiewwwww" he roared as the sneeze released him from the torture. He sniffed thickly and wetly. I grinned bigger than I ever had before as he emerged from the sneeze sweaty and grinning himself.

It felt so natural as he sat up and wriggled closer to me. I felt his hot, germ-filled breath touch my face as he stares deeply into my eyes. My hands made their way up his back and rested on his shoulder blades. He embraced me in a kiss and i trembled with the thought of his germs wandering into my bloodstream. The passionate kiss was interrupted with a sniffle from Lucas and a stifled sneeze which was met with embarrassed giggles from me. There was an unspoken connection as to what was going to happen next.

He moved his face along next to mine and his nose was next to my ear and he sniffed wetly. I stood up and gently pulled him up and we went upstairs...

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We were layed cuddled on Lucas' bed after the activities of earlier... I felt the heat radiating off his skin. You could have barbecued meat off his head with the heat. I rolled him over and went into the bathroom and got him a cool towel. I wet his forehead and pressed the towel on it. He sighed with relief and I squeezed his hand. He snuggles into my lap and I began to hum a song I barely remembered from one of his favourite films.

We laid there for several hours while he slept. My arm was numb where he had been sleeping on it. My head was pounding, I had realised that it was 11pm and after a full day of school and the "activites" that we had gotten up to earlier. I hadn't slept much the night before and I laid my head back in the headboard and shut my eyes for a while.

I woke up the next morning to a hacking cough from the other side of the bed. I sat upright and saw Lucas hanging over the bed coughing harshly. I wiggled over and wrapped my legs round his back and started to rub his back gently.

" are you ok baby?" I whispered as he emerged from his fit with bleary eyes.

"I guess" he whispered back, the congestion thick and his throat hoarse from the coughing.

" do you want me to get you anything? I can get some tea and soup if you want me to?"

" uhh I could do with some soup, so hungry" he coughed

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