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Domestic, Not So Much Bliss (F, cold)


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A bit of sappy domestic fluff drabble about a young mum and dad. :) Enjoy


The image when Liam returned to his flat after work was not one he'd particularly expected. He could hear his son wailing from the moment he walked in the door and when he rounded the corner into the kitchen, he was greeted with the sight of Marie at the electric kettle with his little boy perched on her hip. Thomas was red-faced and tear-streaked, his little face scrunched into a wail as he tried to lean out of his mother's grip. Marie wasn't in a much better state, Liam noted, with her hair in a bedraggled knot at her neck and dark circles under her eyes. Liam crossed the kitchen in a few strides and took his son from his wife's arms, bouncing the child while he cooed platitudes.

“Looks like neither of you are having a good time of it,” he said, leaning to kiss Marie on the cheek. She shied back from his kiss, shaking her head.

“Don't,” she rasped, barely audible over the baby's sobs. “I've got a head cold.”

“Oh, love,” Liam replied, still trying to soothe Thomas. “You should have called! I would have come home straight away.”

“It was fine until he decided not to nap and now I can't get him to settle and my head...”

She leaned heavily against the counter, pressing the heel of her palm to her brow and pushing back her hair from her sweaty forehead.

“Go sit down,” Liam said. “I'll settle him and finish making tea.”

With a very grateful sigh of resignation, Marie gave his shoulder a squeeze and headed to their bedroom.

Focused on the baby, Liam rocked the little boy as he searched the living room for his pacifier, finding the soother and guiding it into Thomas's mouth. Finally calming down, the boy suckled and relaxed into his father's arms, his sobs quieting to little hiccups.

“There, there,” Liam said, patting the boy's back. “Quiet down for poor mummy. She needs to rest and so do you.”

The child snuggled more into Liam' arms, his eyes drooping sleepily.

“Will you sleep a bit if I put you in your bed?” he asked the boy, rocking him gently. “Let's go see.”

He carried Thomas into the nursery and set the child down in his crib. Thomas whined softly for a brief second but quickly cozied down into his bed and lay still. Liam carefully pulled a small blanket over the boy's body and tucked him him, finishing the routine with a pat on his son's head.

Sneaking out of the room, he went to check on Marie. He could hear her blowing her nose loudly through the bedroom door in a series of honking, squelching blasts. She was seated on the edge of their bed when he entered with a large handful of tissues held to her nose.

“Poor love,” he said, going to sit next to her.

“Not too close,” she admonished from behind her shield of Kleenex. “You'll get it.”

Liam caught colds like a magnet to metal. He was constantly sniffling year-round thanks to weak sinuses and a host of mild allergies, and head-colds easily took residence.

“I live here,” Liam said, shifting closer to his wife despite her attempts to lean away. “Of course I'll get it. Now come here.”

He curled an arm around the small of her back and hugged her to his side, reaching up his other hand to feel her brow. She snorted congestedly as she leaned into the cool touch of his palm.

“You're a little warm. Put on your pajamas and I'll get tea and medicine.”

She tried to protest further but he was already on his way back to the kitchen where the electric kettle still steamed. He poured a cup of tea and put the rest of the water into a bowl. Balancing the two carefully, he went back to the bedroom and put the cup of tea onto the nightstand before putting the steaming bowl in Marie's hands.

“Breathe in,” he said, reaching for a bath towel from the hooks on the back of the door and draping it over his wife's head. Marie bent over the steam and let it loosen her congested sinuses. She'd changed into loose pajama bottoms and a cotton t-shirt.

“Better?” Liam asked, rubbing her back through her thin top.

“A little,” she croaked. “I'm dripping.”

She tossed her head back, emerging from under the towel.

“Take this...I have to—teh...”

She handed the bowl of hot water over quickly before covering her face with steepled hands.

Eh'tsghtt! Tehh...hehh'tschitt!

“Bless you!” Liam said as she pitched forward with the sneezes. He reached for more tissues and thrust them into her waiting hands. She cleaned up her nose a bit and crumpled the tissues into a ball, tossing them into the nearby bin.

“D'wanna lie down a bit, then?” Liam asked, pushing back the quilt on the bed and patting Marie's pillow. She stretched out under the sheets and Liam curled himself around behind her, spooning against her back and snuggling his arms around her waist.

He felt her tummy expand a little as she sucked in a sharp breath of air, jerking sharply in his arms as she sneezed again.


“Bless!” he said, kissing her neck. “Poor, poor love.”

“Poor love yourself if you keep snuggling me,” she teased, but she made no attempt to pull away.

Soon she'd drifted off to sleep, snoring softly. Her reddened nose leaked and a left a small damp spot on the pillow near her cheek. Beside her, Liam lay still, stroking her hair.

Bliss was shortened by the sound of Thomas waking in the next room and babbling for his Dad. Liam carefully extracted his arms from around Marie's waist and went to see his son. He loved the little boy, but would have liked to spend the rest of the afternoon in bed with his missus.

What he didn't know at the time was he'd have the chance a few days later, just with a head cold of his own.

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He felt her tummy expand a little as she sucked in a sharp breath of air, jerking sharply in his arms as she sneezed again.

A lovely description of what is a very sexy feeling. Nice story Dusty :D

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