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A Cold In The Days Of Old- Continued!


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Hi everyone

I hope you missed this story, because I decided to continue it! Since I haven't updated it in over six months, I wasn't able to comment on the original post, so I decided it would be easier (for technically incapable me, that is) to write the next part/s in a new topic. I really enjoyed writing this story, so I wanted to give it a proper finish.

Part 13:

The stag looked up from the grass on the ground, which it was eating a moment before, when it's ears picked up a remote sound. Princess Katherine noticed it, though she was far away, hiding in the grass, and knew she had to act quickly, before the stag flees. She stretched her arm, ready to let the arrow loose, but was forced to stop due to a sudden sharp tickle in her nose. She had to draw her attention from aiming the arrow to try and make the tickle disappear or control it, but to no avail, since the tickle only grew stronger. The effort to maintain her aim while simultaneously fighting the impending sneeze brought tears to her eyes, which clouded her vision and made it even harder for her to aim. Katherine had no intention to give up, but her nose had other plans- a massive "Hu Russshhhoo!" erupted from it, causing the princess to lose control and forcing her to let go of the arrow, which flew far away from the stag. The loud sound of the sneeze scared away the stag and Katherine was left completely frustrated. The princess, whose bow and arrow skills matched those of the top marksmen in the kingdom, lost a simple target to a sneeze. There was no time for her to mourn the loss of her hunt though, for her nose wasn't done tormenting her- "He Rushoo, Har Shoosh, A Reshoo"! When Katherine was finished sneezing loudly and messily she took out her handkerchief and tried in vain to clear her nose with a set of wet honking gurgling blows. It was only when she looked up from her handkerchief that she noticed a rider approaching her fast. Normally, Katherine would have spotted a rider from a mile away, but her bad cold was demanding all of her attention and by the time she noticed the rider she was sure she was spotted already, and knew there was no point trying to hide. She grabbed the hilt of her sword, ready to fight if she had to, but when the rider got closer she found out it was only her maid, Emma.

"What are you doig here Ebba? How did you fidd be"?

"I.... I....." Emma started to reply, sitting on the back of her horse, when she suddenly sneezed- "Hi Tshoo"! Though the sneeze was soft, especially compared to Katherine's huge messy sneezes, it was powerful enough to make Emma lose her stability on the back of her horse, and Katherine had to rush and catch the blonde girl, keeping her from hitting the ground when she fell off her horse.

"For god's sake Ebba- You're ill! You should't have gode after be id the cold! You shouldv'e stayed id the palace, id Ha RiShoo! bed"! Luckily, Katherine managed to put Emma down and help her to her feet before she sneezed, otherwise- she would have dropped her. Once the sick maid was able to stand on her own, she replied:

"But by lady, you are ill as well! You have beed ill sidce this bordig. I could't let you go out like this, riskig your cold gettig worse. I'b your baid! It is by duty to HiTshoo! take care of you. I beg you- please cobe back to the palace with be".

"I will cobe back to the palace with you od ode codditiod".

"Yes by lady"?

"That you will let be take care of you as well. I bay be a little udder the Re Ashoo! weather, but you cad hardly stadd. Let be take you back to the palace add get you idto a warb bed, add I probise I'll take care of by owd cold byslef".

Emma wanted to argue, but was overcome by a double- "Hi I Tshoo, Tshoo!" that nearly caused her to fall, again, so she only replied- "Your wish is by cobbadd pridcess Katheride".

The princess then helped Emma mount "Storm", the princess' horse, then she tied Emma's horse to her own, mounted "Storm" herself and started to ride back towards the palace.


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I'm so excited for this story's return. I've always loved the premise of the plot, and I'm looking forward to see how it will progress from here.

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Part 14:

The sun was beginning to set and the light in the palace was slowly fading. After Nancy finished changing out of her wet clothes, she hurried back to the queen's room. As she past through the darkening corridors of the palace, she noticed that the few staff people who weren't confined to their beds with the monstrous cold that spread like wildfire throughout the palace were getting ready to light up the torches for the night. "HuAshoo, PcheAsh!" Nancy heard the queen sneezing harshly from inside the room and when she knocked on the door she was answered with a stuffy "cobe id". Nancy went inside and found the queen lying in her bed, as she had to do due to her growing illness, her face buried in her handkerchief, into which she was blowing her nose, producing a loud gurgling sound.

"By dear Dadcy, I'b affraid by haddkerchief is used up. Cad you bridg be a dew ode frob the dresser"? asked the queen.

"Of course your bajesty" replied Nancy, sniffling wetly as she suddenly noticed the stuffiness that crept inside her voice.

"Thadk you Dadcy" the queen didn't seem to notice the change in Nancy's voice, probably due to the fact that she was too busy sneezing into the fresh handkerchief handed to her by the latter- "Hu AtShooEsh, ChiYeshoo"!

"*sniff* B... bless your bajesty Ha Ha Tshoo!" the sneeze took Nancy by surprise and she didn't even have time to cover it. It was a wet sneeze, but not as harsh, loud and messy as the queen's sneezes.

"God bless you Dadcy" said the queen for a change "Oh by, you've falled ill yourself, have't you"?

"I'b fide your bajesty. It's just the cold evedidg air that's gettig idto by dose".

"Dodsedse. I've beed dealig with this dreadful cold all day add I cad tell you've got it too. You cad't fool your queed Dadcy".

"I.... I... Ah Tshoo!" Nancy tried to reply, but was her nose started to let the sneezes out, it was hard for her to make it stop- "He Tshoo"!

"It's alright dear- I've beed sdeezig all day add have gotted quite accustobed to it by dow. You dod't have to try add hide your illdess frob be".

Since Nancy was loosing control over her nose, she was glad to hear the queen say that and she sneezed freely into her cupped hands- "Hei Tshoo, Tshoo, Ashoo, He Tshoo"!

"Bless you Dadcy. By god girl- you are as ill as ode cad be".

"Tha.... thadk you your Eshoo! bajesty" Nancy said with one final sneeze.

"Help yourself to a haddkerchief frob the dresser Dadcy- you look like you cad use ode".

"Your bajesty is *sniff* far too kidd *sniff*" the sniffling Nancy took a fresh handkerchief from the dresser and blew her overflowing nose wetly into it before saying- "I'b sorry for failig you your bajesty".

"Dodsedse girl! You've dode do such thig. I would've beed feelig a lot worse if it wered't for you- you took such great care of be. Do wodder you're so rud down that you've falled ill yourself".

"He Eshoo, Hi Esho, Ha Tshoo! Excuse be your bajesty" Nancy's nose started to tickle again and she sneezed into the handkerchief.

"Poor girl, look at you- you're shiveridg. You bust be very cold. Sidce I ab so tired, I was about to go to sleep adyway. Why dod't you get idto by bed add warb yourself up"?

Nancy was shocked by the queen's suggestion and replied "Your Bajesty! I dod't thik that would be appropriate".

"I ab the queed. I decide what is appropriate or dot. As your queed, I order you to take off your shoes add get idto bed with be".

"Your bajesty I....." started Nancy but was interrupted by a sudden sneeze, this time from the queen:

"Hea PchooEshooa! You dare defy your queed's will, add whed she's so ill Hia TshooAsh!" the queen let out another huge sneeze.

"Of course dot your bajesty, but I cad't be so rude add face you so closely".

"Thad you shall face by feet. You took such great care of theb today, I'b sure you would't bidd".

"Dot at all your bajesty. I will do all I cad to He Ashoo! serve you".

"Add serve be you will, by keepig be warb at dight. You are by persodal baid add the other servadts do very well dot to edter by chabbers, so you should't worry about adyode disturbig us Ha PchoEsh"!

"Very well your bajesty" said Nancy before taking off her shoes and socks and getting into the queen's bed.

It might have been the sudden change in temperature, the slight gust of wind from when Nancy lifted the covers, the smell of the sweaty feet of the two feverish women, or all of those things combined, but a few moments after Nancy got into the queen's bed they both started sneezing uncontrollably at the same time, the queen with her fit of loud messy sneezes- "Hua Apsh, TshaShoo, Heo IhtsiEsh, HapCheshooEshe!" and Nancy with a wet fit of her own- "Ha Ashoo, Ha Etsh, He Ishoo, Esh, Eshoo"! After that, the room was filled with the sound of the two sick women blowing their noses. They didn't speak to each other and soon fell asleep. The queen was right- no one came to disturb them.


A little bit of foot fetish in this part. I hope you didn't mind it too much.

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Part 15:

"Isbadia *sniff* help be *sniff* get ready for didder *sniff* will you?" princess Jacqueline called for her maid, doing all she can to control her red nose, which was running like a faucet.

"Are you sure you're well enough to attend dinner my lady?" asked Ismania.

"Of course I ab. I cad't afford to let a little illdess prevedt be frob fulfillig by royal duties He He TshaShoo, He Tshea!" the princess barely managed to finished her sentence before she was overcome by a double sneeze.

"God bless you my lady. It seems you are still pretty ill".

"Devertheless, I bust He Untsh! attedd Hu Epsh! that didder Ho Ep Sha!" the princess tried to stifle her sneezes, but her nose wouldn't give her a rest.

"Your wish is my command my lady. Which dress would you like me to fetch you"?

Princess Jacqueline opened her mouth to answer, but another fit of harsh sneezes rocked her delicate frame- "Het Sha, Sha, Ei Sha, Hu TeSha, Tshea!" she then collapsed on her bed and burst into a fit of coughing. When the fit subsided, she gave several gurgling nose blows into her handkerchief.

"Od secodd thought, I thidk I bight dot be able to attedd that didder after all. Would you be kidd edough to let by bother kdow"?

"I'll go tell her straight...... Ha..... away..... Ha Ha YaShoo!" Ismania sneezed suddenly.

"Bless you Isbadia. Are you fallig ill yourself"?

"Do, of course dot by lady I'b Hi Yash! just Yishoo! sdeezig because of the He Yish! dust Ye Shoo!" Ismania's first sneeze seemed to have triggered several more. Her sneezes were high pitched and very wet.

"Dod't be silly Isbadia, I cad tell your ill like be. i'll sedd for a adother baid to let by bother kdow I wod't be atteddig didder".

"Are you sure by lady? I assure you I cad deliver the bessage to the queed He He Yish. I Shish, Hi Yi ShiShoo"!

"You're id do codditiod to leave this roob for ady reasod. You should be id bed, dot ruddig aroudd the palace. You cad spedd the dight here add if you're better toborrow you shall go back to your quarters to rest udtil you are fully well Hu Etsh, Et Sha, Ha Tshea!" the princess sneezed again herself.

"Of course by lady. Like I said- Your wish is Yish, By He Yish, cobbadd Ha Yishoo!" it seemed Ismania wasn't able to stop sneezing once she started.

"At this rate, I dod't kdow if there'll be adyode well edough to attedd didder adyway" said princess Jacqueline.


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Part 16:

Night was falling and by the time princess Katherine got back to the palace it was already dark outside. She saw torch light emerging from the stables and rode "Storm" towards the light. The tired horse, which came back carrying to women, was glad to be back in the stables. When Katherine entered the stables she was approached by Ingrid, the stable girl.

"Lady Katheride, it's good to see you back safe add soudd. I wish I could say the sabe about you're baid though" Ingrid added when she saw Emma lying, barely conscious, on "Storm's" back.

"Help be get Ebba dowd Idgrid" usually, Katherine never would've said something like that, but she was sick and tired and she wanted to get to her bed as soon as possible, so she swallowed her pride.

"Of course by lady. Let's get you both idside sou you cad warb up Hu Eshoo Ha Esh!" Ingrid sneezed twice into the crook of her arm. It was only then that Katherine noticed the young woman's nose was red."

"Oh dot you too! Is there a sidgle persod id this edtire palace who hasd't falled ill"?

"I'b afraid albost everyode id the palace is ill by lady. It's a terrible illdess that has stricked us. They eved had to cadcel didder because there is albost do ode left to attedd it" said Ingrid, sniffling constantly as she did.

"Weaklidgs! Hea Ursh, Hersh, He RuShoo! But I guess there's ode silver lididg to all of this- didder is cadcelled. I've always hated those didders".

"Hi Tish, Ih Tshoo!" Emma sneezed all of a sudden, reminding them that she was very sick.

"Hurry Idgrid! help be get Ebba idside before she gets worse He Rush, Har Shoosh, Ha Rishoo"!

"Right away by lady He Eshoo, Eshoo"!

The three sick young women headed to princess Katherine's chambers, where, after they laid Emma in bed, they took care of each other throughout that evening and night. Fortunately for them, no one found out that princess Katherine hosted not one but two low class girls in her private chambers (not to mention- in her own private bed) for an entire night.

When duchess Ormond returned to her room she heard the sound of sneezing from behind the door- "Aaa Shoo"! "EtShoo"! She recognized the sound of her twin daughters sneezing,but then she heard the sound of sneezing she didn't recognize- "Ha Ishoo, Ishooee"! Those girly sneezes did not belong to her daughters, the duchess knew. She opened the door and found her daughters just as she left them- sitting on the edge of their bed, their feet in a bowl of warm water. However, the duchess was amazed to find their maid sitting next to them, her own feet in a bowl of warm water.

"What is the beadig of th...... this Hea Pcheshoo, Ho PchooshEsh, Ha Pchisheh!" the duchess barely managed to finished her sentence before she had to grab her handkerchief just in time to catch three huge messy sneezes.

"Duchess Orbodd I apologize I....... Ii Shooee!" the maid started to explain herself, but was interrupted by another girly sneeze.

"It's alright bother- we saw that she was ill so we told her she cad stay here add rest with us He Etshoo!" one of the twins said with a sneeze.

"That's right bother Ha Ashoo! you should't be bad at her" her sister added.

"Ugh! Fide! I'b too ill to worry about this adyway. But do tell be you have adother bowl like those for be. I'b freezig".

"Of course duchess. I'll get ode ready for you right I shoo! away" the maid said and brought another bowl for the duchess.

"Tha.... Thadk you Ha PcheAsh, PchaShoo!" the duchess sneezed again as the maid helped her get her feet inside the bowl.

When they were all sitting comfortably with their feet inside the bowls, they turned to blowing their overflowing noses and the room was filled with the sound of honking gurgling nose blows, the duchess' blows overshadowing all the rest.

"Oh for heaved's sake Celida- go to bed!" princess Jane told her made.

"But how cad I leave you alode whed you're so ill lady Jade Ha UptShee!" sneezed Celina.

"You are ill yourself add you deed to get sobe rest before you get ady worse Hei Ish, Ishoo, Yei Ishoo!" the princess said, sneezing herself.

"It is by duty to take care of you by lady Ap shee"!

"You cad't take care of be whed you cad barely take care of yourself. Either you go to the baids' quarters to rest or you stay add rest here, but you have to rest either way. I ab your pridcess add I Ha Shoo, He Shish, Yi ShiShoo! order you to rest".

"Thad I shall Hup Shee! leave for Pshee! the baids' Hi Pshee! quartes *cough cough*".

"Oh do you dod't! As I feared- you're already worse. Your'e stayig here todight Celida, add dod't you dare to argue with your pridcess".

"As you *cough cough* wish by lady".

That night there were no people wandering the halls of the palace. Most people were too sick to leave their rooms, and the remaining healthy people knew they would need as much rest as they could get, less they fall ill themselves. The next day, most people were still sick, so the events of the previous night went unnoticed, and all sorts of scandals were prevented. Two days later, most of the people in they palace were healthy again and when the king, duke Ormond and all their men returned from their hunting trip, a few days later, they had no idea about the drama that occurred in the palace while they were away.

Far away from the palace, in the small house by the marshes, Elsa treated her cold on her own and was healthy again after two days in bed. Once she was healthy again, she could return to wandering around the marshes and bringing supplies to her family. During her wanderings she met her friend Abigail, who also recovered from her cold. When Elsa's sister, Diana, returned home from the palace a few days later she never mentioned that she was sick herself a few days before, and she never told Elsa about how the other maids also fell ill and how they spent most of the previous days confined to their room in the maids' quarters. Thus, Elsa had no idea that her own cold found it's way to the palace and infected almost everyone in it, including the duchess, the princesses and even the queen herself. She also had absolutely no idea that her cold helped breaking the barriers of class, if only for a short while and only in a few specific cases. Elsa continued to live her life and never found out what one simple cold of hers caused.

The End

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