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10 weeks without inducing :-)


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Hey guys, I figured I should make an updated post on my progress thus far. :)

It has now been around ten weeks since I gave up inducing for good and I've been fairly happy with the progress.

My bf has my powder and that I can't get access too. In fact, I may sell it as I've a complete pack that is unopened. Anyway, he has helped by keeping that away and keeping me motivated.

He sneezes fairly regularly. In fact, there is something in his house he may be mildly allergic to as he seems to be sneezing every day and a couple of times but none when here. I know he did some tidying up and he had three single sneezes over the rest of the day. Heh Bless him.

Since giving up I have had (and I'm counting sneezes I didn't allow to happen as they would have. lol) twelve thirteen sneezes. :-) Most of which were from a cold but three days in a row I sneezed and I had one yesterday morning too. :) It had only been five days but I was getting eager for another one given that my bf was having two per day. lol He is still at home so probably will continue to have.

I mentioned sensitivity to him and about having more but he is right: it may mean more some days and fewer or none at other times. :)

I don't feel much action this morning but my nose did tingle a lot yesterday evening but nothing happened. The sneeze in the morning was from a slight tingle in my right nostril (usually triggered by my left nostril) and I looked outside to the bright light and inhaled slightly and it came. lol! It felt really good too.

I feel a slight tingle in both nostrils as I type this but I don't think I will get a sneeze today. I would like one but I'm not going to expect them.

Fingers crossed things continue on at this rate. I'm even hoping that my nose gets sensitive enough for the summer air to irritate it a little or a lot. lol! :-P

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Great! It seems as if you are well on the way to sneezing your natural sneeze potential. Of course this is different in different people and it's probable that your boyfriend is just naturally sneezier. So just enjoy it.

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I think he is naturally sneezy. Only a couple per day but I find myself envying that a little due to how much I enjoy it. That said, it is hot when he does sneeze and I'm around to enjoy it. :)

I think things may improve more and so does he. I spent years inducing. Sometimes with twigs or whatever I could find to stick up my nose.

When I started years ago, sticking something up my nose would make me cough and then it got to the point where even sticking something up both nostrils wouldn't produce more than two sneezes.

I've probably been inducing for 12 years or more! Only this year did I use the powder to induce. I think this was less damaging but it is still inducing. I was doing it several times per day.

I think it may take many months for me to see my true potential and I do hope it gets more frequent. I wouldn't even mind an allergy to something in the summer or to dust. I sound so desperate and I guess I am.

I don't want him to feel guilty for sneezing thinking that it has made me jealous. I should just love his sneezes and the way he is and just enjoy the few I manage to get. :)

He has definitely encouraged me to stop inducing and has got my powder / snuff.

He won't let me induce and I don't want to ever again. :) I just want to enjoy sneezing naturally and randomly.

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That was beautiful J0shuk! *sniffles* ^_^ You have the best mindset about this and it's so impressive that you have the will power to power through your non-sneezy days but it is all worth it for the number of natural sneezes you are getting!

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Thanks. :)

I will say that it has been very tough to maintain positivity when there are several days I not weeks of no activity. The temptation to induce had returned numerous times but ,with the help of my bf (who has just been awesome), I've been able to hold out.

Already it has been two or three days since I had three in a day due to the start of a cold which is now just a cough.

No tingles for a day now so it is likely it will be a while before any more happen.

That said, my bf is happy to induce or for me to get him to induce for me. This is a recent development as I've become a lot more comfortable with his sneezing due to having a few myself. :) It is the most amazing thing to have someone so understanding of the fetish. He is truly amazing.

I think he wants to sneeze less frequently whilst away from me but I think I'm a lot better about that now. I guess he is sneezier than I am but mostly because he didn't induce for 15 years which is how long I was doing it.

He says that he never used to sneeze much at all when he was younger; maybe only a few times per year when he was ill. Interesting how he sneezes more frequently now.

The other day he was doing some tidying with his family and lots of dust got everywhere. From what I gather , everyone was sneezing a few times and he had two or three over the next few hours. He put boxes away the other day into the loft and he thought he would be irritated by that but wasn't despite his mother's sneezing from what she said was the dust. lol

I will continue to keep you guys updated on my progress but things are looking very positive right now.

He thinks it will take me a year or two to get back to normal from all the years of inducing so if things right now are anything to go by, it may become more frequent. :)

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