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Random Mario Bros. skit (no descriptive sneezing)


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So I found this useless thing sitting on my DA page,so I figured,"Why not?" Kinda wrote this before I developed my fetish,so sorry for lack of descriptive sneezes(or any,Luigi sneezes only once) ^_^''

Oh no,Luigi has fallen sick!Now who's gonna be the scout in Mario Fortress 2!?lol

Mario:Luigi.Hey Luigi!Get up!smile.gif


Mario:Wakey wakey,sleepy head!smile.gif

Luigi:Leave me alone..I don't feel good..*turns over*

Mario:Awh come on,you just don't wanna get up ^^meow.gif

Luigi:*sniffle* Nuu!nuu.gifLeave me alone!My head hurts..

Mario:....I need a dispenser.dummy.gif

Luigi:What does a dispenser have to do with me getting up!?My head hurts,and I don't feel right.Leave me alone..

Mario:Come on,you really think you're coming down with something?

Luigi:....Kinda sorta...*tries to get up,but ends up falling back*

Mario:...Luigi,come on..You're not that sick,are you?stare.gif

*Luigi sneezes...and gawd,it sounded painful*

*Both of them stare with a blank noes.gif expression*

Mario:....Oh.Mai.Gurr.I lost all my starbits!I gotta go find them..

*Luigi facepalms himself*


Mario:Luigi?You sure you feelin' okay?


Mario:.....I GOT IT!*Luigi jumps*


Mario:I know what'll cheer you up.*dumb smile*


Mario:.....*picks up a DVD case.The case reads

スーパーマジカルキャットマリオの冒険2:星へのかわいさ!*Your favorite show.:3

Luigi..It is?blankstare.gif

Mario:Yep.Super Magical Cat Mario Adventure 2!

Luigi:*dumb smile,followed by a slight sniffle*That's the newest one,right?meow.gif

Mario:Yep.And I got Part 3,too!A Sugary Smash Hit!dummy.gif

Luigi:smile.gif But,I kinda wanted to watch Part 1 again..*sniffle*trollface.png

Mario:Aw,you suck.I wanted to watch Part 3.But okay ^^


Cutesy Girl TV Announcer:Sūpāmajikarukyattomario! Mario to ruīji no ginga bōken!

Luigi:I love this part!

Mario:Shh!It's starting!

*Opening Song plays,which for the moment is the opening song to the Popotan hgame,until I think of a cute theme song animesweat.gif*

~~To Be Continued~~

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