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The Dead One

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I've started doing videos about what it's like to live with autism, and how it can affect us in our day to day lives. There are two so far, and I'd really appreciate it if people could watch them.

Autism And The Bus

Autism And Loneliness

If you like them, could you also please show other people these videos, as I'd like to reach as many people as possible because they might help people learn something about autism.

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I've watched both of the videos and I'm glad I did since now I understand it a lot better, autism was never a topic I payed a lot of attention to honestly.

You got me a bit interested in it honestly, which was probably your intention.

Keep up the good job! :)

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I have a few friends with autism so watching these videos is very inspiring! I liked both of them and will be sharing them via facebook. I love that your raising awareness to this disease,most people are so poorly uneducated about it and this is a very good initiative. :)

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Wow, quite interesting! I have to say you are very well-spoken, and you're tackling some super important issues. I don't have a lot of experience with autism, so I really appreciate opportunities to learn more about it. I only just recently heard the word "neuro-typical", and I want to continue getting more and more familiar with subjects like this so I can always speak intelligently and respectfully about these topics. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos :)

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