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Quinn had a variety of nasty allergies and had a poor immune system. This meant she came down with lots of bad colds, upper respiratory, like sinus infections and caught the flu every year She refused to take medicine, besides Tylenol and such because she had been obsessed with Kleenex since she was a toddler. She was very introverted, so she worked at home. That and how gross her nose troubles made her feel, at least when she was not alone. In her apartment, she had no inhibitions. She woke up one Saurday morning and her head was all blocked up. Great. Another head cold. Right in the midst of fall allergy season, she thought. Her nose tickled and she opened her nightstand drawer, where she had put a box of Kleenex. She took one out and sneezed loudly and messily into it. UTCHOOOOOO! After her sneeze, she had to blow her nose. She gave it a loud, gurgly, long, violent blow. It was soggy and very productive. Her sneeze and blow had ruined that tissue. She knew she was going to be blowing her brains out all day due to the wall of congestion.

She went to her closet and got a ten-pack of tissue boxes, which she put nearby. Her closet was dusty, which triggered a sneezing fit. HKSHOOO! HETCHOO! HUPSHOOO! Her messy sneezing soaked another tissue. She grabbed a fresh tissue and gurgled into it, filling it with thick mucus. Thag gooddess for Kleedex, she muttered congestedly. Speaking of Kleenex, she needed another as her nose was streaming. With her, illness caused nasal congestion and allergies affected her sinuses and made her nose run, so having both made her nose runny and congested. She blew her little nose wetly until the tissue was soggy and useless. She thought, As long as I'm alive, Kleenex won't go bankrupt. HEXSHOO! ARSHOO! She sneezed twice into a new Kleenex and then ruined it with huge nose blowing. After two hours of sneezing and blowing, she used up all 250 tissues in that box. Part of this was her congestion and snotty sneezes and the other part was she never sniffled. Quinn was the type to think why sniffle when I can blow my brains out and soak a Kleenex?

She opened her Kleenex 10-pack and started a new box with a gurgly, plugged up blow. Her light brown eyes watered from her allergies, but she just let the allergic tears go. Her nose was her focus, between her snotty sneezes and blowing her brains out. She made chicken soup and a cup of tea for lunch because her nose was too stuffed up to blow. The steam from her hot tea and soup made her poor nose stream and she held a Kleenex over it to catch the snotty flow. When she could blow her again, she gave it a huge, gurgly, squelchy, snotty, sogg blow. It was so wet it filled the Kleenex. Maybe having a small nose contributes to how congested it gets. It sure makes a lot of mucus. She thought.

I've told myself tissue stories, but this is the first I've shared one with anyone. I've read as a guest here, so I had an idea of what to do. Quinn is 23 years of age, with warm, light brown hair and eyes, pale golden skin and a cute little button nose. If you like this, I'll take you through Quinn's whole cold, if I can.

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After lunch, Quinn's miserable day continued. After she put her bowl and tea cup in the sink, she had a sneezing fit. HETCHOO! HACHOO! HIKSHOO! HUPSHOO! KATCHOO! ARSHOO! KERCHOO! Every kind of sneeze there was, desperate, girly, messy sneezes. Sheets of snot soaked her Kleenexes and hands. After sneezing, she got another Kleenex and blew vigorously into it until she destroyed it.

Suppertime came and Quinn had some soup with onion, garlic and hot pepper. Onion and garlic have something in them that helps colds and hot stuff clears your sinuses, she had once been told. Just as she expected, her nose streamed snot from the hot pepper in the soup. She blew vigorously, wet gurgling blows, until it was time for the news. She turned her TV and watched the news, blowing her nose and sneezing messily into Kleenex. She figured every thirty seconds was the average of how often she had needed a fresh Kleenex. I'm such a mess, she thought.

Quinn got ready for bed and then turned out the light. She put her current Kleenex box beside her and rubbed some menthol rub on her chest. Her nose streamed from the menthol. She gurgled vigorously into Kleenexes until her head was empty enough she could sleep. That box was empty, so she set a fresh box on her nightstand. Her colds were long lasting, so she knew tomorrow would be a day to sneeze and blow some more and buy tons of Kleenex.

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She might honk later in the story, if I feel like it. More messy sneezes ahead. The second chapter has really messy sneezing just for you. The vigorous nose blowing's my fanservice. I like that in fics.

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The next day came for Quinn. She woke up and opened her next Kleenex box. Her head was filled with a wall of congestion. HACHOOO! She sneezed snottily into a tissue and then ruined it with a horrendous snotty honk. Honks happened sometimes when she was sick. That afternoon, she fixed some soup for lunch and had to go to the store and buy more Kleenex.

Quinn and her last Kleenex box went to the store. She hated she had to take her cold filled, allergy plagued self out there. ARSHOO! HEXCHOO! HUPSHOO! HUTCHOO! She had a snotty, messy, sneeze fit in the store when she arrived at it. Jenny, a cashier said "Bless you, miss" "What's wrong?" After a snotty honk, Quinn said "I habe a terrible head code ad allergies." "I hate beig oud like this but I deed Kleedex." "I'b embarrassed about blowig id frodt of you like thad, but I had to after thad sdeezig." Jenny said "I have grass allergies, so I know what it's like to have a sneezing fit around people." Everyone within earshot looked at her. After this, she went to the bathroom and hid in a stall She bought soup and a few 10-packs of Kleenex and then checked at another cashier, Logan's checkout. Her nose started to stream while he was checking her out. She blew vigorously into her Kleenex. "Don't feel so good today, huh?", his pretty blue eyes filled with a pity look She shook her head and said, "You got thad rightd." She hated that she had had to give her nose a soggy blow in front of him . He was nice looking with his dark brown hair, eyes the perfect shade of blue and he was tall with a nice build. She was too self-conscious of her condition and shy to tell him so. He was probably a college boy, trying to earn a few dollars to buy what a college boy needs she thought. She went back home.

After being out in the allergen laden world, her nose was so messy. She entered her apartment and sneezed sheets of snot all over her Kleenex and hands. Her clogged nose streamed and she blew vigorously, which produced snotty, congested honks.She was so miserable, she cried and it mixed with the allergic tears and the germ and pollen laden snot from her nose. She had soup and tea for supper, her favorite sick time meal and then watched the news. She blew her nose throughout, squelchy, snotty honks. At bedtime, she rubbed menthol rub on her chest and blew her streaming nose vigorously, filling her Kleenexes with snotty honks.

She doesn't go out much, because she's an introvert and very self-conscious of her Kleenex obsession when around others. I decided to indulge the honk lovers and those that like someone so miserable they cry today. Should I have her friend come over next?

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The next day came and Quinn woke to another snotty, sneezy day. Her head felt like it was full of concrete or lead. She got a Kleenex because she felt a sneeze coming. ASHOOO! She blew vigorously, gurgling into her Kleenex until it was ruined. She got a call from a friend later and after she picked up, her nose streamed. "I deed to blow by dose. Id's all ruddy, she said. She gave a loud, congested gurgle, which worried Tiffany, her friend's name. "You sound awful" she said. "I wod't die, Tiff Id's just terrible head code cobide with by allergies," Quinn said. "Should I come over?" her friend asked. HATCHOO! "Okay. Bisery loves combady," Quinn said. They then said bye and Tiffany then headed over to Quinn's. Tiffany was a sneeze lover, as she put it.

Tiffany liked to visit her friends when they were sneezy. One of her hobbies was hanging out in the mall by the drug store because she liked other sneezers as well. Not so long ago, she had a new friend that way. A guy with dark hair and "pretty green eyes", in Tiffany's words had gone into the drug store and sneezed loudly into his arm. ACHOO! She had seen him before and never talked to him. His sneeze helped her be less shy about talking to him. She was shy only with cute guys. She flashed a little grin at him. "Hey, you with the green eyes!," she called out. He returned the grin and said red-faced "Allergies." referring to his sneeze, I'm Mark, by the way." and asked her name. "Tiffany." she said and told him she loved sneezing. "Sneeze fetish. I've heard of that. One time, I accidently sneezed on a girl and she said it was okay. She said she had a sneeze fetish, so "a cute boy can sneeze on me whenever he likes."". He saw her dark golden hair and aqua eyes. Mark was on her mind, at least the part that was not occupied by her friend.

Tiffany arrived at Quinn's to find her friend having a sneezing fit. UTCHOO! HETCHOO! ARSHOO! HUPSHOO! KERCHO! HIKSHOO! ASHOO! HEXSHOO! She knew Tiffany loved sneezing, so she was less self conscious about her fit than she normally was. Quinn had to blow her nose after all that sneezing. Her allergy attack sneezing fits always caused a need to blow. She pulled a fresh Kleenex from her box and blew her streaming nose vigorously. Tiffany's eyes filled with concern over her friend's congested gurgling, but hoped to catch the cold. She liked nothing better than being sneezy, which always happened when she had a cold or the flu. When she was sick, she was prone to snotty honks, but that was no issue. She was not shy and so her thinking was I can't help it if I need to honk in front of people. When you're sick, your nose decides when it needs a blow. Quinn told her friend about honking in the drug store after a sneezing fit and hiding in a bathroom stall to finish blowing her nose, as well as her soggy blow while checking out. A while after Tiffany left, Quinn had soup and tea and then watched the news, gurgling thick mucus into Kleenex. She repeated the menthol rub, blow her streaming nose until she emptied her head enough to sleep routine.

Honk lovers rejoice! Tiffany will be around to provide you with snotty, congested honks. The next chapter will have Tiffany wake up with a horrible head cold she caught from Quinn. I gave Tiffany a sneeze fetish so she can enjoy her misery. Once again, honk fans are in for a treat next chapter!

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The next day, Tiffany woke to a plugged head. ARSHOO! She sneezed into a Kleenex and ruined it with horrendous, congested, snotty honking. She knew if she told Quinn how she had now been infected, her friend would cry. Tiffany was a very caring person, herself. She remembered Quinn's allergy eyes from the visit. Tiffany felt another sneeze building. UTCHOO! Her nose was overflowing, so she destroyed that Kleenex with vigorous nose blowing, which resulted in loud, congested, snotty honks. Her nose had the perfect shape for honking. She thought of Quinn and her how wet her blows had been. HUPSHOO !The urge to blow after that snotty sneeze was strong, so she mulched another Kleenex with wet, snotty honking.

Meanwhile, Quinn's nose was still at it. HIKSHOO! ACHOO! HUPSHOO! ECHOO! ASHOO! She ruined a Kleenex with sneezing and gurgle-honking. Her head was filled with a wall of congestion. She became too clogged to blow, so she went to her bathroom, closed the door and turned on the shower with the temperature set to hot. The steamy bathroom made her nose stream and she caught the flow with a Kleenex. When she could blow again, she gave a congested, soggy, snotty gurgle-honk that filled her Kleenex. She held to her nightly sick routine of tea and soup, news and menthol rub to be able to sleep after her day of wet gurgle- honks.

Tiffany, since she had no allergies was less sneezy than Quinn. However, she needed to buy more Kleenex tomorrow. Her evening routine was a little different than her. She was open to medication besides Tylenol and such at night, even though that was her daytime limit. She took Nyquil at night, which was the difference. But she, too blew her nose vigorously before bed. She filled Kleenexes with snotty honks until her head was empty.

Tiffany's purposes are contagion and honks. If honk lovers, find this, I'll mention her again.

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Another day came and Tiffany was full of cold. HASHOO! She finished off a Kleenex with a long, snotty, congested honk. I haven't been able to blow my nose in front of anyone except my good friend Quinn or my boyfriend since I was 12 without comments but I let them comment. I can't let it bother me. Last year, when I had the flu, another patient at the doctor's office said I sounded just like his father. I told him, I got the flu and I can't help it. My boyfriend likes honks and Quinn understands because she may honk when sick herself, she thought, blowing vigorously producing a loud, wet, honk.

Quinn had started her day with a sneezing fit. HATCHOO! ASHOO KERCHOO! HUPSHOO! UTCHOO! ARSHOO! She blew her overflowing nose vigorously into a fresh Kleenex, filling it with super plugged gurgly blowing. She thought, Environmentalists would me. I went to high school with an environmentalist and he wished he could cure allergies and things like colds because tissues come from trees. I told him I have allergies and am sick a lot, so he called me "tree killer" and made me cry. That's why I'm so self-conscious about my Kleenex obsession. Her nose was streaming and she gave it a gurgly, soggy blow. She sneezed and gurgled through Kleenex all day. Her day ended as all the other sick days had.

That afternoon, Tiffany bought a ten-pack of Kleenex boxes. She checked out at Logan's register and while he was cashing her out, she had to honk. "Sorry about that honk I frodt of a hunk like you. I habe a terrible head code and whend I'mb sick, do thad," she said. His blue eyes met her aqua ones. "I love female honks," he said. Sometimes, when I'm on break, I stand outside the bathroom in case someone went in there to blow. If I happen to hear someone honk, I hide nearby and see if it was a man or woman. This year's been a major one for respiratory illness around here, so I've heard some honks. Like yesterday, on my day off, I heard an old lady honk into her hanky at the dollar store. I was walking past the craft aisle and then I heard HONK! HONK!. I looked and there was this little old lady holding a damp hanky. She apologized and said she had a cold, he said." She left the store and went home. Later on, she ended this day as she had the previous day.

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Quinn began another miserable day. HESHOO! Then she destroyed the Kleenex with a horrendous, wet, congested honk. Her nose was so filled up, she had to be uninhibited in her blowing. No one else was around to care how gross she sounded anyway. She later decided to upload a sound file of her nose, called Female Sneezing and Snotty Honks. It started with a sneezing fit. HARSHOO! KACHOO! HESHOO! UTCHOO! HASHOO! Snotty, girly sneezes, which made her nose flow and that led to loud, snotty honks. Little did she know Tiffany had done the same thing.

Tiffany had awakened to completely stuffed nose. HIKSHOO! She gave her nose a loud, snotty honk. When she felt a sneeze coming, she started recording. Cold Snotty Sneeze and Congested Honking she called it. HUPSHOO! Then, she destroyed a Kleenex with congested, snotty honks. After a while, she ended her day as she had yesterday.

Quinn's day was particularly miserable because the pollen count was so high. She spent the day sneezing her head off and then blowing her brains out because her nose streamed so much. Her nose overflowed from her sneezing fits and she just had to honk because of everything. She ate soup and the steam made her nose flow and then she blew vigorously. HONK! HONK! She had a snotty honkfest in her bedtime routine.

I decided to make the honk fans' Monday better.

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Another sick day came for Tiffany. Her head felt full of cement. ARSHOO! She finished off that Kleenex with congested, snotty honking. I just wish I could blow this hideous cold out of my head. I like sneezing, but I don't like nose blowing, she thought. She was sick less often than Quinn which was fine with her.

Quinn had now been sick one week. Her head was all stuffed and today it hurt a bit. ISHOO! Her nose streamed and she blew vigorously, mulching her Kleenex with a soggy gurgle. "I'b a sdot factory," she muttered. She always was like that with a cold, horrible colds causing a head full of gooey mucus, snotty, girly sneezes and having to blow her nose all day for four weeks, perhaps a headache, sometimes even a cough. Her Kleenex obsession had come from this. Because her colds were so bad, her mom had made sure she learned to blow her nose as a toddler. Today, she had all but the cough. The worst part was before day 21 and the last week was when it left her. Now she had a sneezing fit. ASHOO! HECHOO! IKSHOO! HATCHOO! ARSHOO! Her nose was overflowing and she blew vigorously into a Kleenex, gurgling wetly until she filled it. Her day went as her days had all week.

Tiffany thought, at this rate, I'll run out of Kleenex when this cold is over. Tiffany was sick about a week and a half with a heavy cold like this and used a box of Kleenex per day. She honked her nose again and sighed. She felt rough today. At the end of another miserable day, she went through her end of day routine under these conditions.

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Tiffany was now at the halfway point in her cold. She woke up and then sneezed. ISHOO! She gave her nose a snotty honk. She was getting tired of that. Her thoughts turned to Quinn.

Quinn was a mess today. She had a snotty sneezing fit. HATCHOO! ARSHOO! HIKSHOO! UTCHOO! HUPSHOO! ASHOO! She got a fresh Kleenex and blew vigorously, gurgling until she ruined it. She was super plugged up and blowing her brains out every thirty seconds only brought five seconds of relief from the wall of congestion. She did not feel good at all.

Tiffany thought, I sound like a man, I honk so. Some people like honks, though. It's just something I need to do when I'm sick. She sneezed. HEXSHOO! Her nose was streaming after that so she gave it a loud, snotty honk. The evening went as the others had.

The next chapter will finish it, unless my readers say otherwise. It'll get too repetitive if I keep on, I feel.

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Last chapter

Tiffany's cold wound down over the days ahead. No more having to sneeze and honk her nose. She missed sneezing once it was over, so she made herself sneeze. The honks were not missed, though. She told Quinn how she was no longer sick, but even then managed to not say how she was sick.

Quinn had a longer stretch but she came to the end of her cold after a while. She still had her allergies, but she was no longer as congested. Her nose was still runny, though, from all her allergies. She let Tiffany know when her cold was gone. Neither one missed feeling sick.

If they wanted to induce sneezing, the methods were different. Tiffany used pepper or something else irritating to the nose. Quinn used an allergen, since she would need Kleenex if she did that. While Tiffany was very people oriented and would become friends with anyone that wanted to be her friend, Quinn made no attempts to make friends with anyone, unless they had a fetish similar to her Kleenex obsession.

The last paragraph is kind of an epilogue. I can't say when I'll have another story on this site. Whenever I feel like working on one, I guess. Maybe I'll have a male character next time.

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I'm glad to see another writer who isn't shy about messiness in their stories! I've often fantasized about seeing people in situations exactly like what this poor girl is going through :) Too bad she only experiences it once a year :P

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This is a late reply but I don't always check my older topics. Nice to know you like it. SpamKey uses messiness, too.

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Please continue this amazing story and keep up the good work 

Dude, can you not bump old stories and just repeat the same 2 comments over and over again. It’s getting really annoying. 

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