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Snorting cat hair (I mean REALLY!) self-obs


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Okay, this is so dumb. heh.gif

I was cuddling my cat and literally snorting her fur - I just put my nose into her fur and sniffed. I do this all the time, but this time I got a hair stuck inside my nose. I moved away from her and stifled so not to scare her. She just purred and looked quite content (I sometimes suspect my cats have the fetish as well - at least an extreme interest in and liking for sneezing).

Buuuuut I still had to sneeze, and this one I let out, like Ah-ISSCH! hoping it would get the irritant out. Yeah, no such luck, I sneezed twice more - completely unrestrained AESSCCHHO’s, and then I had to blow my nose. And blew so hard I popped my ears. Yeah, this is shaping up to be a glorious evening. heh.gif

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Bless you! Nice obs! I've actually had something simliar happen to me, but it was from my dogs fur.

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