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I think this is the right place to post this. If not, I apologize.

I started reading a fan fic, 365 Days of Mystrade by Karen Rhine, earlier this year. The author is posting a drabble a day for 2014. A few of the drabbles focus on illness or allergies. There isn't much sneezing, but there is some congested talking, "nose porn", coughing and, of course, lots of care taking. The thing I found most interesting is the similarities in "head cannon" regarding illness and allergies between her and other forum writers. Some examples: Gregory develops allergies late in life. Mycroft has always had allergies, especially to flowers. Mycroft gets sick after traveling. Mycroft sneezes in fits. He tries to power through illness, much to Greg's annoyance. They both prefer handkerchiefs. James Bond is mandatory viewing while ill. There may be others I didn't notice or forgot to mention.

This is a list of the specific drabbles. If you search for the title of the fic you should be able to find it easily. I'm not savvy enough to add a link. None of them are inappropriate for younger readers, but some of the other drabbles in the fic are for mature readers.

Chapter 59 Hayfever

Chapter 112 Mutual Illness

Chapter 146 Keep Him Away, Gregory (My favorite. It is too cute.)

Chapter 240 Sick and Stubborn

Chapter 306 Snoring

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Eh, I feel a little weird about this because if the author is a fetishist, they're obviously using a different name and haven't posted the same stuff here, so they might not want their fanfiction persona to intersect with their fetish persona? If that makes sense. I know that there's a thread in General Discussion at the moment by an author who doesn't want people reading her other fic to connect her with her profile here, which may be the same thing for this person. (Especially because the name attached to the fanfic account sounds like an actual real name.)

On the other hand they might pop up here any second and be all TIS ME BOW DOWN HOMIES. But yeah - I would assume that if they haven't posted it here, they're probably trying to stay under the radar and I personally feel a little off with connecting it. That might just be me, though, and it's definitely not meant as an insult to you!

That, or they're not a fetishist at all and our headcanons have just infiltrated the entire internet, in which case, go us!

EDIT - I realise this makes it sound like it's me; it is totally not, mainly because I don't have the motivational or organisational skills to write a drabble every day. I barely get dressed every day.

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Oh my God. :laugh: This...this is SO funny, and I'll explain why:

I personally know "Karen Rhine" outside of the internet (which isn't her real name, by the way, so it's fine to call her by that!). Her and I have been friends for almost two years. She is the ONLY friend that I've been comfortable enough to tell about the fetish. She knows about it and has read my Mystrade fetish fanfiction (even though she doesn't have the fetish herself). This is why she shares a lot of the same headcanons as most Mystraders on the forum - because I was the one to tell her about them. :lol:

Again, she does NOT have the fetish; she just thinks it's really cool and doesn't mind delving into it (though not in the detail that's shown on here, obviously).

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That is hilarious and so, so bizarre. For something so huge, the internet is freaking small.

Ignore all my hand-wringing above about doxxing poor Karen Rhine, then! heh.gif

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It would never be my intention to out someone and I'm glad I didn't. I didn't think any of the drabbles were particularly fetishy. I was merely struck by the similarities in head cannon. Thanks to Spoo we know why. It is indeed a small, small, small world.

I do want to point out that if a writer is writing general fanfics and fetish fanfics it is only reasonable to expect someone will connect the two eventually. After all you can't expect readers to stick to one type fanfic anymore than writers. A good story is a good story. I'll take them where I can find them.

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I've found another Mystrade fanfic with Mycroft suffering from allergies. Hay Fever, Nay Fever by ivefoundmygoldfish on AO3, just posted this month. I think, Cally, that someone else was inspired by the floating pollen in London this May. :) Now I'm going to sit back and see if Spoo, BangBang and Cally are going to tell me they know this person too. LOL

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