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Heroes of Olympus prompt (Solangelo)


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I've had this idea floating around my head ever since I finished Blood of Olympus (spoiler warning for those who haven't read it!), but I don't really have the skill or time to use it myself. Soooo I thought maybe somebody on here would like to run with it! Anybody who wants to can snatch it up, I don't mind :)

And I can't have been the only one thinking this after Will used that "doctor's orders" line like three times... right? I'm pretty sure it hasn't been done before, though... *shrug*

Title: Doctor's Orders

Victim: Will Solace

I was thinking something along the lines of "Will catches a cold and Nico ends up taking care of him in an adorably awkward and resentful way" >u<

And of course Nico ends up throwing the "doctor's orders" phrase right back in his face. &#333;uõ

Anywho, this is here for anybody that wants it.

*shuffles off awkwardly and trips*

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Hey! I love this prompt only problem I havent finished the book yet! So when I do, I might give it a go because a sick will and a caring Nico is just perfect XD

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OMG this request has been here for so long and I literally just joined and I'm sorry! But the real reason for my comment is i did the thing and its at the bottom of page 2 on my 100 Drabbles! (M) thread I made a week ago. *feels awkward* I also just posted a Percabeth allergy fic (page 3) and a Leo fic (page 4) if that's your thing as well. K bye!

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