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Gordon Ramsay


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I almost never comment on media finds, but since Gordon Ramsay is my boyfriend ... I love the juxtaposition between the rudeness of the 'shit!' and the politeness of the 'excuse me!' :lol:

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It isn't even a sound I am crazy for, nor am I particularly attracted to Gordon Ramsay, but this is perfect in so many ways, I just can't. His reaction after is just the most adorable thing of cursing, laughing, embarrassment.

GUH :dribble:

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Awh Gordon Ramsay just slays in so many ways. A triple from him is just beautiful :) cussing and apologies. Adorable <3

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Leas, great find! biggrin.png That whole thing was adorable, 'specially that reaction. His little head shake…

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Looked like there was another little single during the countdown of her rubbing them in her eyes at the last second. It's one of those that could have been a sneeze or a cough. Damn, I wish the triple had been on camera!!!

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