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Two guys in Math Class


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I was in math class today and hear on boy, P (tall, blonde), sneeze wetly, "Tsschoo!" Usually he stifles so it was good to hear it let out. Them the guy next to him, C (tall, muscular), "Are you okay?" It was in a caring tone which surprised me. P said no, but I don't know if he was joking or not because he seemed fine. Then they had a weird conversation.

C - What are sneezes?

P - Oh! I know this! We talked about it in biology! It's when you have something like dust in your nose and

you need to get it out, so you..

C - *pitches forward and makes and weird blowing air/snowblower sound*

P - Yeah

Then later P gets up and blows his nose then sits down and groans a little and C ask if he's okay again. Again he says no.

I just found this weird how they sounded so caring for each other. Not something I would have thought would come from those two. Later I think C sneezed (or coughed) but I don't remember.

So yeah. Bye!

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