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Grocery store sneezes (F)


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I see my fair amount of sneezing but this is the best display that I've seen in a while.

I was at the grocery store yesterday when I heard a powerful female sneeze that was coming from the other side of the store. It had two distinct parts. The first was a loud desperate "HAAAAPPP!!!!", followed by a brief pause, and then an equally loud, wet "PPPSSCHOOOOO!!!!" It sounded like she was attempting to make the sneeze a little smaller with very little success. Then, I suddenly remembered that I needed eggs so I quickly started pushing my cart toward the opposite end of the store. ;)

I got to the back aisle when I heard it again, "HAAAPPP--PPSSSCCHOOOOO!!!" The delay in the middle was wonderful with the choo part being deep and hoarse at the end. I was halfway across the store when the mystery shopper let loose again. This sneeze was different, a sudden, single syllable blast "RAAAAAAAAIISSSSSHHHH!!!!" It sounded like she had muffled it a little with tissue or a hanky but you could tell it was a monster sneeze.

I found who I was looking for on the pet food isle. She looked to be in her thirties, very small and petite, maybe 5'2" and 110 lbs at the most. She was pretty in an understated way, brownish hair in a ponytail. I couldn't see much of her nose because she had a wad of tissues pressed against it. She had turned her cart away from me and I starting browsing wet dog food, hoping that I'd get a visual. She started slowing down and her head tilted back a little so I knew it was coming. She was turned away from me but her face was still partially visible so I got a good look. Her mouth gaped open as she held the tissue with both hands, "HEEEAAAAASSSSSISSHHHHHHOOOO!!!!!" Her head snapped forward as she sneezed furiously and without restraint. She immediately started blowing her nose as I put some dog food in my cart and started walking the opposite direction, feeling the redness creeping up my neck and ears. I kept listening for more but I guess she had finally gotten the itch out.

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There are two girls I work with, one really tiny and the other really tall. The tiny girl has a LOUD sneeze and the tall girl this really squeaky stifled one, so whenever one sneezes unless people know them or saw it they always bless the other one.

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Really good casual obs, wow. With someone like that, if there's sneezing so much in a public place like that on a regular day, you have to wonder how sneezy they are in general. I guess for some this is a constant thing, at least when allergins are around.

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