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A Very Sneezy Week..


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Who doesn't love a sneezy conversation, right?

So a while back I had mentioned a few obs from a friend off of TeamSpeak. (Skype for games, but without video)


Recently, in the past 3 days to be exact, I caught the flu. Headache, sore throat, body aches, and what seemed like non-stop sneezing. (Doesn't feel as good when you're on the other end.. But it was still a pretty damn cute conversation teehee.gif )

(Note: This first part is right at the beginning of my flu)

I was just sitting on TeamSpeak the other day and it was pretty late so everyone was basically off except for me and T. T was playing Minecraft and I was playing Castle Crashers. (I feel so paranoid about posting all this, even though I doubt they'll find it..) Anywaysss... Like most of the day, I got a tickle in my nose. I tried holding it back (because of my mental block) but it got too strong. I sneezed somewhat quiet and wet into my sleeve. T said, "Bless you!" and went back to ranting on his game. I sneezed again and he blessed me again. This went on for quite some time before after sneezing again, T said "God M quit sneezing." I laughed and said, "Sorry! It's not my fault! I feel like poop!" He chuckled a little and responded, "Well body aches, stuffy nose, constant sneezing.. You don't happen to have a sore throat, do you?"..."Yes, a little.." I said..."It looks like you're getting the same thing that I am just getting over. I swear sometimes you'll feel like you got run over by a truck, but the good thing is, the coughing and consistent sneezing and allergies will go away in the first 3 days or so." I really hoped so, because I did not feel well at all. "Yeah I hope so." I stressed. "It gets kind of tiring, huh? Yeah there were days when I was sick where I would have these massive sneezing attacks where I would sneeze 8 times in a freaking row like 'achoo, achoo, achoo, achoo' and I would barely have any time to catch my breath. It sucks."

I had no idea what to say.. This type of conversation is one every fetisher would love to have, right? biggrinsmiley.gif

I sneezed constantly throughout the whole conversation and each time he blessed me. We talked until about 11 until T said, "Okay well I'm gonna go bed, I gotta get up in the morning. Goodnight M, feel better in the morning.."

After we said our goodnights, I went to bed, hoping a good nights sleep would relieve my drowsiness. I was very very wrong.

Note: I am sneezing my a** off writing this and I still feel like absolute crap, but I promise, I'll get better.

The next day, I woke up and I felt drowsy, I had the worst headache and I couldn't breathe whatsoever. Fun..

At around 4pm, I hopped on TeamSpeak. T was the only one on. For about 2 hours, we talked. I sneezed so many times I thought my head was going to explode. The one thing I thought was really cute was when I did sneeze and T would bless me, sometimes he'd be in the middle of talking and he'd cut himself off just to say "Bless you!" and then continue. blushsmiley.gif He feels my pain because he has really bad allergies

I continued to sneeze. After a few, T mentioned. "Bless you. You do have a pretty cute sneeze." I chuckled at him. "Seriously," he said, "You should see my mom sneeze, like she will literally break your ear drums. Like I'll be with her and 'Aaachhhheooooooewwww!' and I'll be like 'Mom, I wanna be able to hear later in life, thank you'" He chuckled.

What. Just. Happened?

Later on, my friend J got on. Not long afterwards I sneezed again. J said, "Bless you! Ha T beat you to it!" T laughed and said, "Good for you I've been doing it all day. It kind of helps though because it will bring me back into the real world like you'll sneeze and 'Holy sh** I've been playing Minecraft for 4 hours, 1 quadrillion sneezes later!" He laughed again.

Throughout the whole night, he continued to bless me, as did J. Like I said, I promise I'll get better!

I will keep you guys updated! I am getting better but not all the way, and I'm still sneezing constantly. Maybe I'll get a good obs from my boyfriend in the meantime? Hopefully. *Evil Plot Face* whistling.gif Thanks for reading all xoxox

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You've got nothing to worry about, those are probably the two most commonly played games ever ;-) Great obs! I love sick conversations on the phone and web.

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