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I tapped my pencil against my desk in annoyance. My teacher is taking forever to pick our groups. I sighed and played my head on the desk as the teacher hummed a slow song while trying to decide the groups. I'm Carly, a 16 year old student at Turner High School. Small school really. But a nice education system. I'm in science class right now. The teacher cleared his throat. He held the paper out in front of him.

"OK, I have decided good matched for your groups. Allen with Cara, Kenny with Grace, Ryan with Caleb, Courtney with Paris, and Storm with Carly." He said loudly, in his deep gravely voice.

I put my eyes on Storm. I'm not completely disappointed. He is a quiet kid. Pretty attractive. I have never heard his voice though. He has floppy black hair in a scene cut. He has bluish brown eyes and pretty pale skin. Also really skinny and a little tall. Everybody got with their groups. Storm didn't look like he was gonna move towards me. He was looking down, chewing on his eraser of his pencil. I got up and made my way to his desk.

"Hey. So to work on this project, can you come over to my house to work on it? Like my parents won't care. Unless we should go to your place." I said nicely, I didn't want to startle him.

"No, no. Your place is fine. Uh. What time?" He asked quietly.

He never made eye contact.

"How about 6?" I said.

"Sounds good. I will be over at 6. Where do you live?" He said, actually looking at me.

"(Insert address here because idk)" I said as the bell rang.

He nodded. I grabbed my books and walked out.

**Time skip to like 6**

I heard my door bell ring. I hopped off my couch. Stom must be here. I opened the door. Storm was standing there with his science book, in a hoodie, with snow flakes sprinkled on his bangs.

"Storm, like its winter. Dont you have a coat or something?" I giggled as I let him in.

"Um. No I actually dont." He mumbled.

"Oh uh I'm sorry. Let's go up to my room." I said awkwardly.

Why doesn't he have a coat? I walked up to my room and he slowly followed. I shut the door after we got in. I pulled a couple chairs up to my desk. I gestured for him to sit. He say hesitantly.

"Uh do you need anything?" I asked nervously.

I really don't in what to do with him.

"No I'm fine." He said softly.

I just noticed that he was a nice voice. Its like melodic and gravelly and not too deep at the same time. I liked it.

"Ok well let's get started ." I said opening my book on the desk.

We worked for a while. But then I noticed his head bob a little.

"Tck. Tkk! Kck!" I heard repededly.

I looked up. He was trying his best to stifle a sneeze attack from what it looked like.

"Dude, your gonna blow your brains out. If ya gotta sneeze, sneeze." I mumbled giggling a little.

"Sorry I think I'b gettig a colb. I shoub just go." He said stuffily, standing up.

"No no. And if you want to go I should drive you home. If your getting sick you shouldn't walk home in this weather.

"You cannot drive me home." He mumbled and sniffled.

"Why?" I questioned.

He sighed and said "I don't have a home Carly. I live in the streets. My parents kicked me out a couple months ago." He mumbled sadly.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. Stay at my place. My mom won't mind. She's down stairs. I can't let you live out there. I font care if I just met you." I said squeezed his arm comfortingly.

"You really don't have to." He said slowly.

"I know. But I want to." I said. I grabbed his arm and pulled him downstairs to my mom who was baking.

"Hey mom. This is Storm, my partner." I exclaimed.

He waved shyly and hid his face a little with his bangs.

"Oh hey Storm. Nice to meet you." She said and gave a cheesey smile.

"So like. Storm doesn't have a home. His parents kicked him out a couple months ago. And I was wondering if he could stay with us. At least til the winter is over. He is getting a little sick and I wouldnt want him living on the streets." I exclaimed.

"Oh honey of course. He can stay as long as he needs. And if he is getting sick he should be resting." My mom fussed.

"I'b fibe. Dont worry. Its just a colb." He muttered quietly.

"Ok honey. But if it gets any worse tell us." My mom said worriedly

Storm nodded. I led him back up to my room. We sat back in the chairs.

"Thank you, Carly. I really appreciate you for doing that. Nobody reallyvlikes me. I have no friends." Me muttered, giving me a crooked smile.

"I will be your friend." I said, smiling back.

His eyes lit up a little.

"Thank you." He whispered.

I'm glad that I can help him.

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Brillant i tell you!! BRILLANT!!!!

Poor storm tho....who kicks their own child out!? *Enraged by the thought* i wonder what for tho there's no damn excuse.

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Cute! And ugh..getting kicked out sucks. I've managed to dodge that bullet multiple times.

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It was getting alter into the night now. About 10pm. At least its Friday so we don't have school tomorrow. Storm was sitting in the chair. I let him have one of my notebooks. He likes to draw he says.

"Do you wanna do something?" I said awkwardly, throwing a bouncy ball at the wall.

"Like what?" He said, looking up and stuffing the notebook into his bag.

He sat down on the floor with me, cross legged.

"I don't know. Like talk. I know like nothing about you." I exclaimed.

"Ok. There isn't much to me. I like drawing, I like music, and I'm stupid. There. That's me." He smiled and looked down.

"You aren't stupid Storm!" I scolded.

He chuckled, but then his face twitched up into a presneeze face. He brought his elbow up to him face. His nostrils flared as he ducked his head into his elbow.

"Huh-hehISHHiew!" He sneezed powerfully into his elbow.

"Bless you." I giggled at his cute sneeze.

"I'b sorry." He looked down, embarrassed.

He sounded stuffy so I grabbed a box of tissues. I handed him a tissue.

"Thabnk you." He said taking the tissue.

He blew his nose quietly and politely. Then he tossed it to the garbage.

"I feel bad about you having yo take care of me and all. Like, why a re you so nice? You literally just met me." He sighed, confused.

"Because I dont want anybody living like you. Or going through that kind of shi . I really dont." I said softly.

"Just, thank you." He said.

I smiled. He took off his sweatshirt.

"Sorry, I'm getting hot." He mumbled.

His face looked flushed, his nostrils were tinted pink.

"Storm you don't look very good." I said sweetly.

"I'm fine." He said and smiled.

I put my hand to his forehead. It was burning.

"Well Storm. Your forehead, its like burning." I laughed lightly.

"Well I'm ju-hih-HA-ESH!" He sneezed vioently into his wrist.

He sniffles loudly and grabbed another tissue, blowing his nose.

"Well your sick Storm. No denying it." I gave him q small smile.

"Fine. Okay. But dont go through any trouble for me." He said and rubbed his nose.

"My mom could help you, I mean, she's a nurse." I said getting up.

I'm going to get her. I called my mom up to my room.

"What Carly?" She said, a little annoyed.

"Well Storm has a fever I think." I smirked at him.

He rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Oh dear we need to rest him. I can get him a sleeping bag so he can just sleep on your floor." She said already going out of the room to get the sleeping bag.

Wow. I think my mom likes him.

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Brillant i tell you!! BRILLANT!!!!

Poor storm tho....who kicks their own child out!? *Enraged by the thought* i wonder what for tho there's no damn excuse.


Brillant i tell you!! BRILLANT!!!!

Poor storm tho....who kicks their own child out!? *Enraged by the thought* i wonder what for tho there's no damn excuse.

Well my parents are gonna kick me out if I DONT go to college so that's an example. Well anyways I'm glad you like it <3

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Well my parents are gonna kick me out if I DONT go to college so that's an example. Well anyways I'm glad you like it <3

WHAT!?!?!?! :consoling:

Great chapter!!!!

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It was about 12 am now. Storm was not sleeping. But we didn't talk. We were too tired. I lie in my bed. As I listened to Storm sniffle away.

"Do you need a new box of tissues?" I mumbled, sleepily.

"No. I'b fibe. There are still sobe in the box." He said and gave a crackly cough from congestion.

"Ok. Do you feel okay?" I mumbled again.

"For fucks sake, its just a small fever. Yeah I feel okay though." I could hear him chuckle.

I turned over to look at him. He had the garbage can filled with tissues. He was sitting up. He sniffles and brought a tissue up to his nose. His breathe hitched wildly.

"Hih-uh-hihihh-huh-eh-ESSHHHIEWWW!" He sneezed loudly into the tissue.

"Ok Mr. Sneezy. Well going to bed." I giggled.

His sneezes are so cute.

"Goodnight Carly. Thabnk you. For eberytig." He said sweetly.

"Your welcome Storm." I giggled again.

I saw him smile, then lay down and close his eyes. I closed my eyes too, then drifted off to sleep.

(Sorry such a short chapter)


I like visuals, here is how storm looks^

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I woke up. It was still dark. But Storm was sneezing his ass off. I turned over to look at him. His breathe was hitching wildly. He had his hands up to his face.

"Huh-uh-hihihihh-huuh-HA-ESHHIeW! ESHHH! HUSHEWW! hih-uh-hiASHHIEww!" He sneezed violently into cupped hands. It looked as if he was out of tissues. He mumbled something that I couldn't understand and sat up.

"Bless you. I will get you more tissues." I mumbled, getting up slowly.

"Oh god. I'b sorby I woke you ubp!" He whispered.

"Its fine." I said, grabbing 3 tissue boxes from my closet.

I tossed them to his sleeping bag. He opened one hastily and grabbed a tissue. He blew his nose wetly and tossed the tissue to the trash can.

"Storm do you feel any worse?" I said, more awake now, sitting on the floor with him.

"No I'm fine. I really don't want to get you sick. So like you shouldn't be right there." He gave me a stupid but serious smile.

"Fine." I said and rolled my eyes, climbing back into my bed.

I checked my phone. 3am. I heard wet, congested coughs from the floor.

"Do you need some water?" I asked, concerned.

"No. I'm fine." He said raspily and then coughed loudly.

I got up and walked quietly to the kitchen, getting him a bottle of water. I walked back to the room and shut the door. I handed him the water.

"You are too nice Carly." He mumbled, opening the water bottle and taking a sip.

"You welcome. Now sleep. You are sick, remember? " I said warmly.

"Yeah, yeah, fine." He rasped and layed down and shut his eyes.

I crawled into my bed and also shut my eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

(Okay I want you guys to help develop this story a little. Would you like me to get Carly sick or just have Storm sick? I honestly think it would be adorable to have them both sick at the same time but I want your guys' opinion)

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I woke up to the sun shining bright in my face through the window. I turned over and looked at Storm. He had the trash can over flowing with tissues. He was snoring lightly, and his lips were parted adorably. I smiled at it. I will let him sleep. I checked my phone. It was 9:30am. I got up quietly and brushed my hair. I heard Storm mumble something. I looked over at him but his eyes were closed.

"You awake?" I asked.

I saw him nod his head slowly.

"Well uh good morning then." I said cheerfully.

"Gub bornig." He mumbled stuffily.

He blinked his eyes open and sat up. I grabbed the garbage can. I walked down stairs and emptied it then walked back up. Storm was trying to pat down his ruffled hair.

"You need a brush?" I asked, giggling a bit.

I held my brush out of him. His face turned red with embarrassment and he took the brush.

"You hungry?" I asked.

"A little." He said raspily.

"Wanna go downstairs? My mom is at work. She works everyday til about 5pm. She's going on a business trip tomorrow. She's going to Colorado for some meetings for about a week. So fortunately we will have the whole house to ourselves for a week. And my brother will be home later today. He was at a friends house. He is 17." I rambled.

"Ok. You talk a lot." He smiled.

"Let's just go downstairs." I rolled my eyes and pulled him through the door. We walked downstairs and I made him toast. I just ate some bacon. We ate our food quietly. After we were done I turned on the TV and we sat on the couch. We watched some movies. In the middle of one of the movies I heard his breath start to hitch quietly.

"Huh-ih-HUHISHEWW!" He sneezed wetly into his elbow.

"Bless you." I mumbled, eyes still on the TV and grabbed him a tissue.

"Thank you." He said and blew his nose.

I then heard the door open. I looked at the door. Adam(my brother) was home.

"Hey Adam. This is Storm. He is gonna be living with us for a while. His parents kicked him out and he is sick so he is staying with us." I explained.

"Hey Storm. Nice to meet you." He said quickly and went up to his room.

"You won't see him much. He just stays in his room." I laughed.

He smiled and we watched the rest of the movie.

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"I'm so sorry I have to leave tomorrow. I trust Carly and Adam to take care of you though." My mom explained to Storm.

It was about 6 now. I sipped my water as Storm nodded to my mom. He was still shy. But I think its adorable. Storm sniffled.

"huuhESHeww!" He ducked into his elbow, turning away a little so he wouldn't sneeze towards anybody.

"Oh bless you dear!" My mom exclaimed.

"Thank you." Storm said quietly and sniffled.

"I need to go pay bills so I will come check on you kids later." My mom said hurriedly and went upstairs.

"Are you still uncomfortable? This is pretty much your house now. Its okay." I reassured him.

"Yeah. I guess. Just some anxiety shit. I will adapt." He said rubbing his nose.

"Do you feel any better?" I asked.

"Nah, I feel worse actually. I have never had a great immune system. I get sick a lot and its usually for weeks and weeks. Sorry that I have to put you guys through the trouble of taking care of me." He said and looked down in embarrassment.

"No, no. Its fine, really." I said and smiled warmly.

"Mkay." He snuffled.

Then Adam came down.

"Oh hey guys." Adam said and plopped onto the couch.

"Hey Adam." I said.

Storm waved shyly and hid behind me. Adam gave me a confused look.

"Sorry, Storm is a bit shy. Storm say hhey." I said, pulling Storm away from me.

"Hey." He said raspily.

"Hey dude. Why so scared? I dont bite." Adam grinned.

Storms face turned into an adorable smile.

"So Storm, tell me 'bout yourself." Afma said and crossed his legs.

Storm gave me a pannicked look. I gestured to Adam. Storm cleared his throat.

"Uh, I like drawing and uh uh music and uh Carly help!" He said nervously then his behind me.

Adam made a face.

"Ok, well nice to meet ya I guess." Adam shrugged.

Storm and I sat down on the couch together with Adam. I sat in the middle, the others on each side. We were watching football. Im not interested in football but Storm seemed to be enjoying it. I heard Storms breath hitch. I turned my head to him. He had his hands up to his face.

"hushhIEW!" He sneezed breathily into his cupped hands.

"Bless you." Adam mumbled, fumbling with the remote.

"Thangk you." He said stuffily.

(Sorry didn't know a good place to end this chapter so I will end it now)

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It was night time now. Storm was drawing and I was reading. My mom had went to bed already. Adam is probably in his room. Its about 11pm now. I heard Storm sniffle thickly then his breath hitch.

"Huh-ihuh-hahuhh-ih-it stuh-uck." He said as his breathe hitched.

I giggled at his sneezy face and his wild breath. I got up and walked over to him. My chance. I kissed the tip of his red nose.

"HE-ASHEEIW! ESHH! HIH-EHSH!" he snapped forward into my chest with 3 powerful sneezes.

"Um sorry, 'scuse me." His face turned red in embarrassment.

I giggled. He didn't seem to notice that I just kissed his nose. I sat back on my bed and watched Storm rub his nose irritably.

"Something bothering your nose?" I asked, skeptically.

"I am allergic to dust. But I dont know if that matters. Your house is so clean. Could just be this gross sickness." He said and sniffles and twitched his nose.

"Just so ya know. My room ain't that clean. Maybe its the ceiling fan." I said, looking at the ceiling fan that hasn't been used for years.

"I can't clean it though. Too high up." I said, looking at my high ceiling.

"You could turn it on. I could just leave the room while you do." He suggested.

"Sounds fair enough." I said as he went into the hallway.

I turned the ceiling fan on and I could see dust particles fly everywhere. I kept it on for about 2 minutes then shut it off.

"You can come in now." I said to Storm out in the hallway.

He came in. But his nostrils flared right as he stepped inside.


I saw allergy tears dripping down his face.

"Okay maybe I should vacuum first." I insisted, hurrying him out of the room.

I got the vacuum. I pulled up to my room and vacuumed the floor.

"OK, Storm you can come in now. For sure." I said putting the vacuum away.

"Umb okay. I will be id. I'b judt goig to da badthwoom to bwow my dnose." He said, stuffily.

Poor kid. I feel bad that I let him into my room when there was still dust all over. My door clicked open.

"Okay. Its good in here now." He chuckled.

His eyes were red and puffy and his nose was red.

"Sorry about that." I mumbled, sheepishly.

"Not your fault. Just my damn allergies and my horrible immune system." He grinned stupidly.

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Pleeeease continue and have Carly getting sick too!! Have her getting even sicker than Storm maybe - even though he 's not fully recovered! Just suggestions though! Continue whatever way you want to! Really enjoying it! XXX

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Pleeeease continue and have Carly getting sick too!! Have her getting even sicker than Storm maybe - even though he 's not fully recovered! Just suggestions though! Continue whatever way you want to! Really enjoying it! XXX

I will make Carly sick. Probably in one of the next couple posts. As soon as I can really <3

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"Stop! Ugh!" I laughed.

Storm and I were throwing pillows and stuffed animals at each other.

"Your going down asshole!" He yelled out and smiled.

We are stupid.

"I'm getting bored. But you are pretty good at this game for a sick kid." I said, remembering that he is still sick as I saw him sniffle.

"I feel fide. So uh whad should we do ndow?" He said stuffily.

"We should get you to rest. Its 2am." I said.

"Fide." Storm said, reaching for a tissue and blew his nose.

"You seem to not be nervous here anymore." I said, realizing that he is speaking openly and walking around the house more.

"Yeah. I'm getting used to it." Storm shrugged and yawned. I turned the lights off and got into my bed. Storm got into the sleeping bag.

"Goodnight." I said sleepily.

"Goo-hih-d ni-hih-ight I go-hih-tta sn-ih -eeze." He said, his breath hitching wildly.

"Then sneeze, silly." I laughed.

"HASHIIEWW!" his head snapped forward and he sneezed onto my shoulder.

I laughed and his face turned red in embarrassment.

"Bless you." I whispered and smiled.

He late down and closed his eyes. So did the same. And fell asleep.

(Sorry short chapter)

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I woke up. My nose felt a little stuffy. I felt sweaty. Oh god. I think Storm got me sick. My mom would refuse to go on the nurse training business trip thing if she knew I was sick too. And I wouldn't want Storm to feel bad about it. I must keep this to myself. I looked over the bed side. Storm was sprawled out on the floor, snoring. I sniffled quietly. Storm stirred. Wow. He ain't a heavy sleeper. He groaned. He went into a violent coughing fit. He didn't even bother to open his eyes.

"You awake?" I whispered.

"Yeah." He replied hoarsly.

"Shit, you sound awful." I said, cracking a smile.

"Shut up." He mumbled and opened his eyes.

He sat up and yawned.

"My mom will be leaving soon. Maybe we should go out and say goodbye and shit. What time is it? Because she is leaving at 11." I exclaimed and looked at my phone.

"Its 10:45. We shall go out." I said making a weird face at him.

He gave me a weird face back and got up. We walked downstairs where my mom was checking her bags.

"Oh kids you are up. I'm so sorry that this trip was this week. Carly. Make sure Adam and you take care of Storm and call me every night and let me know how everything is. I should probably go wake up Adam and talk to him. Then I will be off." My mom hurried and kissed Storm and I both on the forehead and rushed upstairs to Adam's room.

Storm and I sat on the couch.

"What shall we do?" I said.

"I dont know. Uh uhih-ISHHEW!" He said then sneezed out of nowhere into his wrist.

"Bless you." I muttered and tried thinking about what to do.

"Wanna just watch TV?" I asked and shrugged.

"Sure." He nodded.

I saw my mom come down the stairs.

"Bye kids!" He said and went out the doors with her bags.

Storm and I waved. I turned on the TV and we watched American Horror Story because for some reason it is on at 11am. But I felt a tickle in my nose. But I can sneeze right? I mean, normal people sneeze. Without being sick.

"Heshhieww!" I ducked into my elbow.

"Oh shit did I get you sick?" Storm panicked.

"No, it was just a sneeze. Can I not sneeze or something? Is it not allowed?" I smiled stupidly.

He relaxed. Well uh that was close.

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We spent the rest of the day watching TV and talking. Adam was with us now.

"So Storm, why did your parents kick you out?" Adam said, after a long pause.

"Well, my parents really care about garde's, and I wasn't doing so well in school. Its not my fault really though. I was trying. I wanted school. I wanted and education. But I had really bad ADHD and anxiety, so I could comprehend a lot of things and I couldn't ask questions about things. I realized I couldn't go to college because I wouldn't be able to take anymore years of school, so I told my parents and they just kicked me out." Storm sighed and looked down.

"That's horrible." I said and hugged him.

Adam patted him on the back as I stayed in a hug with him.

But I felt it again in my nose. If I sneezed again he would suspect something. But its too powerful.

"Heh-etchiew!" I sneezed into his back.

"Did you just fucking sneeze into my back?" Storm laughed.

"Ew dude." Adam laughed.

My face turned red and I sniffled.

"Carly did I get you sick? Please tell me the truth this time. I won't flip out." He said seriously now.

"Maybe." I muttered and looked down.

He pulled me away and took in my face and started feeling my forehead.

"God damn it Storm its just a cold. Its normal. You're more sick than I am." I said, pushing him away.

"Sorry." He mumbled and put his hands down.

"So uh. Football?" Adam cheered.

I rolled my eyes and pulled Storm up to my bedroom.

"Can you put on music?" He asked as I shut the door.

"Uh sure. What music?" I said, pulling out my phone.

"Do you have any My Chemical Romance?" He said, looking embarrassed.

"I can look some up on YouTube." I said.

We listened to music, which was actually quite good. After awhile we got bored and went to just cuddling. He didn't seem to mind. Mid-cuddle, his breath started to hitch wildly. He pulled away and sat away from me.


He kept sniffling and reached for a tissue.

"You okay bud?" I said and put an arm around his waist.

"Yep fide." He said and blew his nose and coughed violently.

"Too bad we dont have any medicine and I think you have to be an adult to get medicine." I muttered.

He seemed miserable. He turned back to me. His face was pale and there was beads of sweat on his forehead.

"I will be in the bathroom." He mumbled and walked to the bathroom.

I heard the bathroom door shut then I heard retching noises. Ugh. He probably had the stomach flu or something. I walked to the bathroom and opened the door slowly.

"Get out please." He said while coughing up whatever was in his stomach.

I sat over my his and rubbed his back as he retched everything else that was in his stomach up. When he was done he sat down on the floor next to me, breathing hard. I flushed the toilet for him.

"Wanna go rest?" I asked quietly.

He didn't reply. He was still breathless. His head was in between his knees. I attempted pucking up his skinny figure. Good thing my room is right by the bathroom. I carried his out. Somehow. It was hard but I did it. I dropped him down onto my bed.

"Does your head hurt?" I asked, his head was in his hands.

"Mhmm." He sighed.

At least we have aspirin. I walked out and got him a glass of water, a trashcan, and some aspirin. Ugh. I have never taken care of somebody before.

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I layed on the bed with Storm. He was sleeping. Has been sleeping for a while now. I feel bad that he is sick. I heard him mumble something. I looked over at him. He was rubbing his nose vigorously. Then his breath started to hitch wildly and he dropped his hand back to the bed.

"HUSHIEW! HEHSIEW!" He sneezed very wetly.

He had clear, liquidy snot dripping over onto his upper lip. His eyes were still closed. He was probably half asleep. He looked as if those were his only sneezes but then his breath hitched wildly again. I grabbed a couple tissues and cupped them over his poor nose.

"HISHIEW! HAHESH! HIHIHUHIH-UHISHH! KITHIEW! HAHUFFEW! ESHH! TSHIW! UHIH-TICHIEW!" he sneezed more vocally and still very wetly.

I wiped his nose with the tissue and tossed it to the trash. He started to snore loudly. His lips were parted, from being so stuffed up. I feel like I should wake him up so that he can blow his nose but I feel like I should let him sleep. Suddenly I felt a tickle in my nose too. I don't want to wake him up.

"Ha-chgk! CXGK! ESHHTCHIEW!" I let the last one com out harshly with a small squeak at the end.

"Bless you sweetie." I heard Storm mumble.

Wait. He just called me sweetie.

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This is soo amazing OMG please add more:):) maybe more sneezing fits:):)

Will do <3 later tonight probably :)

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I grabbed a tissue for myself, not him this time and blew my nose. Storm was in the shower. I insisted that a shower would make him feel better. Adam was in his room, which is right across the hall. I tossed the tissue to the trash and sniffled. I looked into my mirror. My nose was starting to turn a pink color. I twitched my nose, trying to rid the tickle that was forming inside of it.

"Hushiew! Hitshiew! HEHTSIEW! ISHIEW! TCHIEW!" I sneezed harshly towards the ground.

I heard my door open. I turned to the door to be pelted with tissue boxes by Adam.

"Go to hell!" I laughed and threw one back at him as he shut the door.

A few minutes later Storm came in. He was fully dressed (awwww) and his hair was wet and droopy.

"Feel better?" I asked and smiled warmly.

"A little I guess. I gotta snih-ih-eeze ageh-ehn." He mumbled and sat on the bed with me.

His breath started hitching and he couldn't seem to sneeze. His preseneeze face looked so desperate. I tapped the tip of his nose, which set it off.

"ETCHEW! ESHHHHH! HAHAH-ESHEWW! ATCHIEW! TCHIIEW! ESH! KA-USHTCHIEW! uhthieww!" He sneezed vocally and loudly and uncovered, the last one coming out weak.

"Bless you!" I said and kissed his cheek without thinking.

He looked me in the eyes for a split second. Then pressed his lips to mine. Our lips moved rhymically together.

"I love you." He whispered into my ear.

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I'm glad you added Adam into the story. The part with him throwing tissue boxes at Carly cracked me up.

Also, d'awwwwwww, Storm and Carly. <3

Glad you like it <3

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