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I've caught that motherducker cold


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yeah I've been immune to this shit for two years that I've almost forgot how does that feeluhoh.gif but now I know: It's suuuuuuucksssssupset.gif

we went to bf's moms and his cousin was there with a nasty cold guess what : I caught it,among all the people who were sitting there,I caught itwallbash.gif

the worst part is the sneezing :my sneezes does not come out easily ,at least 20 sec of torturing build ups then only a tiny ...tchoo.... F THAT

and the best part is when A tries to soothe me he places kisses on my nose to help with the sneezing

awwwww he is the only thing that keeps me from going insane

last night when I was sleeping in his arms my breath started to hitch( ughhhhh that sucks) but the damn sneeze did not come out so he turned up the light and told me to stare at it I did so and to my surprise it was a triple ...tchoo tch..choo

A: wow baby it was very unlike you.... you ok?

I started laughing my a.s.s off don't know why I think fever is fucking with my headtwitchsmile.gif

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Your boyfriend sounds nice lucky you, and your boyfriend is lucky to have you sneezing, if he was into the fetish

aww you are so sweet yeah he is lucky to have a hot girl like me loooool
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Aww feel better.

thanks yeah I do fell better actually. but this one funny thing happened when I've had a high fever and having a restless sleep, I had a nightmare and he was trying to wake me up I didn't even open my eyes just slapped him in the face haaard (shit that was awfulll) but he did not say anything cause he knew I was not myself really...............meowwwwwblushsmiley.gif
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