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A Cajun Christmas (SPN, Dean, Benny)

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So I actually have a cold now, and I thought 'Why not bestow my misery on someone else?'

This is a complete AU, I'm a sucker for domestic fics. Just pretend that Jessica is alive, mmkay?

I hope you like...


Benny was stirring something in a pot when his cellphone rang. Turning the stove off, he wiped his hands on his jeans and looked at the caller ID. He put the phone to his ear.

"Hey Sam. You just landed?" Benny asked.

"Yeah, Jessica and I just got our luggage. Jesus, I forgot how cold it is over here." Benny grinned.

"Yeah, well, not everyone lives in sunny Cali. You taking a cab over here?" he asked.

"No, Jess insisted that cabs are dangerous and we're wasting money on a rental." Sam said while glaring at his wife. Ignoring the 'It's true!' from her, he asked, "So where's Dean? I called his phone, but I guessed it was turned off?"

"Ah, yeah, about that, Dean is kinda under the weather...he's fine! It's just a cold." A nasty one at that…Benny didn't add the last part. He finally understood what Dean meant by Sam fretting five ways by Sunday. It was true though, he’s never seen so much snot come from one person like that. Right now though, he was completely clogged up. That reminds him…

“Sam, I’ll call you back, I need to go feed your brother. See you when you get here.” Benny returned his phone to his pocket and spooned some of his spicy chili into a bowl. Hopefully, this will make Dean comprehensible. Grabbing a tray, he put the bowl and a spoon on it and walked down the hall to his and Dean’s bedroom.

“Babe? You decent?” Benny called out. He heard a stuffy groan.

“Ugh, define ‘decent’,” Dean mumbled. Benny rolled his eyes and opened the door. It was not a pretty sight. The tissues on the floor put the snow outside to shame. Dean was sprawled on the bed, his head where the feet were supposed to go. Blankets and pillows were a sorry mess on the bed. All in all, it looked like it should be a biohazard zone.

“Wow…you look hot. I’d do you right now,” Benny deadpanned and placed the tray on the nightstand. “Isn’t your head supposed to go on the pillow?”

“Benny, shut up and get me more tissues. Make yourself useful for a change.” Dean bitched, his ‘Benny’ sounding more like ‘Beddy’.

“Ouch, that hurts. Nice to know I’m loved around here.” Benny snarked back and went to the bathroom to fulfill His Highness’s request. He winced when he heard Dean sneeze three times, each sounding nastier than the last.

“Heh-Isshoo! HESSHOO! Haeshoo!”

Benny walked out, new box in hand to find Dean sitting up and covering his bright red nose, no doubt a mess underneath.

“Benny, hurry up, I need to sneeeh…” Dean was winding up again. Benny hurriedly tore open the tissue box and tossed it to his boyfriend. Dean snatched up a wad and pushed them to his nose.

“EHSHOO!! HIISHOO!” Dean groaned and blew his nose, trying in vain to clear the never-ending supply of crud in his head.

“Ewww….” Benny teased and helped Dean get situated in a more comfortable position and pulled the covers over his lap. Dean gave him a tired smile when Benny fluffed his pillows and sat the bowl of soup on his lap.

“Is Sam in town yet?” Dean asked and blew on his spoon before eating, relishing in the warm spiciness of Benny’s famous dish. Damn, but was he lucky to date a chef. Benny nodded as he grabbed the small trashcan and began cleaning up a bit. (Ew, Dean, why is your snot so bright?)

“Yep. Just called and said that he and the Missus landed at the airport not too long ago. Of course he complained about Kansas being cold as a witches’s tit.” Benny chuckled.

“Ugh, my little brother is finally coming for the holidays and I’m as sick as a dog. Did we even finish the decorations?” Dean set the bowl aside and made to stand up. Benny gently, but firmly pushed him back down.

“Don’t you worry about it Cher. We have a week before Christmas, just focus on resting.”


”And worry about clearing that shit out of your head…”


Ugh, that was terrible.

But hey, I wanted a Dean/Benny fic, so I made one. I might continue…I dunno.

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Continue! I insist. This is so cute!. Sick Dean embarrassed because it's the one time that Sam comes in town cx

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Continue! I insist. This is so cute!. Sick Dean embarrassed because it's the one time that Sam comes in town cx

Hee, yeah, I thought this is a nice change from the usual Stoic Dean!

Aw, this is super cute!

Thanks! I'm still nervous but people like you make it better each day!

Continue please do!! Please?? Dittos to the above commentary about this is so cute! Loved the description about tissues and snow LOL!

Aww, thanks lovely. I'm pretty sure that I'll continue, I just need to get through midterms and this stupid cold. In the meantime, you can read my other story 'How you know you're in a Relationship' if you want! I'll be continuing that story too!

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Hello! Sorry for the long wait, but as promised, I give you a continuation.

Thanks so much for the lovely notes!


It had taken some begging and threats, but eventually, Benny let Dean off of his sickbed. About 20 minutes later found Dean bundled up on the couch ‘helping’ Benny finish decorating the tree.

“No Benjamin, to your freaking left, not up!” Dean barked hoarsely while holding a tissue to his nose and glared up at his boyfriend. Benny’s eye twitched at his whole name, but kept down his snark. Dean was sick; he had a right to be cranky. Then again, he’s been trying to put this damn snowflake on a branch for almost…5 minutes now.

“Sugar, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just a tree.” Benny tried, knowing there was no point. But hey, he had to try, right?

“No, it…it…eh-Eshoo! Ugh…no! It has to be perfect for Sammy and Jess.” Dean protested and started to cough into his wet tissue. He waved away Benny’s helping hands and stood on wobbly legs. “Forget it, I’ll do it myself.” Dean snatched the ornament from Benny’s hands and hung it on the tree.

“I had it there already!”

“You obviously didn’t if I’m putting it here, now would you?” Dean sassed before pulling a new tissue from the box in his other hand.

“Eshoo! HEHSHOO!” Dean groaned and blew his nose, wincing when the paper irritated his sore nose and gave a quick sneeze into the tissue. “Shoo!”

Benny chuckled and pulled Dean in and kissed his forehead, the earlier spat already forgotten.

“You sneeze like a kitten. Ironic, isn’t it?” he asked. Dean punched him softly and melted into Benny’s hold. They stayed like that until there was a knock at the door. Dean pushed Benny away, panicked.

“They’re here! Shit, there’s so much to do, and we only have a few days, and…and…HEHSHOO! HESHOO! Ohh…” Dean stopped his frenzied movements and swayed on the spot, his eyes crossing. Benny hurriedly pushed Dean gently onto the couch and put a palm to his forehead.

“You’re starting to get a bit warm there, Cher.” Benny bit his lip when the knocking was heard again. He pulled a thermometer out of his pocket and stuck it in Dean’s mouth, ignoring his squawk. “Leave it there.” He said sternly and went to get poor Sam and Jessica out of the snow.

“Finally! Just wait until we freeze to death, why don’t you?” Sam whined when the door opened. Benny smiled apologetically and grabbed the couple’s luggage. He sat the suitcases next to the couch Dean was on, while Sam and Jess stomped the snow from their boots and followed Benny after they took them off.

Dean looked up and waved miserably, thermometer still under his tongue. Jess rushed over and hugged him.

“Aw, you look so pitiful! Poor you, it’s awful that you’re sick during the holidays!” she cooed. Dean blushed when she pulled away. Benny pulled the thermometer from his mouth when it beeped.

“100 on the spot. I told you to take it easy.” Benny fussed.

“What? You have a fever now? Benny! You said it was just a cold!” Sam said and sat next to his brother. Dean edged away to the other side of the couch.

“Careful Sammy, you really don’t want this bug…” he trailed off, coughing into a fist.

“Benny, may I use your kitchen? I want to make Dean some tea.” Jess didn’t wait for a response, already walking away. Sam shook his head, and smiled at his wife. Honestly, Dean thought he was bad?

“So how was the flight? Any issues?” Benny sat in the armchair, giving the brothers some space.

“Ugh, it was so gross. Why is it that sick people insist on sharing with the class? It’s amazing how we haven’t all died from the plague.” Sam complained. Dean scoffed and his breath hitched.

“Haeshoo! Isshoo!” Dean blew his nose and rolled his eyes at Benny’s chuckle.

“Perfect timing, Sugar. Hey, Sam, did you know there’s a bit of a snowstorm coming?” Benny asked Sam, who was holding the tissue box for Dean.

“Yeah, I hope it doesn’t get too bad-”

“Honey? You need to come see this…” Jess was walking back, mug in her hand and was gawking out the window. Benny and Sam walked over and saw nothing but white. Benny opened the front door and saw a 4-foot wall of snow. They were snowed in, and it was still coming down pretty hard.

“Shit…” Benny cursed.



Are you noticing the hints I’m dropping with Sam? Lol, that was long.

Look out for another part sometime soon!

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Sorry this is taking forever. This one might be shorter than the other parts


"Shit...." Benny cursed.

"What's goin' on?" Dean was getting sleepy again and rubbed at his eyes. Benny closed the door and walked back over to where Dean was sitting and told him the situation."

"That's it? Okay, so getting snowed in is an issue, but Sam just got here. I'm sure by the time they have to leave, the snow will be long gone." Dean coughed after getting the words out. Rubbing at his throat, he gave Jess a thankful smile when she handed him the hot tea.

"Dean's right. We should just go ahead with our holiday." Sam said and cleared his throat. Again.

"Hishoo! Eh...Eshoo!" Dean groaned, which set off more chesty coughing. Benny looked at him and rubbed his back, very concerned.

"I agree with Patient Zero, but he also is getting a bit worse. I might need to get him more things later in the week. His concern shot up even higher when Dean gave him the tea and laid his head in Benny's lap.

"I know a lot of home remedies! It's not the end of the world, Benny, we'll be fine." Jess said. They all hoped that she was right.


An hour later and it seemed like that Jess was right about everything being okay. Benny had went into the basement to get some emergency supplies in case something really does go wrong. Jess was in her element, baking things to pass the time while listening to Christmas music Dean was still on the couch, putting a bear to shame with his congested snores.

And Sam?

Sam was hiding in the bathroom, pinching his nose shut.

"Knxxt! Hih-KNxxt! Heh-SHHT!" Sam sniffled and stared at his reflection in the mirror. His nose had a slight pink hue to it and his breathing was getting a bit heavier. He sighed in annoyance.

Damn plague rats on the plane.


So that was really short and horrible, but I'm out of ideas! Do any of you have any? Please???

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I don't know if it matters, but I felt like I should say this. I most likely will not be continuing this story, I'm completely out of ideas. If you want, any of you can continue it? *Crosses fingers*

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