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Gentleman Gangster (M, Peaky Blinders fanart)


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Thomas Shelby picture sequence, because Cillian Murphy in 1910's suits, that's why. *aggressively plays Nick Cave's

on repeat*


(this one's for pig, my sister in crime drooling, because I can't draw Cillian without having her in mind one way or another)

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Welp, I love Red Right Hand and I love your art and I... at least know who Cillian Murphy is. I've determined that's all the context I need for this picture.

Girl. Dem lines. As always, the eye and nose wrinkles always look great, and you've become particularly good at doing elegant, natural hands. Omnomnom.

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Mmmph. This is gorgeous (as ever).

I confess myself to be specially fond of the transition between panels 2 and 3. You can really see the shift in relative levels of control/desperation, and like Garnet said, your lines are wonderful. Excellent brow work in panel 3. 10/10 would take home and place in locket. (Too creepy? Maybe a little. Sorry)

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No idea what I'm looking at other than sexy, sexy VoOs art~ I kind of have a thing for gangsters, so I am most definitely a fan of that suit~ And his expression! Oh my gosh, don't get me started~ He's so adorable and vulnerable, and I bet he's so tough when he needs to be, but now he's got to sneeze and he can't help it >w<~ Perfect, perfect, perfect~! (Also, I really love how you did the borders, with him kind of on the outside. Really neat touch~). I'm grooving to this song too~ I love everything about this post <3

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Well you know why that is and how you rendered me into a pile of hysterically giggling, idiotic, and jesuschrist just so aroused goo with this. :dribble: It's so good. He's so handsome. And look at that _tear_... just..... UNF. UNFUS MAXIMUS.

I'm so glad we have some things in common to drool at! :D I'm sooo lucky. :wub:

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