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can sneezing habits change over night?


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So usually I'm not a very sneezy person, but about a week ago I noticed that I've begun to sneeze at least once every day. It's summer now and I'm beginning to wonder if its the heat as I'm not around anything I'm allergic to. I was just wondering if this had happened to anyone else or if anyone on here had heard of it.

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i do believe tney can as i to m not very sneezy person but i was with a very germaphibe and used to have to stiffle and wash my hands after each sneeze

but now i dont need too ;-) xx

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I was wondering this myself. Lately I've gone from not sneezy at all to sneezing all day, but I figured it was just drier winter air. Since it's warm where you are, maybe it's an allergy? I have heard allergies can worsen with age, so maybe you're developing something

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I have heard of the heat making people sneeze more. I don't know why this would be, but maybe when you are hot everything, including your nose, is just more irritated in general. I have witnessed people when they are hot have long sneezing fits and then they blame it on the heat lol.

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