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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year....(f,cold)

Jamison Leigh

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It's been a while, guys. Lemme catch y'all up to speed. I have a girlfriend named R. She's about 5'3", pretty skinny, killer sky blue eyes, and thick glasses. And she's sick as fuck. It is currently Thursday here and it all started on Tuesday night.

I left her house and went home only to get a text from her that she was sick. I called her when I was available and she sounded okay-ish. She knows about the fetish and sneezed on the phone a few times. And then asked if I was okay. :drool: We hung up because her throat was really sore.

The next day, I went to work super early and waited for her to text me. She texted me telling me that she woke up delirious during the night and puked her guts up. :/ and that she had started running a fever during the night. I was worried so I came over last night after she went to see the doctor. Severe cold. Which means I can still enjoy the cold before it comes after me. Because we still totally made out yesterday. <3

Now I have this sweet girl snuggled into me while I type this. :) I'll update y'all if anything happens.

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I do hope she feels better, lucky you having that relationship does she have allergies or only gets sick? Hope to hear more observations of her

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Too cute! My boyfriend had a really minor headcold recently and we totally did tons of naughty things and I even stole some of his tissues but ... nothing. I think I get too much sleep.

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She does have allergies! I'm counting down the days until March, lol. There will be many more observations in the future.

She induced last night and sneezed SEVENTEEN times. I melted into a little puddle. And had to kiss her all over again. :drool:

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