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Solangelo Trash Has Officially Arrived


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It's happening. Yup. Here it is. A drabble thread for the two cutest gay boys on the planet.

So this drabble thread will most definitely have spoilers for the Blood of Olympus, and it will also make your feels explode because it's solangelo for Gods sake.

I hereby open this thread for any solangelo shippers to write whatever their hearts desire thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

I'll eventually write a story (or maybe a thousand) about them and I really hope you guys will join in!

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"Hehh..." Here we go again. "Ehh...Ihhh... Ahh-ugh." Nico sighed, and let out a frustrated grunt. Will began laughing and Nico glared at him. "Six times babe. Six times, you've gotten all geared up to sneeze and right when you're on the brink of it, the tickle disappears." Will teased. Nico grumbled. "Instead of being an ass you should help me!" He said and gasped, "Hihhh....mmphtt....nnnng..." He pinched his quivering, flaring nostrils in hope to stop the tickle but at the touch it only intensified it. "HEH!" His eyes fluttered helplessly. "Okay, I'll help." Will agreed and joined Nico on the floor next to the fire and wiped up some dust on his finger. Nico released his twitching nose and inhaled. He immediately felt the tickle increase but it didn't help him sneeze. His breath only hitched faster. "Hehhh...Heh-ah-hih-ehh...hihh...HhehhHhh" he rubbed his nose but nothing. Will became fixated on making his boyfriend sneeze and he opened the zipper on the pillow, sliding out a feather. He slid it into his nose. Nico scrunched up his nose and his eyes fluttered closed. "HhhhHHehhh..." Nico's flaring nostrils quivered and finally the sneezes came. Jerking away, he pressed his nose to his wrist. "Hh...Tch-tch-tch-tch-tch-tch-tch!" It seemed the more he stifled the worse the fit got. "Hehh...H'ktshh! Tshh...ktshh! It'shh...tch-tch-tch-tch-tch-tch-t'CHiew...it'SHHh! HetshhIEE! HetshhIEE! HATshhhhOOO!" He cupped his hands over his nose.

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"Will ple-" "Nico, not right now. We've got too many campers down and out with the flu." Will said, stacking Nyquill, Dayquill, Tylenol, Ibprofeun, and a few other medicines on his tray, with a few bottles of water, wet towels, and tossed a blanket over his shoulder. "William, it is one thirty A.M! You can't be taking care of people!" Nico said, right on Will's heels as he hurried back toward the infirmary. "Yeah, well this is me working. Good bye." Will said. Nico groaned. "Wi-" "Nico get your ass to bed!" Will snapped. Nico was a bit taken aback but obediently retreated to the Hades cabin. That next morning, Nico didn't see Will at all until lunch and even then it was,"Nico go eat. I'm fine." And then he ran off and Nico didn't see him until that evening. Nico walked into the infirmary and saw Will tending to three campers at once. The dude was impressive. Will hurried him out in fear of him getting sick. The next time Nico saw Will, was at two fifteen AM and he was crawling into bed. "You haven't slept in three days." Nico croaked with a yawn. "Yeah, well we got four kids out of the infirmary so I could catch a break. Hehhh...Hih'kscht!" More like catch the flu. When Nico woke, he was greeted by Will's congested snore, but he knew Will wouldn't admit him being sick. Crawling out of bed, Nico got prepared to go to breakfast. By the time he was showered and fully dressed, Will was just waking up. "Oh by gods! Dico, why didn't you wagke be up! I have to ged to the infirmary!" Will said, sliding on his shirt backwards. He threw on his shorts and was out the door, without shoes. Nico followed quickly. "Will no you're-" "Do. Dnot. Start." Will warned, wagging his finger in Nico's face. Nico felt his heart shatter as he made his way toward the pavilion, alone, his worry for Will increasing. Nico's day went by in a blur and not until nine P.M. did he go check on Will. Hopefully, he had cooled off. When Nico entered the infirmary, one young Hermes child remained and he was asleep. Nico scanned the room but it was empty. Or at least he thought it was until he heard,"HUH’EHTSHhuh! HtESSHCH’yew! Hih’itsch!" Nico ran toward the farthest side of the room to find Will curled up on the floor, in a shivering ball of pale, sickly, blond haired mess. "Get your ass in bed," Nico smirked, putting his hands on his hips. "Doctors orders." "Bud I'b the dogctor." Will whined as he stumbled to his feet. "Shut up, Sunshine." Nico said and they walked to his cabin. "Ktsch. Huh… K’euSHHH! Ek’SHHH! Snf…" Will rubbed his nose and crawled into Nico's bed. "You know, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself." He said. Nico rolled his eyes,"Just go to sleep." he said. "But-" Will sniffed. Nico shot him a warning look. "William Solace take your butt to bed!" Nico snapped and obediently, Will fell to sleep.

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I love how Nico asked Will for help and his sneezes are just so cute!!

And the Will being sick one is just awwwwwwwwwwwwww

"Doctors orders" <3 *swooooooooons*

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AHAHAHA YES thank you for using the "Doctor's Orders" line in this XD I was beginning to think that nobody was going to use that... Posted a prompt about on here, but I dunno how many people noticed XD

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That's what Nico woke up to. Immediately, the smirk appeared on his face. Oh, it was one of THOSE days.

"Hah'tcshh! HuhhhTSHCH'eh! Heh...heh....uhh....fugck." Yeah, fuck was right. Nico met Will's gaze and from that moment that he going to be walking hard all morning. "Oh Nico, did I wagke you? I'm sorry. Hih'TISHioo! He'Eshoww!" Nico took into account the allergic tears streaming down the face, his extremely red nose, and his puffy red eyes. He'd never be able to forget how miserable and helpless Will looked at the moment. "Why are you so sneezy?" Nico asked, ignoring whatever else he had said. "C-Connor-- Heh'Hknsst! H'ktssh! Connor and Travis thought it would be fuddy to plant flowers out...out...out...hehhh...Ha'aktshuu! Uh, outside the window and then last night Percy snuck in and opened the window and then this-- Heh'EtSCh'eh happened." Nico would thank them later. "And why haven't you taken any medicine?" Nico asked even though he was glad he didn't. "I dod't have ady, you ran out of yours, Percy used all of his and Leo accidentally set his od fire. So, I'b screwed." Will responded, falling into another fit of sneezes. Nico shivered. The gods had blessed him. Will arched a brow,"You like this don't you?" Nico blushed and tried to calm himself down. "Is that bad?" Will simply chuckled.

"Take off your clothes. Het'chiEE! Dogctor's orders." And Nico obeyed.

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Title: Buck Up Buttercup (A/N: don't question it, idek rolleyessmileyanim.gif)

Character: Will Solace

The cold winter air seemed to suck the life right out of the blonde boy that was sitting among his few siblings that had decided to visit the camp or had stayed through the school year. He was slumped in his seat, head hanging low, curls flopping limply against his forehead.

“Holy Hades, you look awful,” Nico muttered, taking the empty seat beside Will.

Will merely groaned in response, dropping his head onto the table and closing his unusually glassy blue eyes. A few seconds passed, and Will scrunched up his (adorably) freckled nose, and raised his head enough to duck into the collar of his shirt.

Hehh… Hit’ISHieew!” The sneeze was wet and maybe a little desperate (and gods, Nico thought, swallowing, get ahold of yourself). Will let out another groan, dropping his head back onto the table. “Ugh. Just leave me here to die, Nico.”

“Aren't you supposed to be a doctor?” Nico asked skeptically with a raise of an eyebrow.

Will lifted tired blue eyes up to Nico, glaring half-heartedly. “Just because I’m a doctor doesn’t mean I’m impervious to illnesses.”

“I've never seen you sick before,” Nico pointed out.

“You’ve never seen me in winter,” Will’s voice took on an edge of distaste and Nico could tell Will held a deep hatred for the cold months winter entailed. Makes sense for a sun-loving kid of Apollo.

“Do you…uhm… do you always get si-sick in winter?” Nico stuttered nervously, and averted his eyes away from Will’s distractingly appealing appearance.

“Pretty much,” Will sniffled, and Nico couldn’t help but notice him rubbing his pink nose out of the corner of his eye. “..you don’t have to sit with me, I know I’m all gross and snotty righh…hh.. Hi’kishhieww! Ridgt dow. Snnf.”

“N-nah, it’s okay,” Nico’s mouth twitched slightly.

Was that how Nico was supposed to act? Repulsed by Will being sick? He wasn’t, gods no (…quite the opposite, but the son of Apollo didn’t know that…). But people did take care of other people who were sick, right? That wouldn’t be weird… Would it? Thinking about taking care of a sniffly, sneezy Will Solace made Nico’s stomach feel warm and fuzzy.

“W-Will?” Nico turned to find the blonde boy already preoccupied.

“...heh…he-hh… hit’SHYIEWW! Itscheww! Tsheww!” Will dissolved into a series of wet sniffles, pulled out a tissue packet, and blew his nose quietly looking extremely miserable. “Gods damb idt. Sndf.

“Bless,” Nico silently thanked the gods he didn’t stutter this time. “You should get to bed, ya know? Being out here in the cold isn’t gonna help you recover.”

“Sidce whed did you becobe ad experd od sickdess?” Will asked, looking a little pouty, his voice barely intelligible at this point.

“I learn from the best…don’t I?” Nico gave him a weak smile, paranoid he’d done something to give himself away.

Will let out a hoarse laugh, before doubling over in a throat scraping coughing fit. Almost a minute passed before, the coughing died down, and the blonde was left wheezing and blinking back tears.

“If you bake be laugh agaid I’b gonda die,” Will croaked out with a tired smile.

“C’mon, let’s get you to bed,” Nico said, putting his arm around Will’s waist and hauling him to his feet.

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Pfft xD I totally lost it reading your comment @Sneezy123

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Eaaaaaaaaaaaghchjjxbkjshj Carebear, you're going to kill me with fetishist!Nico and this adorableness D: How dare. (jk, jk, you can bring as much adorable as you want. please.)

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Okay I'm gonna try my hand at one cause I ship them harder then the titanic

" xxt txx ttxx txx txx txx txx txx txx txx txx txx txx txx txx." Will picked up the sound of an almost silent sneezing fit from his boyfriend Nico. He looks at him worridly but the son off Hades doesn't notice.

"Bless you," Will says quietly. Nico looks up with the face of a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

"Oh uh thanks." THat was all the excitement for that day.

THe next day Will sits in the dineing room with one ear on the caamper complainig about a sore throat and the other on his boyfriend sitting across the pavilion. THe son of Aphrodite tense for a second.

"Hepchoo HEPchoo Hepchii HeptoOo HePtoch." Sevaral of his cabin mates say a bless you. THen almost unheard from the other side of the room comes a silent sneezing fit Will only catches because his eyes were in that direction.

"xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx." The more Nico stifled the worse his fit seemed to get."xx xx xx xx xx x xx xx xx xxx x xx xx xx xx xxc xxcxcx xcxc xcxc xcx." Not long after a Hunter of Artemis walks over and leads him out. Despite the fact Nico was ga and the hunters did not date, Will felt jealousy creep up his throat. HE gets up to walk out and gets to the door before the son of Aphrodite from before starts talking to him.

" Hey Will, I don't feel too well. I think I may have the flu." Then as if to prove his point, he lets out a large, harse,wet sneeze right on Will. The other boy thought nothing of it since Will is a doctor. WIll, keeping his eyes on Nico, calls for his brother to come help the son of Aphrodite. Will then starts running to get to the Hades cabin. He gets there a bit worse for wear. Nico sitting on the bed sees Wills trouble and helps him sit down.

" Hey, what happened to you?" HE asks seeing the unhealthy sheen on Wills forehead and his red cheeks.

" Nothing. Just an Aphrodite kid who forgot to cover his mouth." then Will felt a tickle deep in his nose.

""hhhh..hmmm...hmmm.hxxc hcc hcc hxxc hech chec hcdde hccxd hecho hooch hcecch cehhhce. Sorry," he says stifling into the cloth of his jacket.

" Aww looks like the doctor needs a doctor, xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx. Sorry."

"Looks like you might too," will says. Nico frowns then smiles.

"No, just allergies for me. Why don't you lay down." Will pinces his nose causing a painfully stifled sneeze fit.

"hechoo hcepp heccop hpppoc heccop."

"Bless you."

"THaks nxxc nxxc nxxc." Will lays down and is out before he feels Nico kiss his forehead

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