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I need some advice


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I am hoping to get some advice from the community. I have just started dating a girl, it's going really well and I like her a lot. I have never told anyone I was dating about my fetish, well I've never told anyone about it to be honest. But since I've found this forum I've felt so much better about this aspect of myself. I'm wondering if I should tell her? If so, is it better to mention it at the begging of the relationship or should I get to know her better first?

I would really appreciate it if anyone would be willing to share their experiences of telling people, good or bad. This forum has been such a source of enjoyment for me and I would hate to have to hide it, but at the same time I'm really scared of freaking her out.

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well, i at least waited like 16 years before i told my husband :eek:

he didnt freak out :lmao:;)

i would recommend to get to know her better at first.

this is just my opinion :blushing:

but i think if i havent found this forum in the first place i would have never told anybody about my fetish.

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Hi, I think you should tell. Sounds like you want to hehe. As for when, I would say that depends how long you have been dating, and how well you know/trust her. Go with your gut, if it feels right to tell then go for it in my opinion.

I have told four people, all were girls that I was dating/in a relationship with. Only one of those was a girl that I was in a long term relationship with (7 years), and she indulged my fetish so much :D None of the girls reacted badly, if anything, I think that they liked learning something about me that only very few people know. And at the end of the day, although our fetish is unusual there are some much weirder fetishes out there haha. Telling has become easier each time. It took me months the first time, then only weeks in all of my other relationships.

Best of luck if you go ahead with it! :)

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I would say wait til you really trust her and make sure she promises that she will keep all of your secrets. Best of luck to you and your gf <3

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I think you should get to know her and build trust before you tell her. I waited like over a year to tell my ex. I told her early on that I had secrets that I would tell her when we had been going out for longer though, so it added some anticipation.

I'd personally be afraid that someone new that I was dating would be quicker to judge than a SO you have been with for awhile and feel comfortable with, even though they probably wouldn't judge no matter when you tell them if they cared for you.

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As long as you feel comfortable, go for it! If she truly loves you, then she won't mind the fact that you might get a lady boner from someone sneezing- she might even use it to her advantage later in the relationship. I haven't told my girlfriend either, but that's mainly because of our age. Go with your gut- if something in you is saying no, wait a bit. Maybe ask her what she thinks of people with odd fetishes, then drop it for a bit so she doesn't get suspicious.

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