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Hello! :3 I'm new to the forum... Been lurking for a while. This is my first story and I really hope someone out there enjoys it

I opened my eyes and let in the light. Orange radiated on the white sheets of the hotel bed that my boyfriend Aspen was still fast asleep on. I pressed my lips to his forehead. Little snores escaped his parted lips. He looked so peaceful in sleep. I brushed a piece of dirty blond hair from his face.

"I love you so much,"

I kissed him again, this time, his lips, before I was off to take my shower. We were staying at a ski resort for the holidays. Neither of us were very close to our families, so this Christmas was all about us. I was excited for a day on the slopes with my favorite person. When I stepped out of the shower, I was surprised to find that my towel wasn't there. I peered out into the bedroom, sure I'd set my towel on the bathroom counter. Aspen wasn't in bed.

"Looking for something?"

Came his sexy, masculine tone as he set himself in front of me and wrapped me in my towel.

"Good morning gorgeous."

He said and kissed my cheek.

"Good morning Penny."

"Penny" was my nickname for him. He'd always hated his name; kids used to tease him and call him "Ass-pen". I personally thought his name was beautiful. Like the tree he was named after, he stood tall and strong, and especially stood out in the winter. He had crystal clear blue eyes and very fair skin, offset by his muscular build and messy medium-toned hair.

"Are you ready for some coffee, Miss Georgia Katherine?"

I wrinkled my nose. My names sounded so old fashioned. "Aw, don't give me that face," He chuckled. "You know I'm only teasing out of love, Georgie."

I leaned in to kiss him. He tenderly complied. Our lips met each other like they were meant to be together. I held him closer, enjoying every second... Until he pulled away. He had a strange look on his face. His eyebrows were crooked, his mouth open, like he was waiting...


He sniffed and reddened.

"'Scuse me."

"Bless you darling."

"Thank you,"

he smiled. He kissed my cheek and set me on the bed.

"Don't move a muscle. I am going to bring my girl some breakfast in bed."

"Aw Penny, you don't have to do that!"

He was so cute.

"I want to."

And with that, he turned to the little kitchen.

"Hih... Tchuu!"

I heard him from the bed.

"Bless you baby,"

I called, a frown coming to my face. Aspen was never sneezy.

"Thag you,"

he sounded cheery, but there was definitely some stuffiness.

"Bode appetide."

He presented me with a steaming cup of hazelnut coffee, some fresh fruit, and a croissant.

"Thank you baby."

"By bleasure."

He sniffled.

"Penn, you want a tissue?"

He looked at me, embarrassed.

"Yes pdease."

A bit OCD, the feeling of fluid in his nose was probably driving him a little crazy.

"Do you feel sick?"

I asked. He froze, a look of pure masculine stubbornness and his face.

"Baby, I dod't ged sigck."

I giggled. A trail of moisture had escaped his nostril. When he realized, he went pink.

"I've got it Penny, don't worry."

I plucked a tissue from the box on my bedside table and dabbed at his nose. His sensitive nostrils quivered.

"Hihchhht! Huhchht! Huhtchuuu!"

He sneezed into the tissue I was holding.

"Bless you! Are you sure you're feeling okay?"

He opened his mouth to respond but then paused, nostrils trembling once more.


The force of his sneeze knocked him over.

"Perfectly fine."

He grumbled, nose finally clear.


he cringed.

"You're sick."

I finished.


He pouted.

"So you admit it?"

I raised an eyebrow.

"No, but what would it matter if I was?"


I snuggled up to his toned chest.

"It would mean lots of cuddles and soup and me fussing over you."

He shook his head.

"And if I was sick, I would tell you that I would never do that to you because I know you want to ski."

"I just want to be with you."

His eyes softened and he kissed me.

"... Even if you're a sneezy mess and you're going to get me sick."

"People sneeze every day."

He said defensively.

"Not you."

I chuckled.

"Stop targeting me Georgie,"

He pretended to pout. I laughed and kissed him.

"Come on Mr. In-denial. Let's go enjoy this beautiful snow."


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Omg...well hi and welcome to da fam. :hug: you can call me Arty. And i love ur in denial aspen. I love his name and i love this story.

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Welcome, fellow newcomer!

I love the story SO MUCH. Denial is so adorable~

Keep up the good work! I can't wait for the next installment! \(.w.)/

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Thank you all so much for the feedback and support! Makes me really happy to feel so welcomed :) I'm so glad you all enjoyed the second part, hope you enjoy the second part too!

"Here comes the airplane!"

I giggled and brought the spoonful of soup to Aspen's lips. He rolled his eyes playfully but smiled at me as I fed him.

"Baby Snff you dnow you dod't have to tagke care of be, I'b dot sig... HihtCHUUU! Hahchht! Tchttt! Excuse be. Snff."

He looked so adorably helpless. His nose had turned an angry shade of pink, hair dishevelled, and glassy eyes. But still, he looked so miserable that I felt guilty. The cold seemed to have gone right through him when we were skiing.

"I shouldn't have let you out today."

I sighed.

"You did't hab a choice."

He cracked a smile. There was my boy, always trying to make me feel better. We had just come in from a full day in the cold, and though his condition had clearly worsened, he still refused to admit to being under the weather. I fed him another spoonful. Some of the soup trickled down his face. I put my hand against his face with the intention of wiping the drip away, but I realized he was feverish.

"Penny, you're burning up!"

I felt as if I was going to cry. He never complained, never asked for anything, but he must've been feeling horrible.

"Dah, you're jusd cold."

I rose from the bed to get him a cool cloth, and placed it on his forehead.

"Ahh thad's dice..."

He murmured. I held him close to me and kissed his forehead tenderly.

"Geor... Godda... Move oud ob the wa... Hihctchu! Hiatchu! Tchu! Tchu! Huh... TCHU! Snf. Guh... Those hurdt, Georgie!"

He sounded so uncomfortable

"I'm sorry sweetheart, bless you..."

I said, my heart breaking for him.

"Is there anything I can do?"

"...Hode be?"

He hesitated.

"I wadt you cuddled dext to be."

Without a word, I wrapped myself around his body.

"I love you Aspen."

I whispered.

"I lobe you so buch Georgia. Thag you for lubbig be eved whed I'b gross and sdneezig all ober the roob."

I kissed him and then we just laid there for a while. I was sure he'd fallen asleep until I felt the rumble of his congested voice under me.


"Yes, my love?"

I mumbled, half asleep.

"... Did I ruid our trib...? Be hodest."

He sounded so heartbroken.


I opened my eyes to meet his, almost at the brink of tears. I didn't recognize the dependent, sensitive boy if front of me. He must be really sick.

"Of course you didn't ruin our trip!"

I hugged him tightly and desperately to me.

"Is that what you think?"

He looked down, not convinced by my words.

"This trip is perfect... Because I'm with you. I'm a little sad because I can see how this cold is affecting you, but what's important is that I'm with you. I couldn't ask for anything better."

He kissed down my neck passionately, leaving trails of fire where his lips tore up their domain.

"... I ain't sigck."

He met my eyes with a wicked smile that resembled my Aspen much more than the cuddle monster I'd been taking care of. I kissed the tip of his red nose.

"Hih.... Huh.... Hihtchhht! Hihtchht! Huh... ChhTSUUU! HACHIEWW!"

"Bless you."

I said timidly, knowing that I'd set his nose off.

"HihTCHUUU! TSCHHST! Hah.. Hah.... Tschhhh!"

"Bless you baby."

He sniffled wetly.

"Thagk... Tha.... Huh... Tschhht!"

He stifled a baby sneeze into my shoulder.

"Sorry for making you sneeze,"

I blushed and held back a giggle.

He chuckled and kissed my cheek.

"Today babe, eberythig's bakig be sdneeze."

He snuggled into me and slept for a while, his congested chest rising and falling underneath me. I tilted my face to admire his sleeping form.

His flawless skin ran over a chiseled face and jaw. The epitome of masculinity, with delicate features that softened him. If the eyes were the windows to the soul, his beautiful, dark eyelashes were the loveliest curtains I'd ever seen. His nose was a little swollen and looked like it hurt him. Hard to think that he'd seemed fine only a night ago. A couple drips of moisture sat at the opening of his nostril, ready to torture my poor Aspen at any time. He squirmed a little in his sleep, which he never did.


He whined.

"What's wrong sweetheart?"

I asked gently, brushing his hair back.

"Bake id go away..."

He freed his arm from under mine and batted at his nose, clearly irritated.

"I'b godda... Godda... Hihtschuuu! HuhTSCHAH! Ow..."

His eyes flickered open, glassy from the harsh sneezes. His body seemed to show him no mercy.

"Do you want some medicine?"

I suggested. He shook his head.

"No thagk you baby. I cad deal with id, id's fide."


He looked like he hadn't slept in years.

"Dod't worry Georgia."

He kissed the bridge of my nose.

"You're ad abazing girlfred. Thag you for takig care of be. I just..."

He stopped mid-sentence. I knew from the look in his eyes that the tickle was back.

"Hihtschu! Hih... Tchhht! Tchttt! Tchtt!"

"Bless you."

He nodded his thanks.

"As I was sayig, I just wish I wasd't such a burden od you. We were supposed to be cobpledely care free this weeg, but instead you're stugk with a whidy baby."

"You aren't whiny. It's always about me Aspen. I love to take care of me. It reminds me that I can be as important to you as you are to me... But I really think some sleep would be good for you. Maybe we should call it a night?"

He nodded.

"Cad you stday with be?"

He looked into my eyes urgently.

"I wouldn't dream of leaving."

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-timidly raises hand-

I don't mean to be annoying here, but...


This is seriously like some sort of drug. Your writing skills are amazing. I can't wait to see more of this, different fanfics... Maybe even art!!!! :3

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Thank you so very much!! I'm having so much fun writing this, may add visuals soon, thanks for the suggestion and support! <3

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I'll be in the cornor sobbing........

So perfect....

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Super cute!! :wub: I especially loved this line:

"Today babe, eberythig's bakig be sdneeze."

Also, welcome! Glad you decided to join and contribute!

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Chapter Three

I woke up at 6:30, the time I was used to waking up for work at. Huh. Guess I was wasting money by owning an alarm clock. But much like my work days, I was very groggy and nothing was clear. I noticed an uncomfortable amount of heat from something touching me. I tried to move away from it, irritated, but it wouldn't let me; instead, I got a moan in my ear. That's when I realized it was Aspen. Oh God. He was on fire. I turned to face his burning figure.

"My poor love."

I whispered against his nose. He whimpered softly. I kissed him and reached up to confirm the awful fever.

"You're really sick, aren't you?"

Noses still touching, I must've tickled his with the vibrations from my talking. He reached up to rub his nose, without success.


Even though I thought it was adorable, I didn't want him to sneeze. I knew it made him feel miserable and maybe even a little emasculated. No matter what Aspen and I wanted, however, his nose had other plans.

"Hihschhht! Hihschht! Hihuhschht! Babyyyyy snf."

"I know sweetheart, bless you."

I said sympathetically, rubbing his back. I kissed his forehead.

"The good news is that we don't have to do anything. Today I'm gonna make sure you're comfy and as happy as poss-"

A knock on the door. Who the hell would be at our door before 7 am?

"Ignore it,"

Aspen groaned, burying his face in a pillow. I ignored him.

"I'll be back in a sec sweetheart."

I pecked his hair and rose to answer the door.


At the door stood my bubbly little sister, the perfect definition of a morning person. Even now, she seemed to be bouncing with happiness as she smiled at the door.

"Good morning!"

She sang.

I opened the door reluctantly.

"Hello, Marcie."

Her strawberry blonde hair was in two low, perfectly curled, loose pigtails.

"Well hello Miss grumpy pants!"

She hugged me tightly. I didn't like mornings so much. It usually took until about 2:00 in the afternoon for my brain to start functioning properly.

"Marce, Aspen is sick. You should've called."

"Aw, I hope you're taking care of him!"

She said.

"Is he feeling alright?"

She could be annoying, but she was very sweet.

"He'll be okay. He has a really high fever right now and his nose is bugging him, but I think I'll be able to nurse it for him."

"I'm sorry to hear that Georgie,"

She frowned worriedly.

"D'you think you two will be able to come to dinner tonight?"

Just as I was about to object, Aspen opened the door.

"We'd lub do."

He confirmed, trying to disguise the croak in his voice.


Marcie beamed.

"I'll meet you guys at six? That dim sum place looked good..."

"Souds gread Barcie."

Aspen smiled.

"Feel better Aspen,"

Marcie returned the warm look.

"See you guys!"

I locked the door.


He stood tall.

"Baby, you had a really bad fever like 10 minutes ago... There's no way it's gone or that you're up to dinner with Marcie."

"You worry too buch."

"Honey, I am completely justified in worrying about you. You break bones and are more independent than you've been with this cold."


He motioned for me to come to him, and he wrapped his feverish arms around me.

"Listedn sweedheardt. I hade to be a burded od you. I'b feelig fide. Id's really sweed that you're worryig aboud me, bud you shouldn't have to do everythig for be."

"It is my pleasure to take care of you Penn."

He sighed and kissed my head.

"You know, you're so perfegt."

"Just be honest when you're feeling crappy - be honest about everything. It doesn't make you any less of a man if you have the sniffles,"

I giggled at his expression. To confirm his state of sniffiness, he turned away from me...


... And let out a baby sneeze into the crook of his elbow.

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Hey guys. I've decided not to continue this story, but I was wondering if you'd be interested in reading anything else from me, and if you had any requests. I like to write about sick males from a girl's perspective, but anything you'd want to read about regarding specific story details, I'd be happy to take.

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I loved this story and would be just as thrilled to see anything else you wished to create, as long as it has the same, tender caretaking and wonderfully phrased stuffy speech as this one had :)

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