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Rubbing Boyfriend's Nose Makes Him Sneeze...


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So to give you an idea of what my boyfriend looks like, he's about 5'11", skinny, with wavyish brown hair, and a really adorable skinnyish nose.

I am sooo happy (and guiltily so) that my boyfriend has semi-recently developed an allergy to something. uhhuh.gif He loves sneezing though so it doesn't bother him. He used to hardly ever sneeze but now I usually hear at least a couple sneezes per day, which is quite a bit considering I only see him for a short time every day. His sneezes are usually quite loud and uncovered when he's not around a lot of other people. For some reason his allergies sometimes make it hard for him to actually get the sneeze out. His nose just gets all tickley and he has to sneeze but its stuck. I recently discovered that if I sort of press my index finger and thumb on either side of his nose and rub in little circles it makes him sneeze when he's having trouble. I discovered this one day when we were outside and he kept saying that he had to sneeze so I just started messing with his nose, not really thinking it would do anything, when all of a sudden he jerked his head forward and sneezed on my shoulder. A loud sort of "HhuTCHew!" I stood there for a moment and asked him if that was a real sneeze. When he said that it was sooo excited and jumped around all happy biggrinsmiley.gif Since then I help him get his allergy sneezes out quite a bit by that method. My favorite one of these occurrences proceeded as so:

My boyfriend and I were just sitting outside by a tree on campus when he told me that his nose was all tickley. I rubbed it a bit and he sneeze an adorable uncovered "HeTChoo!". I melted internally and blessed him. blushsmiley.gif We got up and began to walk up some nearby stairs and he was all "Honey, my nose is tickling again" and started to make an adorable pre-sneeze face but just couldn't get the sneeze out. I replied that I'd help as soon as we got to the next landing on the stairs. We took a couple more steps before he stopped with his face all sneezy and his breath hitching. He took my hand and brought it up to his nose, trying to get me to help. I was dying of adorableness and began rubbing his nose all "Aaaawwwwhhh, you poor thing". He quickly sneezed a really loud "ETCHhew!! *sniffle* Excuse me. *sniffle* thank you, honey" and gave this absolutely adorable smile. I couldn't stop thinking about that adorable sneeze for hours smile.png

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thats really sweet that he feels really comfortable with you to allow you to help him to sneeze x and he sneezes freely around you lovely x

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OMG this is so soooo adorable. Nose rubbing is so my thing. Someone else rubbing even more so. Someone desperately needing someone else to rub their nose is just OMG adorable!

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