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On a recent cross-country journey, I was waiting for a train (something of a British institution...). The weather was cold, with an icy wind whipping across the platform and everyone was wrapped up warmly with scarfs, thick coats and hats. I had been aware of the pretty young woman standing nearby, who had thick curly black hair, cut short and big 'hipster' style glasses (something about women sneezing in glasses...just kills me :D ). Her eyes were very blue, her face pale and she did look a little cold.

However, she suddenly turned away from the people around her, pulled her woolen scarf up around her face and sneezed hugely into it! It came out as a giant rush of sound, her shoulders shuddering 'HUUURRRUUUSSSHHOOOOO' Then she did it again and then again, equally large and uncontrollable, only muffled ever so slightly by the scarf. After the last one, she paused, her hands still clasped around her nose as if fighting with a persistent tickle. Eventually she lowered the scarf, seemingly finished. At least her cheeks now had a healthy red glow :lol:

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