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Today I was sitting in assembly with my friend D next to me. We had a guest speaker who was giving a rather boring lecture when I suddenly heard a gasp from D. For those of you who would like a description D is average height, on the thinner side of healthy weight, and he has soft dark brown curls and chocolate colored eyes. He also looks rather like a combination of Chris Pine and James Franco. Anyhow, I turned to him and he leaned forward (seeing as he was sandwiched between me and another friend) put his face in his elbow and "huht-choo" he kept his face buried in the crook of his arm and gave a repeat "hat-choo." It occurred to me then that I he always seems to sneeze twice which I thought was interesting. People around us murmured "bless you" and the like and he blushed as he turned to me and softly said "sorry." I thought it was pretty cute and it certainly improved the assembly for me.

I hope you enjoy!

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