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What is your favorite shape? (a very important question)


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Today I asked my coworker, and she said her favorite shape is a rectangle that is "rounded, not too pointy". I thought, that is cute! I don't know what mine would be. What is your favorite shape?

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Pentagrams are cool, partly because they're fun to draw and whenever I draw, I remind my friend that she couldn't draw them right until she was in high school. "They always had six points and I didn't know what I was doing wrong."

And then triangles are cool, mostly because they're cool in math when people teach you how to figure out stuff with angles and lines in really obscure problems you'll find in competitions XD

Circles bug me because I can't draw them perfectly.

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I like circles because I like the idea of Pi (I am almost finished my mechanical engineering degree so I'm a bit of a math nerd :D)

Also, pizza's are circle and pizza is my favourite food :P

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I've always enjoyed the trapezoid. After seeing a Blues Clues episode with it I've remembered it. I felt really smart when I knew what it was before the teacher had said it's name. But that was in 7th grade so I guess my accomplishment wasn't that big since I'm pretty sure most of the class knew too!

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Anything with rounded edges, corners and/or points. Particularly five pointed stars with rounded points.

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I'm tempted to answer "dodecahedron", because I was really into The Phantom Tollbooth as a kid and that was my go-to obscure word for impressing people at that time. :laugh:

I like circles-- concentric circles especially. hypnonew.gif

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Well. I like diamonds, they are just sharp and can stab you and just... *backs into corner because feels uncomfortable*

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