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Another dose of... Railway Station Sneezes (F)


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Because someone else posted some this week :laugh:

On the south coast and waiting to get a short train across for some festive frolicking, ended up standing in proximity to a slim, well dresses brunette of about 25. She was wrapped up in a coat and scarf and reading a Kindle.

Three minutes before the train, she sneezed a lovely triple in to her scarf. The first two were lovely, some juicy and loud "Heh-ESSCHH!" sneezes, with the second moderately quieter and the third then completely silent as she held her hand against her nose.

A minute later, she sneezed two more silent sneezes, with some absolutely gorgeous eyebrow movement and shuddering. I blessed her at this point and she looked up, surprised, and thanked me.

Sadly she got off only one station later but it was a nice night!

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