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what channel is this?


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Maybe you were referring to the Sneezing Fetish Hall of Fame, aka SFHOF? As I remember, that channel consisted entirely of re-uploads that were titled by number in order to keep viewers from finding the originals and harassing the original posters (a good idea, IMO). I can't check because it seems that channel no longer exists.

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Thanks for the reply, oh damn that was the channel that got into trouble for copyright :( I am trying to find that video of an Australian or a woman from new Zealand talking but was interrupted by a fit of about 5 sneezes all I can remember is her having a mug in her hand lol :/

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You mean the one who says something along the lines of "I woke up this morning with like the worst cold of my life"? I ran across the original at one time, and it had "sneezing in Australia" in the title. I don't know if it is still up, but I can't imagine there are too many videos about sneezing in Australia so you could probably find it if it is.

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I tried searching this and could not find any results but I don't think it was that one. She did not mention anything about a cold and i think the sneezing was just a random fit. The only thing I can remember is her hair being tied back and her sneezes varied in sound. Some were quite wet and had no build up, I know she said 'excuse me!' At one point but that's all :/ thanks for the help anyway:)

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I found the one I had been thinking of--I had it bookmarked long ago, and it is in fact still up. She doesn't say "Excuse me" as far as I know, but she says "sorry" a lot. This is the only sneezing video I remember ever seeing that mentions Australia or New Zealand, but since I see that it's the first hit if you search for "sneezing in Australia" on Youtube, I guess it must not have been the one you were looking for.

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