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I come bearing gifts: Random White Collar sickfic from the Internets


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Somebody please tell me if this gets annoying. I've been writing an original fiction piece (which is not intended to be fetishy as it's part of an existing project I'm working on) that involves illness, so I've been looking all over the Internet for sickfics as inspiration.

I may also be compensating for the fact that I really want to share my own writing over here but am too worried about being found out. In any case, I really enjoyed this White Collar fic where Neal is sick and Peter and Elizabeth take care of him, and I don't even watch the freaking show.


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Also one more (no idea what's gotten into me this morning - I don't even watch this show):


This one has a bit of ot3 (Neal/Peter/Elizabeth) but nothing too racy (kissing/cuddling is all). No sneezing, but lots of lovely fevered ramblings and caretaking, for those of you who go in for that sort of thing. Hopefully it's not just me. :)

(again, I didn't write this and cannot take credit for its wondrousness)

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White Collarrrrrrrrrrr thank you so much for finding these! tonguesmiley.gif You need to watch this show.

Heh, you're very welcome. I found more after this, too (and I'm debating whether I should post it to this thread as well or not).

There is apparently an abundance of sick!Neal fic out there. :)

I have a close friend who has a strong preference for men in suits, so I asked her yesterday why we had never watched this show together. So then we watched the pilot and ahhhhh, yes. I see why there are so many Neal/Peter/El ot3 fics and caretaking fics with sick!Neal and just... as my friend said yesterday, Neal and Peter (plus or minus El) are the ship that sails itself.

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