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H is for Hurling (A to Z)


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** Fanfic for the NBC show, A to Z.

Mainly focused on Andrew & Zelda. Enjoy! ***

Andrew awoke to his obnoxious alarm on his iPhone. It was 6:30am, he had to get to Wallflower around 8am. Usually, he's a morning person....But, not this morning.

Andrew felt his head pounding and his stomach gurgling while sweat was pouring down his face as he sat up in his bed. He held his hands on his face and could feel the heat on his cheeks. Andrew moaned and picked up his phone to check his unread messages.

Zelda (1) Stu (4) He saw appear on his overly bright screen. Andrew ignored the messages and went straight for his Settings to lower the brightness that was killing his eyes and making his head pound harder. Then, he was ready to read the messages.

Zelda: Good morning :)

After reading just one message, Andrew’s eyes began to hurt again. He made a quick decision and tapped the green phone above Zelda’s contact. There was something wrong and Zelda needed to be the first to know.

Dialing…. Ringing…

“Hello?” Zelda said when she picked up the phone.

Andrew began to speak. “Zelda…” He said in a miserable tone, speaking for the first time this morning.

“Andrew?! What’s wrong?” Zelda asked in a panic.

“My head won’t stop hurting and I’m extremely nauseous. I haven’t moved from my bed at all. I’m going to call Lydia and I’ll call you right backAndrew explained in between breaths.

“Okay, okay. I’ll be here” Zelda answered nervously. Andrew tapped the red “call end” button and began to call Lydia at Wallflower.

As the call was going through, Andrew found a tickle in his throat and began coughing into the phone.

“Hello!?!!?” Lydia repeated when she answered the phone to coughing.

Andrew tried to stop his coughs and talk. Taking a breath he said, “Lydia, it’s Andrew-“

“Andrew, you’re NOT coming into the office like this to infect my employees I hope. Because if so, you can pack your bags and start finding a new company” Lydia said in a commanding tone.

“Yes… that’s why I’m calling” Andrew responded, sounding dull.

“Then I will make this short and sweet. See you tomorrow” Lydia said and hung up.

Andrew blinked his eyes and yawned. *Knock* *Knock*

Suddenly, Andrew heard knocks at the door and the door opened. “Andrew!” Zelda shouted walking around the house trying to find Andrew’s room.

What is going on? Andrew thought.

Finally, Zelda found her destination and saw Andrew beaming red on his cheeks and coughing a little.

Her mouth opened a little and she sat at his bedside. Andrew had a look of confusion on his face.

“I’m sorry! I couldn’t wait any longer and I was worrying. You look terrible, cute but oh…” Zelda rambled.

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