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Favourite holiday/festive episode :)


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So like lets get festive ya ? :) :) :) positive pretty vibes. If you watch or watched tv, what is your favourite holiday episode?(example:Christmas,honokah(I tried to sound it out sorry),,halloween,easter,new years,ect). And explain why you like that certain episode :)

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Like my favorite halloween episode is from a show is: Cyberchase i forgot what it was about but i do know it was a halloween episode.

Christmas episode: hmmm......im not sure.

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Like my favorite halloween episode is from a show is: Cyberchase i forgot what it was about but i do know it was a halloween episode.

Christmas episode: hmmm......im not sure.

omg yes! Cyberchase they were in Castleanca .
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I always loved the Billy and Mandy Christmas special! I watch it every year with my siblings. It's still funny to me! The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy will never get old.

Another holiday.......Halloween... Well, Soul Eater always gave me Halloween vibes, I watched it with my friends at a halloween party. It's great!

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The Tales from the Crypt Christmas episode is a lot of fun for me. yes.gif And I like the X-Files Christmas episode from season 6 as well. smile.png Oh, and can't forget Critter Christmas from South Park. :D^_^

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In Season 3 of Supernatural, the Christmas episode.... :heart: :heart: :heart: I cry every time.

But pretty much, in general, whenever I liked a show I always hoped for a Christmas one...

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I hover on ambivalence to outright dislike on the Christmas scale but I love Christmas tv specials so, in no particular order, here are some of my favourites.

Leverage - The Ho Ho Ho Job. The gang team up to save Christmas and Eliot dresses up as Santa. I adore Parker's total enthusiasm for Christmas. And Lucille!

Xena: Warrior Princess -A Solstice Carol. How do you do a Christmas episode in a canon that exists before Jesus is born? This is how. It is ridiculous in all the best Xena ways.

Community - Comparative Religion (S1), Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas(S2) & Regional Holiday Music(S3). S1 because, "It's December 10th!" S2 because stop-motion and songs. S3 because more songs and I never get tired of Dan Harmon's total dislike of Glee. Also, "forcing things to be bright just makes the darkness underneath it even darker." And Britta's awkward dance <3

My So-Called Life - So-Called Angels. Because sometimes Christmas needs a reality check.

The O.C. - The Best Christmukkah Ever. The original & best Christmukkah episode.

Thirds Watch- The Spirit. "I got my onion!" About as happy as Third watch gets.

The Simpsons - Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, Grift of the Magi, Marge Be Not Proud, Miracle on Evergreen Terrace. Even though I would probably take Hallowe'en specials of The Simpsons over the Christmas ones these are some of my favourite episodes.

The Mindy Project - Josh & Mindy's Christmas Party(S1), Christmas Party Sex Trap (S2). I love the S1 episode mostly for Danny's gingerbread house and the S2 episode for Danny's dance. And his second gingerbread house.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Christmas. "Those are the kind of things you learn when you're handcuffed together and that is the true meaning of Christmas." Also team pop and lock with Holt. A Christmas miracle.

Christmas specials of The Morecambe & Wise show and The Two Ronnies. Christmas institutions and even now guaranteed to keep the whole family happy on Christmas day even of we know the punchlines to every single joke.

Miranda - The Perfect Christmas. I come from a family with a version of The Christmas Organisational Chart so this speaks to me on many levels.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - Murder under the Mistletoe. Christmas in July! I love a good Christmas murder mystery and although this is not the best MFMM episode overall a killer using the 12 days of Christmas in a country house setting is excellent.

Arrow - Three Ghosts. I love slightly sadder darker takes on Christmas and also Stephen Amell sounds like he might have been ill while filimg this episode so... Also Christmas episodes don't often push the plot of the series forwards but this episode packs a lot in.

The X Files - How the Ghosts Stole Christmas. Haunted houses at Christmas= yes.

Friends - The ones with the Christmas specials. I domlove these but overall I probably prefer the Thanksgiving episodes. The Holiday Armadillo and the one where they give Phoebe all the dead Christmas trees are two of my favourites.

....This is a much longer list than I originally thought it was going to be. It's possible I have a problem! blinksmiley.gifbiggrinsmiley.gif

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I can't remember the exact episode but its the south park where Santa's slay gets shot down over Baghdad.

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How I Met Your Mother 02x11: How Lily Stole Christmas

Overflowing with Christmas decorations. Plus, BONUS, Barney gets sick and sneezes, and Robin takes care of him :wub:

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It's not what I'd call "festive," but I enjoyed this year's Black Mirror Christmas special.

Oh! And also the episode of Bones when they are on lockdown for Christmas.

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